Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • Thanks to Rory from A Guy Called Bloke for gifting me a compliment on my post Feeling Disconnected from Blogging, an issue that has thankfully resolved.
  • I’ve noticed an uptick in the number of random people following my blog.  By random, I mean people who have no apparent reason to have any interest in my blog, and who don’t do anything besides hit the follow button.  For me, anyway, this seems to come in waves.  For the earlier part of the year I was getting very few random followers, and in the past few weeks I’ve gotten quite a few.  In my experience, the wave pattern of new random followers has no relation to the patterns of new “actual” followers, so to speak.
  • I got a somewhat odd message through my blog’s contact form.  This person said they were a nurse, and asked if I would review their book, but didn’t say the book’s title.  That seemed odd, so I put on my Nancy Drew hat and hopped on over to Amazon.  I found the book fairly quickly by the author’s name, but the book description used “mental health” when clearly it was referring to mental illness.  That seemed like a mistake that an RN shouldn’t be making, so I hunted down this person’s website.  She has a coaching business, but also claim on her site that she’s an RN.  There was a phone number listed on the site, with an area code in California, so I looked her up on the California state nursing board site.  No listing.  In most place RN is a restricted title; you can’t call yourself an RN unless you’re actually registered as a nurse.  So she’s using a title she’s not entitled to use, and she doesn’t know the difference between mental health and mental illness and yet she’s writing a book about it?  Nancy Drew is not impressed.
  • I went to see the semi-hairless guinea pig that is my infant niece.  I hadn’t seen her for almost a month.
  • I walked to the grocery store once this week and I felt like I was even slower moving than last week.  Or maybe there was a little more traffic and that made it more noticeable; I have to go through a 2-lane roundabout along the way, and I don’t like doing that if there are many cars around when I’m slow moving.
  • What a difference a country makes.  Earlier this week in Canada, someone went on a shooting spree and killed 22 people.  If this had happened in the U.S., while some people would be calling for tighter gun control, others, including some officials, would be quick to blame it on mental illness.  In Canada, we already have strict gun legislation, so that doesn’t tend to come up as an issue, but what stands out to me is that no one was playing the mental illness blame card, at least from the news coverage that I saw.
  • I’m not sure if he got something else stuck in his eye or if it was starting to get infected, but Butternut’s injured eye from last week started getting worse early this week.  Now I’ve got him on antibiotic drops as well as doing regular flushing of the eye, and he’s doing much better.  As a special treat, he got to munch on some parsley right from the source.
guinea pig Butternut sitting in a planter eating some parsley

As guests on my blog this week, I had Wrae Sanders of One Blog, One Day at a Time, who did a wounded healer interview.

And if by some chance injecting yourself with disinfectant crosses your mind, don’t do it.  Just don’t.

How has your week been?

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72 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. I love playing Nancy Drew in that exact same way!! Isn’t it fun?

    I’m glad you saw your niece! I still haven’t met Li’l Sweets. I’ve been told that she gurgles and coos, and that she fell asleep while taking her bottle. (Priorities, Li’l Sweets! Priorities!)

    I hope Butternut’s eye keeps getting better!!

    My week was great, I think. As usual, I have little to no memory of it!! But I think it was good!!

  2. Aww, poor Butternut, but with your care, he will soon be right. I bet he really enjoyed going for the parsley.

    What could investigating with this so called RN.

    I tried your recommendation of lemonade and raspberries together, earlier in the week. I really loved it.

    1. I tried out lemonade and strawberries this week. It was good, but the lemonade didn’t pick up the strawberry flavour as much as it did with raspberries.

  3. Correct me if I am being rude or wrong…Those who have mental health or mental illness easily take offense to high violence crimes blamed on mental illness. (I have mental illnesses etc) However, isn’t it kind of obvious there is an underlying illness going on for someone to just commit a violent crime? Otherwise, we are admitting that completely sane and well rounded individuals are out committing crimes for no reason and that humans indeed really do just suck. I don’t really take offense to it being blamed on mental illness, rather I would just like to see the proper help, therapy and in most cases rehabilitation for the individual or individuals. If this individual cannot be helped with any or all of the above then obviously a solution such as prison for life would have to be considered and not just get out on a ‘jail free I have a mental illness’ card. As tough as that may sound, a person who is not ready to enter back into society can recommit the same crimes and pose a risk to society. I am not saying kill the person, I am very much against capital punishment. I guess my point is I don’t think the norm is going around offing each other, most come from harsh backgrounds (IE: Military and say have PTSD. Horrible upbringing and never got the right help to move forward in their life and was taught certain things are normal when in fact they are not. Just a couple examples) So I really just roll my eyes when the news or article reads ‘this violent individual has a mental illness’ I am like um yeah think? Or it is the argument are humans born evil or are we made into evil beings?

