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My Routine as a Full-Time Blogger

My blogging routine as a full-time blogger

We’ve all got our own blogging routine, and I thought I’d write a bit about my own.  I say I’m a “full-time” blogger only because of the amount of time I spend on it.  A full-time income is never going to happen, nor is it something I’ aiming for.  I spend a lot of time on all things blog-related simply because it’s a meaningful way to spend my time.

I’m an early bird.  I’m usually up around 3am.  I watch some TV on demand while I eat my breakfast, then check my Amazon ad campaigns for my books to see if any tweaking is required.  After that, I dive into the WordPress Reader and scroll down to where I’ve left off the day before.  I work my way up to the top while I drink copious amounts of tea.  How many posts I read out of what appears in my feed depends partly on my concentration and partly on how much time I have.

The guinea pigs expect their celery around 6am.  They have some sense of what time of day it is, but they also go by when I get up, so if I get up earlier than usual, Peanut will start chewing the cage bars closer to 5:00.  Most guinea pigs make “wheek” noises when they want food, but Peanut prefers to chew the cage bars.  I guess he thinks it’s more insistent and therefore more likely to get mama’s attention.  The other piggies seem to feel no need to wheek when Peanut is essentially ringing the dinner bell.

celery time for guinea pigs Butternut and Peanut

My posts are almost all scheduled in advance.  I got into a pattern of posting at 8am my local time back when I first started blogging, and it seems to work well for me, so I’ve had no reason to change.  If I have a guest blogger or a second post, I usually schedule that for 7am.

At some point in the morning, I usually pop over to Medium to do some reading there.  Lately, I’ve been having a hard time finding any motivation to write posts there.  While sometimes cross-post some of my MH@H blog posts, bI find that a lot of them don’t seem to translate all that well to that platform.

I usually spend quite a bit of time on WordPress in the morning, both reading and responding to comments.  Writing happens mostly in the afternoon.  My writing isn’t consistent; sometimes I’ll write three posts in a day, sometimes I’ll write once a week.  My daily posting schedule is not at all reflective of my writing pattern, and on an average day, you as readers are seeing a post that was written a couple of weeks beforehand.  I find it helpful that I have certain days devoted to certain themes, as it lets me see what kind of post is most in need of being written, and that makes it a bit easier to get going.

Early afternoon is when the boys come out to roam around on my bed and ogle the girls.  Everyone gets a treat after that.  The boys get excited about seeing the girls, while the girls only care because they know it means their treats are coming.

guinea pig Butternut trying to get a s close to the edge of the bed as possible

Most days I spend some time reading books I intend to review.  Books by fellow bloggers I’ll try to read in a few days so I can get a review published quickly, but aside from that, I don’t spend all that much time each time reading books.

I’m also doing some research for my next book.  That’s progressing quite slowly at the moment as I’m not spending much time on it, but that’s fine.  I’m not in any hurry.

I spend some time on Pinterest every day, as well as time on Canva creating new graphics to pin.  I used to spend a bit of time each day on Twitter, but now I just check my notifications, and my blog posts are automatically shared there.  I’m quite sporadic on Instagram, but I’ve never made much of an attempt there to drive people to my blog.  It’s mostly just a way to post guinea pig pictures.  I have no idea how people maintain an active presence on WordPress and across multiple social media channels.

There are assorted housekeeping tasks associated with maintaining my blog that I do every week or two; that happens on weekends just because that’s the pattern I’ve gotten into.  Pattern makes life easier.

Sometimes I’ll have a browse through mental health-related tags in the WordPress Reader to look for new bloggers to follow, but that doesn’t happen if I’m at my undefined yet real limit of the number of blogs I’m able to keep up with.

Even though I was working a bit the last couple of years and not at all now, my overall writing output has declined.  I’m most focused on the blog, so there hasn’t been a change here, but my other writing has really dropped off.  I probably spend more time reading than I used to, as I follow more blogs now.  The biggest factor, though, is probably that my thinking is slower, and that means writing doesn’t come as easily, and everything else takes longer too.  If I were so inclined I could shift more time to writing, but I like reading other people’s blogs, and so I’m quite content to have that take up a lot of my time.

So that’s my general blogging routine for my “full-time” days.  Since I’m not working and I don’t really have in-much person contact in my life, blogging is my main way of spending time.

What does your blogging routine look like?

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47 thoughts on “My Routine as a Full-Time Blogger”

  1. My routine started well when I first began on my blogging venture, as I had written many in advance enabling my to be consistent, but now I find I am having to wait longer periods of time for any inspiration to write making by posting very all over the place, it also really depends on my state of mind which is also a little all over the place some weeks.

