Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • Although the snot monster hasn’t been fully vanquished yet, I’ve been feeling much better this week.
  • I had to head to the pharmacy to pick up some meds, and was surprised to see a decent amount of toilet paper in stock (at my local grocery store it’s still flying off the shelves as soon as they can restock it).  While I was out I decided to pick up some food from my favourite burger joint.  They’ve got it set up so you can order and pay online, and just show up at the designated time, grab your bag of food, and off you go.  Yum yum yum.
  • I had my second phone visit with my GP.  I do still prefer in-person visits, but the phone thing is pretty convenient.
  • The weather has been sunny and warm, which is nice.  As the days get longer, the birds outside start singing earlier.  Most of the birds get going shortly after 5:30, and my woodpecker does his first peck on the bbq around 6:45.  I’m sure the neighbours aren’t that impressed, particularly on weekends, but too bad so sad.  He’s been with me for 3 1/2 years now.
  • Last year I had a parsley plant go to seed, and I sprinkled the seeds around the soil in the planter hoping they would do their thing on their own.  This week I popped out to the balcony to have a look, and discovered lots of parsley starting to grow.  This will make the guinea pigs very happy.
  • I found it very interesting that searching for COVID-19 on Pinterest gives the message “Pins about this topic often violate our Community Guidelines, which prohibit harmful medical misinformation. In some cases, we may choose not to show any search results for this topic at all.”  Searching for COVID-19, coronavirus, and pandemic all yielded that message and no search results.  On a related note, Google AdSense allows me to moderate ads that appear on my site, and this week I had to block and report an ad for something claiming to prevent coronavirus infection.  I’ve read a few news stories about various people, including chiropractors, naturopaths, and an acupuncturist, claiming to be able to prevent infection.  As punishment, I think these folks should be denied all access to toilet paper for at least a year.
  • I was followed on Twitter by a group called Kick Mental Health, who aim to “combat mental health through physical activity.”  They were very receptive and changed it when I pointed out the problem with that message, but it does puzzle me that some people don’t realize that while mental illness may not be so great, mental health is a good thing.
  • Speaking of Twitter, I saw someone post a picture of their fresh cutting.  For me, that’s an automatic unfollow.  I have no problems with people talking about self-harm, but pictures don’t help the person posting to access support and only end up triggering the people who see them.

As a guest on my blog this week, I had Lara of She Writes, She Says, who did an emerging blogger post about taking it one day at a time.

Guinea pig Casper hiding behind the hay rack

This is Casper hiding behind the hay rack, although you can see her black eye peeping out next to the cute little curl of hair around her ear.  The hay rack seems to be Casper and Oreo’s security blanket for whatever reason, and they like to snuggle up to it in its rusty wire glory.

How has your week been?

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48 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. Yay for fresh parsley! As far as the various naturopaths go they should work their voodoo on each other and then volunteer at the hospitals and see if they get infected. Great way to test their claims haha!
    Always a good thing to unfollow things that don’t jive with you as a person.
    Casper is a cutie!

  2. Glad you’re starting to feel better! And hooray for sunshine, parsley, and TP! I was similarly shocked to find toilet paper in stock when I went grocery shopping this week!

  3. I’ve enjoyed reading about your week! Who doesn’t love woodpeckers? That’s really funny about combating mental health! 😀 And I agree that the fake disease preventers should be denied toilet paper!

    My week has been pretty good, but I wish it would get warmer again! Right when I switch over to spring/summer clothes, it gets cold again. Go figure. I shaved my legs and everything!! The fishies have a new algae on their aquarium’s walls, so I’ll have to do some maintenance!!

  4. Well, it sounds like you’ve had a pretty positive week Ashley. What with your parsley growing (I’d love a garden to grow herbs), you kicked some butt on Twitter and got your point across about wording used in their slogan.
    And I would have unfollow a post of someone’s self-harming too – personally, just not necessary on Twitter!

  5. I’m with you…I talk about my experience with cutting, but I would never show a picture! That’s just inappropriate and I would have unfollowed her as well! 🙂

  6. Glad you’re feeling better, snot fun! 😉 I love the spring for so many reasons but one major one is the birds. Isn’t it amazing how “loud” it is outside with the birds singing away? I love it, love it. Woodpeckers are so interesting. My partner has a Cardinal making rounds to every window in his house pecking at his reflection. I had a Robin do that once.

    Wow that’s pretty interesting info about Pinterest. I guess I’m glad to hear they’re being proactive because there is a lot of junk out there. But it’s weird at the same time. And great job being tough and intelligent on Twitter.

    The things that are disappearing from shelves just makes me shake my head sometimes. I’m disappointed to hear my state is ordering big store to close off their lawn and garden sections. I get that those items are “non-essential” however if the store is already open for “essentials” why not go ahead and sell them? I also understand that might seem unfair to the greenhouses that can’t open. I’m very much in support of stay at home orders however I think it’s important that people be allowed to practice healthy habits. For people who own a home or are renting home, they have property, it would help staying at home if you can take care of the health of your home. Not to mention flowers make people happy and a lot of people want to grow their own food, I’m one of them. I was really hoping to have a raised bed this year…

    Other than that this week was on and off. Some days really nice and others I was kind of down and out. I need to focus on my book and getting stuff done that brings me joy. Cheers to you and the pigs!!