    1. I guess I just don’t see it as a logical conclusion that someone committed a violent crime and therefore they must be mentally ill. What illness would it be? And going back through history there have been many, many people doing really horrible things to other people, which would suggest that people really do just suck. From the research I’ve looked at, the rates of violence among people with mental illness is only a smidge higher than people without mental illness, and the majority of that is accounted for by substance use.

      1. The whole ‘are humans born evil or good?’ is one of the longest discussions and/or debates we as humans have had and will continue to have. There are so many discussions, debates, knowledge etc surrounding topics like this. I still think most who commit violent crimes have something deeply concerning and damaging going on. Be it a mental illness or not, it takes a certain individual to take another person’s life and have no empathy or emotion during the act. It is something I kinda wish I knew more about. I could not even begin to imagine what goes on in say a serial killer’s mind. Or someone who commits animal/child abuse etc. But if it is not a mental illness, are we admitting there is no humanity? Or are humans born good and some are born evil? There are so many variables to this discussion that I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Some argue that society and law alone makes us want to be good because we want to fit in. I don’t understand this argument because it is like saying we are secretly wishing we could just go out and commit violent crimes, but don’t because people will view us as a crappy and heartless individual. I never have such thoughts, but was I raised to be good? Does society make all these thoughts and my nature disappear? Hmm….Mental illness is something that is also being studied and will for some time. Back then, mental illness wasn’t a thing at all. So maybe some of those shady humans wandering around earth before us could have had mental illnesses, but those diagnoses didn’t exist. Back then if you did something society disagreed with you were just simply shunned away from society or killed no questions asked. So many points, discussions and research of the human mind or species are still waiting to be had.

        Studies show that other factors like substance abuse rather than mental illness alone plays into it. But substance abuse is a mental illness in some ways is it not? Though it is a choice, most who abuse substances also have a mental illness, no? If not, substance abuse can cause a lot of problems to the human’s mind, make up etc including lead to mental illnesses. Every person I have know who do stuggle with substance abuse have obvious mental illnesses to me, even if not properly diagnosed. Also we are still studying mental illnesses and diagnoses. We cannot even say for sure even if every criminal gets tested or studied for mental illness, that those studies are 100% correct because it is something we ourselves are still trying to learn and understand.

        The human mind is very complexed, so complexed we don’t even fully comprehend it, and that is why such discussions like this one is like almost impossible. There is really no right or wrong answer you could say.

        1. I guess the question still remains, what specifically would be the mental illness that causes people to be violent? A psychotic illness? A mood disorder? A neurodevelopmental disorder? Lack of empathy isn’t a mental illness, and psychopathy isn’t considered a mental illness either. Absolutely there are a variety of factors that go into creating a disturbed individual, but that doesn’t necessarily make them ill. It’s a fallacy to conclude that someone did an act that is incomprehensible, and therefore they had to have been mentally ill to do it. Unless there are actually symptoms of mental illness going on, that violence=mental illness equation just doesn’t make sense, and what it really ends up doing is reinforcing stereotypes that people with mental illness are dangerous.

          1. Like that, it is such a complicated matter and how little we know about say the human mind is kinda scary. I believe what you are saying is true. So what does make such a human being?

            I will however say that I don’t believe every person with mental illness is dangerous. I don’t blieve that mental illness = violence. I don’t even know if that is what media is trying to portray by saying violence and mental illness could be related. I do however believe it is possible that people who commit most crimes, are struggling mentally. Maybe I believe that from the humane aspect of things. That because my environment and the way I was raised, I consider myself to be a decent stand up individual who functions in society. Basically I think something messed them up. I don’t believe babies are evil per say, and therefor I do not believe humans are born evil. In the same breath like you said that does not mean it is because of a mental illness. It was just who they are I guess influenced by their environment, the way they were raised or other influences. Like that, you also make very interesting points that I would also say are true.

            While lack of empathy is not a mental illness, it is a personality disorder.

            Although….For a person to just go out one day at completely random and commit a violent crime is very concerning. Especially if they are not displaying any signs.

            However, in any of these kind of discussions it is very important to note that it should not be a stereotype that everyone with a mental illness is violent, or dangerous. I think what I was trying to get across or point out was that most individuals who commit crimes are struggling with something deeper, I never said all people with mental illnesses are violent or that is even a stat, because it is not. While I also think it could just be humans.