  2. I try to post in the morning and then usually read the blogs in the evening and reply! Other than that if Iโ€™m not busy Iโ€™ll read the posts in the afternoon. Spend some time on Pinterest. Pretty much – thatโ€™s my routine ๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. I am new to blogging. I have a book that was never published. I include chapters from that book from time to time on my blog. Also from time to time, I do a more extemporaneous blog on thoughts or feelings that are current. I don’t have a pattern yet and perhaps should? I am always extremely impressed by your blogs and your blog presence. I am also really impressed by the number of books you have published and your approach toward dealing with many mental health subjects.

    1. Thanks so much! I think it’s totally fine not to have a pattern. The key is making it work for you. If you try and force something that’s not the right fit that’s probably not going to be very sustainable.

  4. I do as you do, write when I am inspired type of thing, but everything else about my day is up for grabs. I am trying to incorporate a schedule, and right now, I am trying just to sleep overnight!

  5. It’s interesting to see how you tend to do things, Ashley. I attempt patterns and routines but my health has other ideas. When I can focus and string together enough words that make sense is when I’ll write posts. The WP reader is usually an ongoing thing, with a focus on later afternoons, but it’s like a constant uphill battle to read and comment on as much as possible, but of course we’re never going to be able to do it for every post we like. The amount you do and the quality content you write is just incredible. And that’s before things like book writing and just getting through the day to day stuff. I love that Peanut chews the cage bars to get mama’s attention, he’s a smart cookie! ๐Ÿ˜‚ xx

  6. No routine for us. We like to check WP for your posts almost every day. We use WP almost every day to read. We post mostly when we are trying to work through a tough emotion or concept or when we want advice or support. We become less verbal as each day progresses. Then sleep is usually a reset. That means our access to vocabulary (our inner dictionary and thesaurus) wanes as the day progresses. We are famous at home for trying to say a word and just saying the first words that come to our mind, which are usually related in alliterative or phonic ways. Like, โ€œWhereโ€™s the…not garage…not giraffe…garlic salt!โ€

    Do you awaken so early to keep in routine for work or is the sleep schedule a work relic or is it just your rhythm?

    1. I’ve always been a morning person. When I stopped working full-time and stopped doing any socializing I just natural shifted to earlier and earlier bedtimes.

      That’s interesting that vocabulary access decreases as the day goes by. I’m glad sleep helps to reset.

  7. Its interesting to read your blogging pattern and to read the comments from others.

    I am just starting out with this blog, so haven’t developed a routine yet. I’ve been trying to work out when the best times are for me to post.

    1. I know some people try to time when thy publish to match when people are reading. I wanted to pick a time when most people in the U.K. and North America would be awake, but aside from that I mostly just picked a time that worked for me.

  8. When I’m not working, I generally open a new blog post when I get up and add paragraphs to it during the day as I finish something. Although I didn’t do this consciously, I think it helps with autistic issues about changing tasks, which can be difficult for people on the spectrum. Like it’s a way of saying to myself “I have finished this now! Time to do something else!”

    When I’m working I tend to write most of my blog when I get in from work. On either day, working or non-working, I post shortly before I shut the computer down for the night.

    My blog is mostly just for dumping my feelings rather than because I feel I have anything particularly interesting or unusual to share, so I don’t really spend a lot of time thinking about times to post or different things to write.

    I tend to check my blog reader frequently during the day when not working. It’s a big procrastination tool, to be honest.

    1. That makes sense to do bits throughout the day for that kind of post. Not much happens in the average day for me, but I usually start my weekend wrap-up posts at the beginning of the week and add things as they come up throughout the week.

  9. I donโ€™t have a routine. Blogging is fun for me though, so itโ€™s not a chore and I gravitate to my feed more than other forms of reading, which is why it takes me so long to finish books these days. As far as posting, I do it when Iโ€™m in the mood. I also like to schedule posts in advance. I have my Thursday Inspiration ones done through June.

  10. I don’t have a particular routine for my blog then wtite when something comes to mind, which is either published on the day or scheduled.
    I have known to have quite a few posts scheduled in advance, but in the last 6 months this has dwindled.
    I join in Fibbing Friday prompt that two other bloggers do between them, but there may be the odd Friday’s I find I don’t do them.
    I read other people’s blogs mid morning and afternoon, commenting, or liking where I feel. Sometimes I may check for a short time in the evening too.

      1. Yes, it seems to work. But with posts not being scheduled in advance as they once was with me writing less, I do wonder if I will have quiet times, depending how I am. But so far, I don’t seem to be quiet just yet. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I’m glad you have such a solid routine for all things blogging! The internet is such a blessing to us all! I can’t believe you get up at 3:00!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I’m horrified! And sort of awestruck and impressed!