    1. That’s strange about the lawn and garden sections. I can see why certain things might be closed off, like bulk food sections in grocery stores, but for lawn and garden I’m just not seeing it.

      Hope you have a better upcoming week!

      1. Nope, a lot of people aren’t. I suspect the lawn care issue will change as the grass grows ever taller and the mosquitoes come out in force.

  7. Your Healing n Healers post has been on my mind Ashley…..am intrigued by your thought and smiling…hehe. so. Thank you! It’s not necessary that the Healer is healed themselves…I read somewhere. But its healing to heal others…and you do that for me thru your posts…hehe

    1. I think the process towards healing is an important one to share, regardless of whether any of us have reached the final destination of being healed.

  8. I’m glad that the snot monster will be probably leaving you soon for good.
    Mmm parsley, that’s yummy, we have a lot of home-grown parsley too, your guinea pigs are very lucky! 🙂
    That “mental health” thing puzzles me very much too, I really don’t get it… I used to think that it’s a normal and proper way of phrasing it in English and rolled my eyes at that but I’m so glad it is not. I guess it must be the stigma surrounding the phrase mental illness that makes people want to avoid it so desperately and use mental health instead, but it ends up sounding very strange, if not stupid. I understand that someone may prefer to say “mental health issues” or “mental health problems” or “mental health difficulties” etc. instead of “mental illness”, and I sometimes do it myself when I feel it sounds better for whatever reason, or I use all those interchangeably, or I can understand that people would especially be inclined to use such terms when they don’t have a clear diagnosis yet or do not qualify for a diagnosis but their mental health is bad enough for them, temporarily or not, that it causes them some problems, and I guess “mental health difficulties” may sound better for many people than “mental illness” in slogans for all sorts of campaigns promoting mental wellbeing. But when people say “I suffer with mental health” it’s just so weird and striking to me.
    I like the way Swedes phrase it, I guess that’s a better way to replace the phrase mental illness if one needs to be so very diplomatic for all means. They do of course have such a phrase as mental health (psykisk hälsa) in Swedish, and mental illness too, but there is also something like psykisk ohälsa, which indicates a state that is not health, so like “unhealth” or something.

    1. I like that Swedish phrasing. I’m not sure why it’s challenging for people in English, because I doubt anyone would be confused about the difference between physical health and illness. Perhaps it’s related to mental health awareness campaigns, and people using that phrasing.

  9. Casper is the cutie of the week! <3
    I'm glad you're feeling better now and I'm happy you got your own parsley and a private bbq-picker 🙂 Must be wonderful company.
    I've been busy with getting some papers in order for the 'wellfare people' and that was a whole job! I need to write a resumé and so on otherwise I'll get kicked of my benefits. So there is some pressure there but on the other hand Corona is there too; what to do?
    We undertook a bigger trip by bike to the grocery store and the line was so long that we just biked home. I realized that I need to get my nose out of all the papers and I need to enjoy some sun while it's still there 🙂

    1. You’d think during this whole pandemic situation that they’d make it easier to continue benefits rather than demand a lot of paperwork.

  10. Glad ur feeling a bit better 🙂 we too don’t have a garden but we are lucky enough to live just by a river so have had a couple of walks, soaking up nature – stress always slips away by the water

  11. Just to mention, and I do understand why you unfollowed the person who showed fresh cutting. And each has to decide for themselves. I’ve had many unfollow me in past when I was on social media.

    I have or used to share at times my cutting on social media.

    At the time, I just was not thinking about what others would think, because I was in too much emotional turmoil and pain. And I needed to show someone that pain. I needed them to believe me.

    But I got some horrible, angry responses, and I gradually realised that you keep that kind of thing to yourself.

    Most people do not wish to see it. Many do not even wish to hear about it.
    Many feel it is attention seeking. And for some it may well be. It is up to people to judge for themselves.
    But that person may well be being abused behind closed doors like I was and that is their only release if you like.
    But people do not see that, they tend to just see how inappropriate it is.

    Then some may find out about it and ask why we do not talk about it, or say anything.

    I never felt like I was glorifying self harm, it was more of: I could not express just how much pain I was in at that time, and therefore this is how I showed it to people.

    I have learnt since then.

    Now I stay quiet. I don’t share anything any longer. I’m not on social media. And my blog is private.

    I think that says it all really.

    1. That makes a lot of sense. I think it’s something I struggle with in particular on social media because it’s getting displayed to hundreds or even thousands of people, and probably triggering a lot of them, which ends up with a backlash directed at the person who was trying to reach out for support. So instead of the person getting help, it ends up with a bad situation for everyone. My own personal boundary is that I don’t want to get into that dynamic, especially when it’s someone I really don’t know out of the thousands of people I follow on Twitter. I wish there was a more effective way that people could feel their pain was understood.

  12. Eek. I agree, I feel like posting pictures of your cutting online isn’t reaching out for support it’s feeding on people’s empathy for a serotonin hit. But that’s what I think all of Twitter is. ;D

      1. Yeah I had to delete my account, it always goes well at first but something always tugs me back towards my old alcoholic-troll ways and I shitposting on people’s comments just to get a rise. Not the kind of person I want to be!

  13. i agree with you about the misinformation, and like your solution. We have a ‘celebrity chef’ who is pushing all sorts of concepts most very misleading and dangerous, his latest is some light set up that costs thousands of dollars that will help get rid of virusus! He is again being looked at by our trading standards practice. sigh he is a charleton.

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