Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • There are many things that fascinate me about people’s behaviour on WordPress.  One of them is when people repeatedly unfollow and then refollow you.  I’m not meaning refollowing you because WordPress has randomly unfollowed you or a doofus like me accidentally clicked unfollow rather than like.  I’m talking about the people who pop up as a new follower multiple times in your notifications over a period of a few days.
  • I rarely get comments left on my Pinterest pins, but this week iI got one on a pin about depression from some doofus who said “it can be controlled via mental healing ‘state of mind.'”  Well there you go, that’s what’s been missing all along (insert eye roll here).
  • I was contacted by a mental health organization asking if I would consider being one of their volunteer advocates.  I took a look at their website, and it kept talking about their “advocacy tenants.”  Huh?  Oh, tenets!  Yeah, not a great way to start attracting volunteers.
  • I also got an email from another organization about being an ambassador for them. I couldn’t decide if this was something that interested me or not, so I went with the easy default of do nothing.
  • A couple of days this week I watched the semi-hairless guinea pig while my brother’s wife was at medical appointments at the same time he was supposed to be in Zoom meetings for work. My repertoire of tactics to deal with a crying baby is pretty limited.
  • It’s been a bad week mood-wise.  My one in-person friend and I have very different communication styles, and that’s been challenging this week, which hasn’t helped.
  • My little Butternet’s eye is all healed up, and now he can focus all of his energy on putting on his horndog displays trying to get the girls’ attention.  In the picture below he’s rocking his favourite move.
guinea pig Butternut standing on his hind legs looking at the guinea pig girls' cage
  • Thanks to a trick I found out about from Tina Louise of Random Ramblings, I’ve got a celery forest growing in my kitchen.
celery growing in a water-filled tin

As guests on my blog this week, I had:

How has your week been?

Mental Health @ Home Books: Psych Meds Made Simple, Managing the Depression Puzzle, and Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis

46 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. Nice forest & good to hear about Butternut 💖

    My week was decent. Had some work & received the stimulus payment.

    I’ve also had some bloggers who I’m pretty sure were already following me “refollow” … maybe just a glitch. I wonder if ppl are getting notifications about me?!

    1. I accidentally unfollow people on a fairly regular basis. But when there are 5 re-follows from the same person popping up in a week, that gets a bit odd.

  2. My week has been so/so. Some good and some bad. It’s getting warm here (in the low 70s most of the time), and that’s never a bad thing for me. Some businesses ’round here have opened their doors again and that provided a bit of a spirit lift. No outer darkness moments thankfully. But the dog groomers in defiance of the opening doors of other businesses have begun to shut theirs. No rhyme or reason to it and Pudge needs his nails clipped badly. I’d do it, but I’m fairly sure he’d trying biting AND the stress on both of us isn’t worth the trouble. I don’t blame the groomers though, everyone has delayed spring fever and are out doing something. I hope your mood can lift and ignore the twits who spout the ‘mind healing’ properties theory. I have some faith in mind healing, but I also realize that with severe depression, all the ‘positive thoughts and affirmations’ aren’t worth spit. I’ve changed my reality with my attitude a time or two, but it’s never ever ‘cured’ my depression. So wise of you to ignore the idiot.

  3. So happy the horndog is healed 🙂 I randomly hit buttons on WP and screw things up. my wrists hit things while I’m typing, I ‘ve accidentally deleted comments etc.
    Ugh, crying babies, I don’t miss that.
    The week has been interesting as usual. Started a book on surviving sexual abuse and had a fit of rage last night. That’s never fun, but it’s necessary for healing. Today’s a new day….onward and upward.

  4. Lot of doofuses this week? 😀 I totally hear ya. Aww, hairless guinea cried? Did you try giving her a bottle? I’ve heard babies really take to the bottle!! 😮 I still haven’t met Li’l Sweets. I’m a bit envious that you’re getting your baby-lust satisfied!! Ohh, they smell so sweet and they’re so cuddly!! Babies always make life better!

    My week has been freakishly awesome. Like, wow. Wow, wow, wow.

  5. Hooray for Butternut on both accounts. I’m all Doofus, too, when it comes to thumbing through posts on my iPhone. Surprised I’m not banned by my bloggers. Another Meh-vellous work week changing Adult Diapers at the Whining Station. At least it’s all by Zoom now. 😊

  6. It’s been my busiest week on the blog for 6 years. Forgot how time consuming it can be but time is one thing I have plenty of right now…

    1. I don’t know how well they’ll continue growing, but the guinea pigs eat lots of celery, so I’ll have lots of supply to try to grow!

