Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • Thanks to Rory of A Guy Called Bloke for gifting me a compliment for my post How Do You Feel About Your Own Company?  Also, thanks to Meg of Where Good Advice Happens… for nominating me for the sunshine blogger award!  And one more, thank you to Michael of Kuched for the awesome blogger award!  All of you are fabulous!
  • On the dumb as a sack of potatoes front, someone plagiarized a post I did on COVID-19, but they didn’t bother to remove an internal link I had within the post, so I got a pingback when they published it.  I filed a DMCA takedown notice with WordPress, so they’ll take it down in a few days.  The last time someone plagiarized my work, I updated my site’s terms and conditions to say that I would name and shame copyright violators, so if you’re reading/following plagiarist Andres-David at blogwithdavid.wordpress.com, you’ll probably want to remedy that situation.
  • I decided to go hunting to see if I could find some more plagiarizers.  Some asshat named Odius Chibaya, who claims to be working on his master’s degree, copied the same post shortly after it was published in March.  How very educated of him, and I’m not sure what the point is given that his blog doesn’t appear to get any readers.  Anyway, another DMCA notice sent to WordPress.  I’ve got a post scheduled for tomorrow on how to do a takedown notice.
  • It’s interesting to see the different ways illness manifests itself.  When my thinking is slow and I’m writing, I’ll pause to think mid-sentence, and rather than start again where I left off left off, I’ll retype the last word or two before continuing on.  This wasn’t something I ever did when I was well.  What I find really interesting is that I do it a lot, to the point that it’s not about just happening to make mistakes, it’s a reflection of how my brain is operating.  A while back I started using the Grammarly extension for Chrome, so it catches the doubling up, although I don’t necessarily notice to correct it.  One day this week, I was writing something near the end of the day and I was fading rather quickly.  When I finished what I was writing and looked at what Grammarly had picked up, it was littered with duplicate words and paired words.  Fascinating.
  • My woodpecker had been quiet for the last couple of weeks.  This week he’s making himself heard.  Usually it’s mama (who has a different roost somewhere) who’s the vocal one, and he mostly limits himself to pecking on the bbq.  This week, though, he’s been very vocal.  I haven’t gotten a good recording on my phone, but Bird-sounds.net has a good example.
  • My wheezing and coughing have gotten worse, although I’m still quite sure it’s not COVID.  It turned out my doctor was off this past week, and I didn’t think it would accomplish much to talk to a doctor who didn’t know my history.  Luckily my local grocery store’s delivery service isn’t as booked up as it was early on in the pandemic, and I was able to get delivery 2 days after ordering.

As guests on my blog this week, I had:

I was interviewed for a post by Rainbow Warrior on how to improve mental health.

How has your week been?

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38 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. What a week for me. I don’t think I want to remember, but some things that happened will stick with me till the rest of my life. Not so good things.

  2. Oh my gosh, you’ve been wheezing and coughing? I hope you aren’t unwell!! 😮

    Those bad plagiarizers!! Ugh. Makes Meg angry. I’m glad you’re outing them. It’s senseless when they could just give you a pingback or something instead of outright stealing your work.

    That’s odd about the repeated words!! I find it intriguing!

    Aww, woodpeckers are delightful! We have some nearby too. Peck-peck-peck-peck-peck!!

    My week was disappointing. I fell out of the contest and didn’t make it to round 3 (out of 4 total rounds). I’m not too broken up over it. I struggled that weekend to write because my mental game was off. (Often, that’s what it comes down to.) Also, I was assigned to a group that had a massive showing on the forum. Like, some groups have one person post, and my group had around ten stories. Loads of competition. Only two of those stories were in the top eight. (Top five go to the next round, and three honorable mentions.) But otherwise my week was good!! Well, my birthday was a bit of a disaster. I haven’t heard from my mom AT ALL. Either she didn’t get the message or (more likely) she knows she was bad and is giving me some space. So there’s that. She’s talked to my dad a few times without mentioning me. Halleluia!

    1. Too bad about the story content!

      That’s interesting that your mother didn’t respond. I wonder if she directed a freak-out at someone else instead.

      1. Yeah, my intuition tells me she knows she’s been bad and is letting it lie. Which is just wonderful, but now she’ll redouble her efforts at getting info about me from my brother. (She’s learned, I think, that when she talks to my dad about me, she might be on speakerphone due to his hearing issues; and/or I’ll ask my dad if I was mentioned and he’ll honestly tell me.) But we all try to shut her questions about the rest of us down. Like, one thing she did on my birthday was say we should take a piece of rainbow cake over to my brother, whose new house we went to see. I said probably not, ’cause it’s not on his diet. (He’s extremely healthy and picky about what he’ll eat. Total health nut.) My mom, who knows this and chooses to harass him about it, reacted thusly, “What?! Is he on a new diet? Why do you think he won’t eat cake?” [Eyeroll.] She pushed his buttons over it at Christmas, too, and then wonders why he hasn’t called her weekly since (which is what she asked him for for Christmas). It’s like, geez, Mother, think about your actions.

        1. And now she’ll tell my brother, “Your sister confided in me that you’re on a new diet,” and my brother will ideally know that’s totally bogus, but bless her heart for trying!

  3. I’ve never checked whether I’ve been plagiarised or not (I’ve just had several tries at just spelling the word!). I doubt anyone would want to copy my work. Sorry it’s happened to you though.
    Hope that cough gets better. Hugs xx

  4. Boo on plagiarists! I’ll check to make sure I’m not following that bad dude. Hope you can see your regular doc soon…

    My week was okay but ended on a stressful note when my modem died. I had to deal with a stranger danger in here a little while ago to replace it. He was all masked and gloved, so that was good. And I have internet again yay!

    Back to “normal”…

  5. Hahaha, the guy had to be epically lazy to not only plagiarise someone’s post, but also leave the link! 😀 Well done.
    Hm, it’s interesting how depression affects your writing.
    Oh dear, that’s awful you’re getting worse with the wheezing and coughing. I hope it won’t be developing further and you can talk to your doctor soon.

    1. Yeah, I’ll talk to my doctor on Tuesday. I’m pretty sure it’s not COVID, so I’m not concerned in that sense. It’s mostly just annoying.

  6. Hope you’re feeling better soon, Ashley. Now about “Some asshat named Odius …” I think the sound of that for an opening … The nerve of the fucker. Be nice if the Woodpecker could tap on him for a bit. Jusaying. Plagiarizing. Any form. Never a reason for it unless one gets off on intellectual cowardice.

  7. I hope you feel better soon lovely ❤️ I am griefing a lot these week because 5 surfers died in our North Sea because of the foam. I’m also a surfer and this hit hard in our community 😢. It’s so sad.
    I can’t understand why people like to copy someone’s text. I hope it get solved soon

  8. I hope that person is dealt with for taking your work. Keep us updated.

    I hope your cough eases and nothing serious. Take care.

  9. The idiot plagerizer made me laugh. Such a lazy thing to do.
    Also, have you thought about your wheezing being allergy or environmental-related? I get slight wheezing during allergy season, which is now. I also used to get it when I lived in my parents’s house and it got damp. Just a thought. Hope it gets better.

    1. Thanks! It might be allergies. I had the same thing last year with the same fairly distinctive cough, and my GP thought it it was a type of pneumonia that can be caused by a chronic infection. So I’ll see what he thinks this time around.

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