Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper and ribbons

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I only spent 2 days in Pinterest jail before they reactivated my account.  I don’t know if it’s my time in the Pinterest jail or the effects of COVID-19, but my new pins are suddenly getting 2 impressions rather than a few thousand, Still, Pinterest makes a great distraction no matter what’s going on in the world.  It can also be good for a laugh, like the pin I stumbled across that was about the scientific benefits of breathing.  I’ll take dumbasses for $1000 please, Alex – what is living?
  • My blog got rapid-fire liked by the top ayurvedic sexologist in Delhi.  Now there’s a claim to fame!
  • I woke up with a fever yesterday.  My sinuses have been irritated for a while, and now they’re infected.  Not fun, but in the grand scheme of things, could be much worse.  For those who like gross things, the gluey mucus has migrated from inside my nose where it reasonably belongs, onto the outside of my nose, and now all the way up to my forehead, and that fucker isn’t coming off no matter what I try to scrub it with.  I’m being attacked by a snot monster.
  • I visited my infant niece again this week (pre-sinusitis, of course).  She’s a pretty cute little hairless guinea pig.
  • My doctor is only doing phone consults at the moment, so I had a chat with him this week.  I don’t like talking on the phone, but it wasn’t particularly painful.
  • Again this week I walked once to the grocery store rather than driving.  Progress is a good thing.
  • I was having a hard time this week with my one in-person friend; he did something to surprise me, and I don’t do surprises very well.  It’s sorted out now, but it’s all a bit exhausting, really.
  • My routine remains pretty much the same as ever.  I’m not anxious about COVID-19, but it’s definitely changed the feel of the blogosphere.
  • I normally am a plant killer, but I’d had a snake plant that has lasted several years even though it could have used repotting a couple years ago.  It finally took a nose dive off the mantle a couple days ago.  My two prayer plants aren’t looking very good; maybe the snot monster that’s attacking my face hasn’t jumped over onto them as well


How has your week been?


I’ve put together a COVID-19 coping toolkit page to give you some ideas on how to manage during this difficult time.

51 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. Ohh! I think you made a typo, but I read it as being straightforward. 😀 You have a snake plan? Please fill us in on this so we can get on board with it! What’s the plan?

    I’m sorry you’ve got sinusitis! That bites. I hope you feel better soon!!

    That breathing stuff is hilarious! Benefits of breathing, oh my! 😀

    Aww, you saw the baby again!!

    Now, did anyone jump out of a cake? This is important. (HA HA! Totally kidding, and you don’t have to share. I’m not sure how I feel about surprises, because they don’t happen often enough for me to form an opinion!)

    My week has been wild and fun!! It’s a total party here.

  2. So happy for the progress you’re making with those activities of daily living. Hope you feel better soon. This week was week 2 of teletherapy. Decided that I need to upgrade to the pro version of my software instead of the free version. Happy to have Rachel (wife) handling social media for me and gave her my fancy phone to do so. So now I’m anxious as I wait for my new phone to arrive in the mail (I also don’t handle change well!) Take care!

  3. We exfoliate face/forehead with corn meal and water

    We injured right foot 3 x’s yesterday and hit our head today. These are reminders to practice mindfulness and for adults to operate our adult-sized body.

    After some encouragement fromT-1, and despite perceived “looks” from 2 family members, we have been incorporating some preferred gender presentation for the last two days

    We saw lots of birds this week. It was Only our second ever Short-eared Owl sighting (saw two!), only our third ever Black-backed Woodpecker, and it’s always exciting to see Red-headed Woodpecker. Bonus: no bbqs for them to drill. Plus, we saw a River Otter for the second time ever.

    Now, travel is restricted here so would have to walk to park to see more birds, which is fine once our foot heals. Until then will keep birds feeders full and enjoy Mallards in pond

    1. Oh no, that’s unfortunate about your injuries! I hope your foot heels soon sxo you can get back to walks.

      That’s great that you’ve felt comfortable being flexible on gender presentation. ❤️

  4. I hope you (and your prayer plants) feel better soon!!! I’m glad you’ve been able to go and walks and that the phone call with your doctor was ok! And LOL at the scientific benefits of breathing (or maybe it’s more of a facepalm haha).

  5. Sorry about your sinusitis and the snot monster attacking you. During winter most years I’m like a snot factory so I know how annoying it can be. 😀 Hope it passes soon.
    I often wonder what’s so wrong with the whole talking on the phone thing. It seems normal that most introverts and many non introverts dislike it, apparently because you can’t see your interlocutor so it feels kind of uncomfortable. I generally don’t like talking to people in any way but if I have to choose in person or phone I’ll always choose in person if only possible even if it means I’ll have to wait for it longer something, and if that bit about eye contact is true, it doesn’t make sense with me since I don’t make and need eye contact with people anyway and can’t see them. 😀
    Surprises can be seriously rather exhausting, and I tend not to like them either, although I have learnt to be as tolerant as possible since most people seem to do like them very much.

    1. I’m not sure why I don ‘t like talking on the phone. I know for some people it makes them anxious, but for me it’s more of a mysterious dislike.

  6. You always get me sooner or later with your Weekend Wrap-Up’s … thought I’d escape with a nice Saturday read – tap like – and move on quietly.

    Then “Snot Monster” got its mucous mittens on me. 😳

    So, a good-ish week for you, Ashley. Happy to hear that.

    Longest damn 3-day work week ever after I returned from Iso Exile on Wednesday.

  7. If only I could do my funny Indian sexologist accent for you. This is why I need a podcast. Thanks for the update. I really like this feature, especially when I’m AWOL from WordPress for a few days and don’t have the time or energy to catch up on everything.

    1. I can imagine the funny Indian sexologist accent. When I was in India some random guy came up and started talking about how he wanted to do some ayurvedic medicine thing to me. I suspect he was a sexologist wannabe.

  8. “like the pin I stumbled across that was about the scientific benefits of breathing.”

    I saw a post about exactly that once on WordPress. Perhaps it was the same person. It was in all dead-pan seriousness, I couldn’t believe it lol. Couldn’t make it up!

    “I visited my infant niece again this week (pre-sinusitis, of course). She’s a pretty cute little hairless guinea pig.”


  9. Sorry to hear you’re feeling unwell. Hope it goes away soon! My doctors and psychologist also only do phone / skype consults… It’s been an adjustment! I feel very self-conscious talking into a camera.
    Have a great week!

  10. What an eventful week! Fame in Delhi, handling surprises and groceries done! Super and especially considering some snot monster passing by uninvited. I hope you recover well and quickly. Glad that the chat with your doctor went well!
    I’m adjusting to the living together situation which can be draining. And I did some groceries too but with all the precautions and weird atmosphere it depleted me of energy. So I have my ups and my downs.
    Oh I almost forgot, my reading ability is back a little so I’ve been enjoying some easy to read novels 🥳

  11. I love your description of your niece!!! That is so true of infants!!! I looked and looked for a guina pig emoticon, and can’t fine one! ❤️

  12. Sorry to hear about your sinus infection – I get them pretty much every time I come down with a cold and it feels like they take weeks to shake off properly so I feel your pain! Hope you’re feeling better now 🙂

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