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Book Review: Managing the Depression Puzzle – Where Good Advice Happens

Guess what I finished reading recently? Managing the Depression Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together by Ashley L. Peterson!! What a great book! You can find it here. It’s all about different aspects of depression, different causes, different manifestations, different treatments based on those factors, and different illnesses or conditions that can include depression (such as bipolar disorder). […]

via Book Review: Managing the Depression Puzzle by Ashley L. Peterson — Where Good Advice Happens…

Thanks so much to Meg of Where Good Advice Happens for her fantastic review of my book Managing the Depression Puzzle!

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  1. It’s like a little piece of validation for the time and research. Good reviews mean so much to authors. I don’t think non-writers can understand how much they matter.

  2. Tried to write this before, so sorry if it doubles up…didn’t appear to post the first time.

    It’s so nice to get a good review. It’s like validation for the author that the time you put into writing and researching was worth it because contrary to what people think, most of us make far less than minimum wage on books we produce. Because of that, good reviews really matter for the soul.

      1. Good or bad? Mine is dropping, but not yet as bad as I thought it would. I think libraries make up about 75% of my sales right now, so they’re dipping as they slowly close.

          1. I saw a slight uptick in sales in the first book when the new one came out, but it’s leveled back down to about 10 a month. The new one was doing really well. Medium-sized city libraries like Cleveland and Tucson were buying 5 or 6 copies, which added up fast. Now it’s back to trying to get professionals who have time on their hands to try it out.

            1. That’s great that it’s done so well in libraries, but I’m guessing libraries won’t be adding to their collections for a while. Libraries where I am are closed as of this week/

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