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Fun of the Day

Fun of the day, written over a background of grass, flowers, and butterflies

We could all use a little lightheartedness, and here’s what we’ve got for today.


Butternut, my black and white boy, is always very excited about the girls who are in the cage opposite my bed.  He’s the only guinea pig I’ve ever had who does this particular standing tall move, and I think of it as his mating dance.

Speaking of mating dance, when my friend and I were travelling in central and eastern Europe back in our 20s, we paid a visit to the Dracula Disco in Bran, Romania.  Several young Romanian men took an interest in us, and one began doing what could only be described as a mating dance, with significant pelvic activity.

Do you (or did you ever) have a mating dance?


36 thoughts on “Fun of the Day”

  1. Ohh, they are so adorable!! It’s pet luv!! I can see why you love them so much!!

    Hmm. A mating dance? I don’t have one, but I love the idea! I do actually have a mating call. It sounds like a mix between a shriek and a wail and a yawn. So far it hasn’t attracted any eligible men, but there was a raccoon once. I’ll keep you posted!!

          1. Yep. When she’s not shedding all her fur or whacking papers off of tabletops with her monster tail, she’s in heat. We love her anyway!! So much love for my puppy!!

  2. Oh that is just so cute! I love to watch them, it’s always good. Animals are so fun and different than people. Is he in love with the girls? Maybe there will be a romantic spark! 🥰
    I do like dancing and I think it can make the message come across. I learned how to dance with my bf and we really enjoy it. Sometimes it’s ‘just’ dancing. We do all this crazy stuff to move a little while being inside.

  3. There is a certain song from our wedding that when it plays, Spouse and we drop everything to slow dance, which is really a hug in which we hum and sing to each other.

    In nature, we like the Sandhill Crane mating dance

    1. That’s so sweet! And I looked up the crane dance, and that’s quite remarkable!

      Sorry for the delayed response. The last few days WP has been marking comments from a number of my regular followers as spam.

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