    I blog whenever I need to express myself, so it’s less structured timewise, I’d say. But when I get out of bed, after I’ve had breakfast and walked the dog and taken my meds, I check my emails and read everyone else’s blogs that I follow. Yours is a stable part of my routine, because 8:00 AM where you are is 11:00 AM here. That’s a good time of day for me to read a new post! (Not that there’s really a bad time of day, but I enjoy looking forward to it, which isn’t the case with sporadic posters, so more power to you!) (I mean, not that I don’t look forward to other people’s blogs, just that there’s no expectation one will show up like clockwork! You know what I mean.) HA HA!

  12. Wow awake at 3am. I struggle with 7am. I wrote a post recently about having no routine. I think I need to get ahead on posts like you do. I have two guinea pigs that are living away at the moment ( long story). I miss the wheeking.

  13. My blogging routine is to post a blog every week (usually Saturday / Sunday). WordPress puts links on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter automatically (saves me some work!). I also read and comment on blogposts every day, usually in the morning.

    By the way, I love seeing pictures of your guinea pigs. They are so cute!


  14. Iโ€™m still trying to figure my schedule out … itโ€™s been three years on my blog and Iโ€™m super sporadic depending on both my mental health and outside factors. Lay-off has made it easier to focus on my blog and focus on my passion for writing (I snagged up your self-publishing ebook, thank you very much!!) and I feel pulled to explore what would happen if I put as much time and commitment into myself and my passions as I do the work I do make other people rich while I limp along paycheck to paycheck. Thanks for letting us all know full time blogging is not a perfect form but an individual path based on what works best. Your piggies are cute!! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŒป

    1. Sorry for the delayed response; WP marked your comment as spam for some reason. I think that would be awesome for you to put more time into yourself and your passions. The pathway is always going to have its lumps and bumps and the occasional massive pothole, but if the overall direction is something that moves you, that’s what really matters.

  15. For me, reading new posts from the bloggers I follow is also usually one of the first things I do after waking up, having breakfast etc. I think I follow quite a lot of blogs, but still not so many that it wouldn’t be manageable, and the easiest way for me is to read posts via email, because I have my mailbox open almost all the time when I’m online and my address that is associated with WP I use almost exclusively for blogging-related things. After I read others’ blog posts, I do other things, like dealing with my other email which I mostly use for things like penpalling, or whatever that needs to be done or that I feel like doing both online and offline. I post on my own blog when I get some time after that and when I have some idea for what to write, and it usually happens late in the afternoon or early in the evening, though that largely depends on my current sleep-wake pattern, if I wake up more like you or have a zombie day I’ll usually post around noon or so. Sometimes I also read some more blog posts afterwards. My blog is relatively small so I usually do housekeeping about once a month.

  16. I had a routine and that’s completely out of the window due to… life. I still get up at 6am (a bit later than you) and I used to blog ’till 10, writing that is. My post are published at 4.30 pm and that is when I read other blogs. I do miss my old routine!
    My writing depends on how much energy and inspiration I have (they go hand in hand) and my reading is very well dependent on my concentration. I do research whatever the time ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel best when I can have the whole day to write and research. When I need to do other things (like cooking or eating even) it distracts me from my flow. In that way I’m an all-or-nothing girl.
    It was nice reading about your routine and off course, I now wonder what that housekeeping is all about (the comment before me also spoke about that!).
    I’m very low at housekeeping, in my home AND on the blog I think ๐Ÿ˜

    1. I’m low housekeeing at home too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Blog housekeeping is things like checking for broken links on my site, creating internal links connecting my new and old content, and going through the past week’s posts and making SEO improvements.

      For me 4:30 is usually when I’m done for the day, and it’s about time to start getting ready for bed!

  17. Unfortunately I don’t have a blogging routine, mainly due to both physical and mental health disability so I just do what I can when I can.

    I’d love to be able to spend more time scheduling posts etc or on social media but most of my time is taken up with reading other blogs – they’re all so entertaining, but I know I might have to cut back sometime soon. Mainly because I spend most of my time reading them before I start writing my own. Maybe I ought to be doing it the other way round?

    1. Reading is such a great way to get ideas for writing, too. I find sometimes I have to make a conscious decision to cut back on reading some of the blogs that I’m not as engaged with in order to free up a little more time.

  18. I often wonder about other bloggers routine – just me being nosy and to see if I can learn anything. To begin with, it was OK as I had loads of ideas for posts, but after a while its proven difficult for me to come up with new ideas, which is why I’ve been distant from my blog. I tend to go by the most popular time of day to publish a post, from my analytics which as helped a little. The pandemic, amongst other things, have completely thrown me off track and it’s hard to get back on track ๐Ÿ’š

    1. Yeah the blogosphere in general seems to be rather discombobulated the last few months. I’ve never tried experimenting with time of day to publish. I decided on timing early on and then just ended up sticking with that by default.

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