            Either way, I personally don’t believe humans are born evil or good. I am still curious to well what makes us good or evil. Or is it not that simple?

            1. Lack of empathy can be a symptom of some personality disorders, but for every personality disorder there are multiple symptom criteria that must be met; they don’t revolve around a single symptom. Lack of empathy on its own is not a psychiatric diagnosis.

            2. Although you want my view on it…I am unsure if lack of empathy is an actual thing. Rather we have empathy for those alike us or same situations you could say? Like a big misunderstanding about autistic people is we lack empathy. While that is not true, though we struggle to empathize with others who can’t relate to us, or certain scenarios. That like most of our feelings, we just more have a difficulty showing it, but most definitely feel it. That we do empathize, especially with whose who relate to us etc.

              Lack of empathy can also be from low emotional intelligence. But wouldn’t that make it some kind of a disorder of the brain? Unless what would it be? A personality trait? Maybe so, but not a common one. Humans are suppose to have empathy, or maybe that is just the hope?

              I can’t really say if humans truly lack empathy, most people cannot empathize with each other because we are simply not the same and have many different make ups and experiences. We can however sympathize, but that is a different thing. Studies show that people can lack empathy, but I am still not convinced. They say people who lack empathy will often talk about only themselves and take no interest in what others are saying. If this person understands this is a part of say their personality, than they probably relate to others who do the same and can empathize with them. Especially say when criticized for it.

              They say lack of empathy are known in people who say have borderline personality disorder, among other disorders. But that should be the same claim they make about autistics. I don’t know if I am making sense. But yeah….

  4. So much for Canada keeping there clean rep ehhhh? As a Canadian myself I was a bit saddened when I saw the news. But violent beings are everywhere, stricter gun laws or not. (I support stricter gun laws though) USA more has an issue with poverty, brainwashing and among other things that go deeper than their gun laws and that is why there is a higher crime rate. Detroit for example is one of the cities that have the highest crime rate, they are also one of the poorest cities. And no one cares to help them bounce back to what Detroit once was. There are a lot more problems I feel going on in the USA than Canada. Canada is very much more socialistic, more acceping and though they have poverty it is nothing like what I have seen in the USA. Living in both countries, moving to the USA was a really big shock.

    1. Poverty causes so many problems, and the USA doesn’t seem to be overly worried about it. They could save a lot of money in the longer term by doing something about the problem now.

      1. I agree, but Trump would rather inhale disinfection into his lungs or was it inject it into your veins? … (really hoping you know what I am talking about) Haha Yeah, USA is very much capitalistic poison and they have their society too distracted to notice or give a crap.

  5. I think lots of my own random Follows are just from people hoping for a follow back – the urge to reciprocate is strong. I remain sceptical about the percentage of Followers who actually read a single blog post.

    1. I agree, the follow back is often the goal. I find that the new followers I get that are in the same niche (mental health) are most likely to stick around.

  6. I’ve had many random followers too. Sometimes I follow their links to an empty site. If their blog looks interesting, I’ll read a few posts. But unless they engage with me consistently, I’m not inclined to follow back, since I already have a lot of great blogs to read.

  7. Nice detective work on the “RN!” I wish people wouldn’t exaggerate their expertise or authority just to gain influence, but a lot of businesses in the US reward that behavior unfortunately πŸ™ And poor Butternut! You’re a great guinea mom though, hopefully he’s better in no time!

  8. Awwww poor little Butternut. I hope his eye heals quickly now, and so great that he could enjoy some parsley. πŸ™‚
    Hope you’re having a good weekend. πŸ™‚

  9. “So she’s using a title she’s not entitled to use, and she doesn’t know the difference between mental health and mental illness and yet she’s writing a book about it?”

    The pitfalls of a self-publishing world!

    “As a special treat, he got to munch on some parsley right from the source”

    Lucky guinea pig! 🀣

          1. Lol πŸ˜†. It’s mad how variable their life spans are! I think it was actually 8 years, which was a mythological age for a guinea pig when younger. You’d hear of a friend of a friend who once had a legendary guinea pig that lived to 8 years by feeding it porridge every morning, but you never expect it to happen to you! Lol.

  10. I quite often get that this site is longer in use when I get new random followers – it’s quite odd. That is sad that 22 people were shot and I agree with you – which mental illness would it come under? And the fact that it wasn’t in MSM? We’d know about it if it was the States.

