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Emerging Blogger Series: Divinely Bipolar (Tanya)

The Emerging blogger series on Mental Health @ Home; background of cherry blossoms

The emerging blogger series is aimed at community building through giving mental health bloggers who are early in their blogging evolution the opportunity to have their work seen by a wider audience.  It’s also a way to introduce you as a reader to some newer members of our community.

This post is by Tanya of Divinely Bipolar.

Appetite for Destruction

Bipolar is a debilitating brain-illness.  Rapid Cycling is even worse.  After my traumatic experience, I was determined to be in control of myself and my body from there on out.  Unfortunately, that took a destructive path.  I was very promiscuous and did everything I could to get the attention of older teenage boys to seduce and have sex with.   A twisted way to be in control, but I was calling the shots and it felt good.  I was out partying all the time, drinking, smoking pot, and taking pills (no idea what they were).  I was living a reckless lifestyle to say the least.

photo of Tanya of Divinely Bipolar as a teen
Tanya at 15 during a hypomanic state

I was depressed, but I think I was also hypomanic, which is called a mixed state.  My depressed state materialized as anger and terrible judgement.  My hypomania resulted in little need for sleep and feeling indestructible.  I felt like I could do anything and had no regard for what anyone thought.  Being in a mixed state is not a great combination, especially with alcohol and drugs in the mix.  I struggled in school exponentially and skipped a lot of school by signing my dad’s signature to the excuses (I had perfected his signature).  I worshiped metal hair bands (Motley Crue, Whitesnake, Guns n Roses, Metallica, and Poison, just to name a few) and my goal was to get the attention of any & every guy I could.  I didn’t seem to have a problem in that area considering I had built up quite a reputation.  I suddenly had an appetite for sex.  I don’t know how many people I slept with in that 6-month period, if I had to guess I would say 10?  Not something I’m proud of now, but I wore it like a badge at the time.  I was in control and that’s all that mattered.

Tanya of Divinely Bipolar sitting on her bed at age 15
Tanya at 15 years old in her room

I didn’t have many close friendships with girls at this time, except for one friend that I happen to still be friends with today (love you MW).  My relationships during this time were more superficial and built on partying.  I obviously was not in a good state and it was catching up to me.  I was severely depressed at the end of this period in mid spring.  No longer was I angry, I was sad and wanting companionship.  I was suicidal and had thought of many ways to end my life.  I felt like nothing, didn’t like myself, had a great void in my soul and didn’t understand why I was even on this Earth 🙁

Thankfully, I met someone, who for whatever reason understood me in a way no one else had even tried to.  My first boyfriend who I will refer to as X.  (Remember X for later on in this blog).  I was elated to be with one person.  I was still depressed, but it felt different with someone to actually talk to.  I would bounce back and forth between being hypomanic and depressed, but he seemed to be able to ride the roller-coaster.  Our relationship was fast & furious…

Some people might ask, “Where was your God while all of this was happening?” and to that end I would simply say, I didn’t know him yet.  Despite me not knowing Him, He knew me and was with me!  He carried me every step of the way through my brokenness, even if I didn’t know it at the time!!  He knew I was a survivor and a fighter and that I would eventually surrender to Him!

It is my desire to spread awareness and stop the stigma associated with mental illness and in particular Bipolar 2 Rapid-Cycling and Generalized Anxiety Disorder.  To be vulnerable and share my story is frightening, but my hope is to help others and to let them know that they are not alone!  Thank you and I hope you will follow my blog!  You can find me at divinelybipolar.com.  I just started a little over a week ago and I absolutely love it!  Writing is cathartic for me, and I love meeting new people.  I hope to get to know you soon! 

Be blessed!  Be divine!

Thanks so much Tanya for participating in the emerging blogger series!

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The Emerging blogger series on Mental Health @ Home; background of cherry blossoms

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    1. Hi howikilledbetty! Nice to meet you! Yes – I have quite a story…and I’m just touching the surface! And I haven’t even hardly begun! I’m sorry you can relate – it’s not easy! Thanks for reaching out! Be blessed! Kindly, Tanya-Divinely Bipolar

  1. Hello Tanya, welcome to the WP community and it’s nice to meet you. Living with bipolar must be difficult, even more so when growing up… Wishing you all the best, Faith xox

    1. Hi Faith! Thank you for your reply and the nice welcome! Very nice to meet you as well. Living with bipolar is definitely like living on a roller coaster for sure! Yes – growing up and not knowing what was wrong with me was very difficult. The up and down’s were unrelenting and caused me a lot of pain & trouble. Thanks for reaching out. Thanks again. Be blessed! Kindly, Tanya – Divinely Bipolar

    1. Hi Meg! Thank you so much for the warm welcome! Nice to meet you! Appreciate your response to my blog! I’ve only been blogging for a little over a week. I enjoy it so much. Very cathartic and freeing. I’ve held all of this in for so long – it’s nice to let it go! Hope you have a beautiful day! Kindly, Tanya – Divinely Bipolar

  2. Hi Angela! Yes – kismet for sure! I can’t wait to get to know you better! Thanks for welcoming me with open arms. I love blogging – it’s my new passion! Writing is my favorite thing to do, so I guess it makes sense! Have a fabulous day! Tanya

    1. Lol 🙂 Welcome to my life! Hope you will follow me for the whole journey – it’s a wild one! Thank you for your kind words! Be blessed! Kindly, Tanya-Divinely Bipolar

  3. We noticed your Theater Of Pain tapestry in your photos. We had a similar one that came with the boxed CD. The music did not preach equality among genders, to be sure. Sounds like you read some more inspirational lyrics these days. While that is not a book we enjoy, we can respect it and those who like it

  4. Hello and thank you for your comment! I used to be into all the hair bands in the 80’s. Today I listen to Country mostly and Christian from Bethel Music. One of the grammy nominated singers, Cory Asbury, is the worship leader at our church! Their music is amazing! That tapestry was from back in my teen years, definitely not my aesthetic style now! Lol! Thanks for reaching out. I hope you have a blessed day! Kindly, Tanya-Divinely Bipolar

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