Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • The new medication seems to be helping, and moving is a little easier, so we’re going to try upping the dose and see how that goes,.
  • A couple weeks ago the marketing manager for the Canadian site Unsinkable got in touch with me on Twitter and asked if I’d be interested in submitting a story.  It looked like a fantastic project, so I submitted a story last week, and they’ve accepted it, which is pretty cool.
  • I got some new Gap Pure Body maternity leggings to replace some old ones that had a few too many holes in the crotch.  I noticed they’d gone up. in price, but they were on sale when I ordered them.  I wouldn’t have thought it was possible, but they’re now even better than they used to be.  I’m telling you ladies, these are the best thing ever. I may not be pregnant, but these are perfect for the psych med baby I’m carrying around.
  • It’s fascinating how COVID-19 has totally captured public attention. I’m not likely to get it because I’m such a hermit, and I have no fear of dying if I did get really sick, so I feel pretty detached from the whole thing.  When I was at the grocery store I saw people stocking up on toilet paper, and I will freely admit that I judged.  Of all the things to be worrying about, having a several months’ supply of toilet paper should be low on the list.  I suspect that there’s been so much talk about it that people are going into sheep mode.

Otherwise, not much going on in my world this week.

As guests on my blog this week, I had:

guinea pigs Peanut and Butternut, with Casper in the background

Butternut and Peanut like to romp around in blankets on my bed, but notice Casper in the background sticking her head out the cage door wondering why on earth mama hasn’t given her a snack yet.

How has your week been?

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  1. I agree about the toilet paper, and it’s becoming a running joke on social media. One guy had an Oregon Trail meme that said, “You died of the Coronavirus. You should have packed more toilet paper.” That cracked me up.

    Awwww, look at the guineas!! Well, what’s stopping you? Little casper wants a treat already! πŸ˜€

    I love LL Bean’s perfect fit corduroy pants. I get them in Petite because I have short legs. They fit great and are very flattering!!

    It’s been a good week here!!

    1. Ah, good old Oregon Trail. I’m fairly certain they wouldn’t have had any toilet paper back in the day.

      It’s nice to have a clothing go-to – makes things so much easier!

  2. That’s a great news about the medication, I hope it’ll continue to be helpful for you. πŸ™‚
    Congratulations about the story! πŸ™‚
    I’m relieved to hear that someone feels similarly to me about COVID. πŸ˜€ Hearing about all those panicked people stockpiling toilet paper and other cleaning stuff, flour, rice, pasta, potatoes etc. in massive amounts is starting to make me feel guilty that I don’t care more about it. I do get that it’s serious but I can’t care very much personally, so far I’m just sorry for those who feel so panicked and I just find it interesting to observe people’s reactions and how things are changing, the only fear I have is that someone from my family would get sick though rationally I guess even if they would, there’s no high likelihood of death or complications as all my immediate family are healthy, only my Mum is somewhat more at risk because of asthma, but it’s episodic and currently not active and otherwise she’s very fit.

  3. Lovely photo of your guinea pigs.

    I am glad to hear you are noticing some improvement with the meds. May you notice further difference for the better in the coming weeks.

    I am finding the whole virus thing depressing. I am not concerned about myself, but I worry about the more vulnerable people, including my mum.
    I am more worried about how people are reacting to this, than the virus itself. It’s like watching the movies. It’s the question how chaotic it could become, if things got worse, like seeing people break into shops next, which if that was to happen, then the people responsible will have made the films fully true in regards to how people respond in the world, not thinking about others around them.

  4. Dear little piggies! (I used to have them, they loved cucumber, but these days it’s small dogs, a tortoise and 2 lop-eared rabbits).

    The toilet paper thing is mental. I’m giving Mum, John and myself at least 4 grams daily of l-ascorbate (vit. c).

    Good to hear your meds are helping xo

  5. Congrats on your leggings and article ~ good news, yay!

    I am annoyed with people, as usual. This shortage thing is not an actual shortage. There is no issue with our supply chain, only idiots who believe they must buy all of the TP and wipes. I bought 2 extra packages of TP today when the store restocked so I won’t have to think about it for a while… others were buying whole cart fulls. I can use regular Lysol and rags/paper towels to clean; wipes are simply more convenient. There is no actual shortage! 😑😑😑

  6. One man had his cart full to the brim with toilet paper. I. Don’t. Get. It. The meat isles are bare as well. My only concern is my baby that’s due in May. I’m really hoping it’s a thing of the past by then.

  7. Hope meds stay effective. The story news is amazing!! Let us know if we can read it on their web site.

    Ditto on TP and dying. The Mummy is shit out of luck these days. People were lined up yesterday at 7:30am to get into supertarget. Frozen food aisles were emptied. Um, what if the power goes out lol

  8. “I’m not likely to get it because I’m such a hermit, and I have no fear of dying if I did get really sick, so I feel pretty detached from the whole thing”

    Yup, I feel similarly detached. I don’t come into contact with many people at the moment, have no fears for myself and I don’t know many people at risk. I want to help other people in any way I can if it comes to it, but I’m able to view it as an interesting event over which I have no control, apart from what I can do myself to mitigate things and preparing myself for isolation measures. I have bought extra food so I can survive a while without getting out to the shops, and I’m expecting there to be empty shelves for a while from now.