    That’s quite odd about the author contacting you – they’re not registered as an RN? Maybe Nancy Drew needs to report it? Glad you’ve had a productive week Asjley.

    1. She said she had a BSN, and I figure it’s possible she is/was registered somewhere else and isn’t on the ball enough to realize she can’t use the title? I considered reporting, and then decided I didn’t have enough information to be sure.

      I think the no longer in use thing comes up mostly when people have switched to a different URL for their site but for whatever reason their Gravatar isn’t updated.

  11. This week felt like a slow week across the board, maybe it wasn’t just you. I thought it was just me feeling slow.

    That’s really weird and tasteless that that person would mislead others. Then again, it’s not weird, it’s the world we live in. More and more people are seeking attention however they can get it. Sorry you got wrapped up in it but maybe the detective work was a nice little exercise for you. πŸ˜‰

    Aw it’s tough when your animal(s) is sick. They can’t tell you mom I just poked my eye on X and it really hurts! Ah it still hurts! I’ve been dealing with some health issues with my birds and it sucks. Hope Butternut gets better soon!

    Interesting that you have these waves of followers, huh… I’m pretty sure it was your blog I read a comment that said great post please return follow. I remember thinking, wow really? No class.

    I heard about that shooting. Selfishness. It bothers me as well when the media or officials run to mental illness as an “explanation” for such violence. One major reason this upsets me is because it’s a scapegoat. People write it off once they hear that, like oh right a “crazy” person so meh. A lot of individuals and groups who blame mental illness don’t then seem to care of mental health or illness outside of the incident. Sad. I hope we remedy this sooner than later.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. You must have beat me to the great post return follow comment because usually I delete them.

      I agree about the scapegoating. I was impressed that none of the Canadian media I saw were doing any kind of speculating as to the reasons behind it. Then again, they may have figured that with COVID-19 going on, restraint was especially called for.

  12. “the semi-hairless guinea pig that is my infant niece” this is the cutest line I’ve read in a while πŸ₯°

    On the topic of mental health vs mental illness: I might need to do some reflecting on this. I wonder if I have been misusing the terms.

    I tend to talk about mental health “issues” or “challenges” when I’m sharing my story. I’ve subconsciously held back from using the term mental illness. I realized this after I read what you wrote above.

    1. That’s totally fine, and a lot of people do that. This wasn’t mental health issues/challenges, it was mental illness = mental health, full stop. “If you or someone you know is affected by mental health, there are many ways to manage it. Shelly Pratt, registered nurse gives powerful tools, tips and ideas for a better quality of life. This e-book gives you many ways to control mental health that includes the following: Recognize symptoms… treatment plans….” The title: “Control Mental Health and Win: Learn More. Control the Condition. Live a Better Life”

      1. Ohhh wow. Control the condition… of mental health. πŸ€”

        I’m reassured by this (for my own posts) but less reassured at the thought that someone is posing as a mental health professional when they aren’t.

        1. She says she has a bachelor’s degree in nursing, so she may be a former RN and doesn’t realize she can’t still call herself that. But regardless, it’s weird, and I guess it’s the reason why you can easily look up whether a health professional is actually registered to practice.

  13. Was considering tapping a vein for a bleach injection.
    I’ve had a surge of followers as well and a few rando’s making comments to come follow theirs, quite frankly I will never follow someone who asks, pisses me off.
    Good work, Nancy πŸ™‚
    Glad you made it through the round-about, I despise those for many reasons.
    Hope Butternut improves, yay for treat time!
    Well, I’m glad you weren’t near the shooter, on second thought maybe you could have gotten rubbery chicken on his ass

    1. Watch out for that rubber chicken – I could be a superhero with that thing!

      I delete comments that are just asking for a follow back. I don’t know why anyone thinks that works.

      Butternut is improving every day since starting the antibiotic drops. Today his eye wasn’t cloudy at all, which I was awfully pleased with.

  14. Such nice parsley, I hope the extra vitamins helps the healing of Butternut! Good job on being an internet detective. All kinds of people write all kinds of stuff. Sometimes it’s great and sometimes it’s just … blah! But an RN seems to be just that a registered nurse, I mean, it can’t be more clear than that. ‘Doctor’ is even worse, the kinds of ‘doctors’ I’ve seen on the internet, truly mind boggling.

  15. I love Justin Trudeau, such a great president 😍 He does so much good and omggg I love Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦. I have never been there but I wish to go. It’s horrible what happened but good not blaming it on mental illness. I also have random people following my blog which are vitamin stores. I hope you feel better soon ❀️

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