      1. 🙂 your guinea pigs are adorable……I had guinea pigs growing up and I remember how much produce they ate………I remember my parents saying they needed to grow our garden for the pets. 🙂

  7. I had a spider in my cup of tea and some not such good news about my son’s health. I started a crochet project and then unpicked it all. Now I’ve read this I want a celery forest too. Take care! Mx

  8. I can tell you about the follow/unfollow thing Ashley, because I do that.
    Basically for me anyway this is how it works…
    I follow people, and that to me is like opening myself a little to others, as it means reading, perhaps commenting on their posts and connecting…

    Then I get triggered by something, and it can be nothing on here necessarily, or it may be what I only perceive, basically it’s coming from within me, and therefore, suddenly I withdraw because I’m feeling unsafe.

    So in other words, I am like a shell type creature, where if I am fine, and feel safe, (follow)… I come out, and if not I withdraw into my shell. (unfollow)

    Does this make any sense?!

    And yes I am a dufus! 😆

    1. That definitely makes sense. The people that I was thinking of both unfollowed and refollowed maybe 10 times in the space of a week, and had never come out of their shell in the first place.

  9. I used to have a weird Christian blog keep following me even though I kept removing them…. Finally I sent the author a polite email asking why they keep re-following me when they’re clearly not my niche audience… They never replied but also never refollowed – YAY!

    I think some those people who repeatedly follow/unfollow/follow (numerous times in a short span of time, not off and on) are doing that so you get spammed with notifications and hopefully go check out their blog.

    I never get Pinterest comments, but I do get some re-pins of my D&D pins. I would roll my eyes so hard at that commenter.

    “advocacy tenants” made me chuckle. Pet peeve: people who mix up alter and altar. 😛

    Hey feel free to DM me on Instagram if you ever want a listening ear. I love your pet photos <3

    1. Attention-getting was my take as well on the refollow thing.

      I had someone send me a pin on Pinterest yesterday. I didn’t even realize you could so such a thing. I was ready annoyed with him for being pushy on Twitter, so I blocked him on both. I’m not sure why people don’t realize that getting in people’s face isn’t going to help their cause.

      1. Wow, I didn’t know someone could send pins too! Glad you blocked him. I’ve had people stalk me on multiple platforms (eg contact me in various ways asking me why I haven’t replied to X) so alarms go off if someone is being pushy across a few platforms. It’s usually a red flag that they’re boundary pushers and don’t listen to even direct “No”s. Or understand no response means not interested.

          1. Aha, if you haven’t written about it already, maybe a post on how to immediately piss off the person you’re trying to contact. Featuring various forms of pushy behavior you’ve experienced from such people! ❤❤

  10. Mind healing, huh? What a pity we haven’t discovered it earlier, we would have so many less suicides and non-functional people and all that! I believe it’s completely possible to heal yourself like that from one, concrete problem, for example, being too stressed out about your job, or grieving someone/something, provided you’re a generally rational, stable and resilient person, and a very insightful one, but I’m not sure how that would work with curing something as complex as depression. Then again, even one, seemingly concrete problem might be difficult to resolve just using the power of your mind, which is huge but just won’t fix everything as some seem to think. I do like the idea of using different thinking strategies or such to help yourself, but I guess it’s strongly overappreciated where mental illness is concerned.
    Dealing with crying babies, especially if you don’t have many tactics and don’t feel that emotionally close to the baby can be really exhausting.
    It sucks when people with whom you interact regularly and generally like, communicate in a different way than you do. I always find it rather frustrating. I hope your mood will get a bit better and that it will make things as much easier as they can be.
    I’m glad to hear that Butternut’s eye is well now. 🙂

  11. I’m impressed by your celery forest! It inspired me to plant some herbs, ok only one, but it seems to grow 🙂 (I don’t know how the herb is called in English, the free dictionary on the interweb says ‘buckrams’ or ‘ramsons’ which both sounds weird to me!).
    You’ve been asked for a lot of things the past week! It’s just that the right one needs to come across!
    I’m glad the piggie is feeling better and can rock his moves again. You cared for him very well.
    I didn’t noticed the follow-unfollow thing but I would guess some people can do that to make themselves seen? And hoping you will eventually follow them? I don’t get it at all.
    My week has been very uneventful because of lot of sleeping, which I good in a way but boring in another 🙂

    1. I hadn’t heard of either of those names, but Wikipedia says it’s wild garlic. I’m not sure if I’ve heard of that either, but at least it doesn’t sound so strange.

      The celery forest is growing leaves pretty quickly but stalks are growing far more slowly. The guinea pigs go through lots of celery, so give it another couple of months and the celery forest will be taking over my entire kitchen. I’ve also just learned that if you put the last remnants of a head of lettuce in water it will grow too. I might have to devote a whole room to plants growing in water (unlike plants growing in dirt, which I kill).

      1. Wild garlic yes that sounds better 🙂 I hope it will taste good too.
        I grow spring onions is water too, they grow really really fast. You just leave a small white thing and eat the green. Put that in a little water and place it in front of a window. It’s wonderful to see things grow! I’m going to try the lettuce as well, golden tip!

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