    It’s mostly just annoying how irresponsible the media has been usual, which has broken trust, how sheeplike a lot of people are acting and how indecisive the government has been. None of which is a surprise. And modern-day civilisation being fragile is no surprise either.

    “I suspect that there’s been so much talk about it that people are going into sheep mode.”

    I found myself in Morrisons, unable to get a few usual things which had very specifically run out, which were:

    Baked beans

    Which are 3 classic things people roll off their tongues as ‘crisis’ foods, very arbitrarily so! So they just buy without thinking about other equally good options. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

  9. I’m glad the meds seem to work, I hope it will continue to make things easier for you. Congratulations on the article! Great news about the leggings. I would hoard leggings instead of toilet paper if I could chose.
    The Corona craze is something, I hope people will get tired of it in terms of reacting weird but as for the virus itself I’m afraid that for some countries (including mine) the worst is yet to come. Through all this I had a very good appointment with my psychiatrist and I can keep my meds as they are (hoera) and we’re looking up some moving companies. Due to Corona I don’t know if the doggie will be able to come as soon as I’m settled in. Maybe I’ll need to wait some time longer for my bundle of joy!

  10. Congratulations on the story! That is really cool. I love your referral to psych baby, I think I’m expecting twins then, LOL! I have to check into those for sure… Thanks for the info.
    I’ve gone out a couple of times this week and I have noticed less crowds for sure. Funny, I had picked up a 6 pack of toilet paper in the beginning of the month when this conovavirus was not in the mainstream of the news. I have to go to the supermarket tomorrow… I sure hope I can at least find another 6 pack because I sure as heck don’t want to use poison ivy. LOL!
    We as a whole just need to keep washing our hands and practicing our due diligence and be aware of our surroundings. I’m like you, I don’t really leave my house unless necessary. I figure not taking chances because my resistance is still questionable due to getting over bronchitis.

  11. One of our guinea pigs does this exact same thing of peering out of her cage constantly watching to see what we are doing and why no snacks πŸ˜‚ I’m glad your new meds seem to be helping.

  12. The Coronavirus thing is exhausting at this point. Glad the meds are helping!!πŸ‘πŸΎ We’ve been getting the new house cleaned and fixed up and are moving in tomorrow! Buisiness is booming. Maybe Coronavirus anxiety is lucrative in my line of work?

  13. I’m glad that the new medication is working for you! I wish I could say that I’m not worried about the coronavirus, even though I know that realistically if I were to get it I would more than likely just have the mild symptoms, I’m still anxious about it. I think it’s just in my nature to worry. A weekend away helped a bit. I hope the medication continues to work for you! Congratulations on the article! πŸ™‚

  14. Ashley wonderful news about the medication. I also heartily congratulate you on the story. I am sad for you that the dog is on hold for a while longer, but we know it will be so worth the wait. Here in Oz we re getting quite mixed messages from our Government and stockpiling is I believe rampant here. You guinea pigs are so cute.

      1. Sorryt I thought I was replying to Kacha’s Message Ashley. I reallly knew your love of guinea pigs and Kachas for her dreamdog

  15. Nice week for you, Ashley. Save for the virus situation, which you’ve addressed in a bold and honest manner … another thing that seems to be in short supply these days. Congrats on the Unsinkable gig.

  16. I’m glad that the new medication has been helpful!! And CONGRATULATIONS on being contacted by Unsinkable, that is very exciting! And I agree with you about stockpiling toilet paper…it’s pretty ridiculous. People in my neighborhood have also been stockpiling hand sanitizer, which you don’t need if you’re quarantined at home. I guess to be fair to the hoarders, the U.S. government has been downplaying the seriousness of the pandemic, so people don’t know what to believe and are just going into full-on panic mode.

  17. Congrats on the story submission! You crack me up with “the psych med baby”! Now that I’m out of Ketamine land I’m pissed that there’s no toilet paper. WTF people??????

  18. I’m glad the medication is helping, and I hope it continues to.
    The panic buying really is getting ridiculous. I actually needed toilet paper the other day and all that was left was 2 ply 😭

  19. I’m glad the meds are helping! I really hope they’ll continue to be useful and that you can regain a good quality of life.

    Excited to read your story when it’s out! Yay for comfy leggings!

    As for covid19, vulnerable friends in the USA are worried sick since the USA doesn’t seem to have effective testing or something? Their worry fuels mine a little. I do hope people flatten the curve (Including in my country), and I hope people will buy only what they need and leave stuff for others who need them too.

    1. Thanks! I also hope there will be flattening of the curve, and on a side note, it’s fascinating how certain terminology like that has quickly become well known.

  20. Your pigs are super cute! I just love the sounds they make.

    Congrats on being accepted for a story publication and asked for that matter as well as for your medication helping. That’s got to be something of a relief. And cheers to finding pants that make you happy. I do love the simple joys in life. πŸ˜€

    Absolutely people have gone into sheep mode. Of all the things, toilet paper? I mean, if I run out I have a lot of towels and if it came down to it t-shirts. It’s gross but hey, at least there’s a substitute for that. Plus I think it’s more gross to hoard it and make it difficult for other people.

    But any who, thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

  21. Completely agree with the toilet paper thing – I’m not even sure I fully understand it, this virus doesn’t affect anything in THAT area!

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