Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • As I wrote about earlier in the week, it began with a bang, with a rather unpleasant reaction to prednisone, so it could only go up from there.
  • In the latest round of grasping at straws to get my illness a bit more under control is minocycline.  It’s an antibiotic that has an anti-inflammatory effect in the brain, and it’s had positive results in a few studies that have been done on depression.  So, we shall see.
  • I have various strategies in place to manage the stupidity that is my depression brain.  This week I discovered a number of things that my backup system missed over the last several months, giving stupid brain a chance to come out to play.
  • There were a couple of sunny, springlike days this week.  It’s nice to be able to open the windows.  The woodpecker that lives on my balcony is pecking my bbq every morning to mark his territory.  Hopefully there will be babies this year!
  • Speaking off babies, my brother’s wife is due in a week and a half.  I just feel indifferent.

That’s about it.  Not much going on in my world this week.

As guests on my blog this week, I had:


How has your week been?


books by Ashley L,. Peterson: Managing the Depression Puzzle, Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis, and Psych Meds Made Simple

48 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. Be sure to take some probiotics in tandem with the minocyclin. That stuff tore my GI tract up when I took it for acne as a teen.

      1. It’s a pretty safe drug and worth a try since she’s treatment resistant. Doctors prescribe because the pros outweigh the cons. At least they’re supposed to

  2. It’s been nice seeing some spring-like days here too this week. It’s nice seeing the weather pick up isn’t it?

    I have sensitivity with my right ear still. I still manage most parts, with exception at work when conversations amongst colleagues gets loud.
    I felt claustrophobic for the first time Thursday and just had to get out of the noise. And it’s a fairly large room.
    It’s one person mainly in particular that’s irritating me and I am not the only one getting annoyed. We love this person who is temporary with us and a good worker, but this person is starting to overtake conversations.
    All I hear is this person’s voice. My other colleagues can’t get a word in edgeways, before start and end of shift.
    Also turned out that this person cleaned somewhere we all have been told not to do. This person has been made aware on more than one occasion, but ended up cleaning it. So time wasted that this person could have spent elsewhere while we are one person down.

    So I have been enjoying time in my flat alone today. I have enjoyed the peace that I needed today, in between watching dvd’s.

      1. Yeah. Really taking over with the chatting.
        As I explained to a colleague when I was upstairs alone when she brought it up first and I agreed that yes, talking too much thst one and that’s why I have my head in my phone, just to ficus away and be in my own world, silencing out the noise, best I can. But at the same time, I wait to hear a different voice hoping someone gets a word in.
        My personal space is being invaded at times too. The chatty person is very expressive with hands. I move chair away next to me ready, to copensate for this, so I don’t see hands waving not far from me. But I find it doesn’t work, as chatty person leans in. 🙄
        I am really biting my tongue,as I don’t want to seem rude.

          1. Yes, it is, because we recognise this person is part of the team, hard worker etc.. But we are finding the chatting part annoying, as well as finding not listening to instructions about where not to clean.

  3. Baby bbq’s? Hahaha! What a fun image: a deck on a tree (instead of a nest) filled with baby bbq’s that need steaks and hot dogs to grow until they can leave the deck and fall onto people’s full-sized decks.

  4. It’s so totally normal to feel indifferent about the coming of a niece or nephew. It might be less normal to call said child Li’l Sweetmeats, but the jury’s out on that.

    I too hope you get woodpecker babies! That would rock! And knock! 😀

    My week has been great. I worked with my mom twice to help her around her condo. Yikes! I just recalled I’m supposed to be helping her again right now. Huh. I’d better give her a call. But anyway, it’s been going well because she’s been in a good part of her weird cycle. But I didn’t win a cake at the fish fry! Sad face.

    1. The indifference isn’t normal in the sense that it’s coming from the depression rather than from me.

      Too bad about not winning a cake!

  5. We also had some sun today but mostly it’s grey and rainy 🙁 Don’t like it. I hope you feel better soon 💕 I had headaches this week and have my period soon so feel bad

  6. ugh sorry to hear about having to be on prednisone. I had to take it for 3 months when I couldn’t get my asthma under control and it sucked big time so I feel your pain. I hope everything turns out well for you!

  7. I hope things turn out well for you, sooner rather than later. Of all the wonderful people in the world, it sucks that you have treatment resistance depression instead of like… Trump and nasty people who need to learn some empathy for the chronically ill.

  8. I hope the new medication is helpful for you! And yay Spring-y days! I live in Massachusetts and we had some too this week, it was very refreshing after a LONG January and February.

  9. I really hope the new medication can change things around a bit! I’m also curious about the strategies you have in place to make it easier on the brain. Mine likes to shut off and go out of order when tired or overwhelmed. My therapist says it’s normal but sometimes I can’t even read anymore which makes me sad. I’m still trying to adjust my life to my energy and vice versa.
    The positive note is that we managed to pick a date for moving houses. I need to contact the moving company and so on but but when the date is confirmed, the first thing I’ll do (with or without my brains cooperation) is to contact the shelter to order a doggie! I already know which one I would like and I just hope he can wait a few days more for us <3
    I hope the woodpeckers family can bring you some joy, it would be so cute to have a family of birds as good neighbors 🙂

      1. Ooh I really hope you explain that further in your book 🙂
        But I get the gist of it, I see the benefits of breaking larger tasks into individual steps. I’m writing somethings down now but I still need to be careful about my ‘list-allergy’. I get really stressed, unhappy and overwhelmed when my list is too long, too big or too much ‘in my face’.

        1. I’ve got a few different kinds of lists I use. I’ve got to do lists, but also my instruction manual for stupid brain lists, which are more about how to get from point A to point B.

          You’ve given me an idea for a blog post!

          1. Oooh that is so good that there can be a blog post about it. I’m curious about all things but also about maybe the more ‘practical’ things about living life with the struggles of life 🙂
            I’m looking forward to read it!

  10. Aw I hope all goes well for your sister-in-law. And I really hope the minocycline can be beneficial. Are you starting that this week..? My fingers are crossed  ♥
    Caz xx

  11. Thanks for posting! its taken me a few days to read all the blogs I want to. My week started off with anxiety, hence my post about anxiety, helped a lot to be able to write about it. Struggling with corona virus here in Athens, so fear is here with me this week.

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