Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • A big thank you to Tanya at The Phat Girl Blog and Skelly at Fabric That Made Me for nominating me for the Mystery Blogger award!  Also thanks to Rory for A Guy Called Bloke for recognizing my post What Do You See In The Mirror? in this week’s Gifting the Compliment.  You’re all fabulous!
  • More strange messages via my blog comment form – including one about porn with Israeli lesbians.  It made me wonder, is the market for Israeli lesbian fans large enough for it to be an advertising feature?  If so, why?
  • I got a follow-up email from a PR person for a website asking me to include a link to an article of theirs on my site.  That’s not unusual and I generally just ignore random unsolicited stuff like that, but this one caught my eye.  He said he was emailing a 2nd time to “make it to the top of your inbox.”  Maybe it’s just me, but I think that’s seriously obnoxious.  Get the hell out of my inbox, thank you very much.
  • Besides odd messages, there are odd new followers.  Like this week there was Conform to Jesus.  Not sure why I’m up their alley, but okay.
  • With a recent celebrity suicide in the UK, it’s interesting to see the language people have been using this week when talking about suicide.  Quite a few people within the mental health community use the phrasing “committed suicide.”  The “should” police tell us that we shouldn’t say that, because suicide is not a crime.  I’ve written before about how I don’t think that’s worth fighting over because most people aren’t trying to suggest it’s a crime.  I think that the continued use of that phrasing by people with mental illness shows that it really doesn’t carry the criminal connotations that they should police think it does.
  • My brother’s baby is due in just under a month.  I still feel indifferent, but I did realize that I should update my will.  If I did the updates myself, which wouldn’t be a big deal, I’d have to get 2 witnesses to sign it.  That would be a problem, given that I’m hardly ever around 1 person, much less 2 at the same time.  So I might have to fork over the money and go to a notary.
  • My most recent toilet paper purchase was supposedly more environmentally friendly.  Not impressed.  I’m all for being environmentally friendly, but I’m also all for soft toilet paper.
  • Not much happened in my life this week, as you might have guessed by the decision to include a point about toilet paper in this post.  I’ve been even more slowed down as a result of going without my stimulant for a week, but onwards and upwards.
  • Every so often my guinea pig Oreo will go through a phase of barbering, which means giving her sisters a haircut using her teeth.  She’s started doing it again, and it’s very obvious because she leaves behind bits of chewed up hay, which shows up very clearly on Casper’s creamy hair.  It fascinates me, as I’ve never been to identify a trigger that makes her start doing it.


As guests on my blog this week, I had two emerging bloggers – check them out if you haven’t already done so!


How has your week been?



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45 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. You have a will? That’s so awesome!! And soon you’ll have your own Li’l Sweetmeats! (I still haven’t met mine. From what I’ve been told, she coos a lot.)

    Oh my. Yeah, definitely don’t get environmentally friendly toilet paper. I can see why that wouldn’t work out! 😮 Get the cushy stuff, for sure!

    My week has been pretty good, I think. (As usual, it has receded into the hazy void of lost memories.) The jacket that I got at a temporary steal is coming in the mail as we speak. I hope I like it! LL Bean has a great return policy, but that whole lowered price with me grabbing it deal has me feeling so lucky!!

  2. The phrase “comitted suicide” is weird and has always been to me, because it indeed sounds like we’re talking about a crime or at least some huge guilt, but usually I guess people use this phrase automatically and don’t seriously consider suicide a crime. We have this expression in Polish too and, despite as I said I think it’s weird, I actually have automatically used it myself when talking to people, because it’s just so rooted in the language. I agree with you that it probably isn’t worth it to fight with something that is deeply rooted in the language and that, for most people, doesn’t really influence the way they think of suicide. With things that are rooted in language, time is the most effective at killing them, if they are ever going to be killed. And even if that was changed, there would still be tons of other things that people don’t understand about suicide and suicidality.
    I hope you will be able to go back on your stimulant again now and that it will help.
    It sounds very intriguing with Oreo. 😀

    1. I think the origins of “committed suicide” were probably related to it being a crime,but that was quite a long time ago, and I think it’s become just like any idiom where people aren’t payiing attention to the individual component words.

  3. I think Oreo wants to be a hairdresser for guinea pigs. 😁 I know you see the signs of hair chewing. But have you caught Oreo in action? I can’t remember if you have, or not.

    I had my hearing test this week as I needed an up to date audiogram, as well as a certain part of my form signed for by the audiologist for renewal of my disabled bus pass.
    While there, I discussed my difficulties with regards to not following conversation at work this year. So I wondered whether it was time to turn my hearing aids back up, although I was concerned about the sensitivity to sound issue, as I felt I may have that.
    It was suggested if I have it turned up a little every so many months, when ready, it would give me time to adjust and hopefully not be an issue. So I had it turned up a little.
    I am having sensitivity issue with my right ear mainly. But the sensitivity issue is not bad as I thought it may be. So hopefully it will calm down in the coming weeks.

    1. Yes, I’ve caught Oreo several times, and for some reason Casper just sits there calmly while she’s getting her trim.

      I hope the pklan with the hearing aid adjustments works well.

      1. It must be so interesting watching it as it happens.

        Slow and gradual. It’s all I can do. Hopefully I will be able to find I adjust so eventually my hearing aids are where they should be for my hearing loss.

  4. As usual with me, that’s the first time I’ve heard that thought about the “committed suicide” phrasing! It’s got no merit at all from my point of view— ‘commit’ is a neutral word and there aren’t that many ways to say the same thing (that I can think of!).

    About the email guy— that’s definitely not just you— that’s definitely obnoxious!
    “Get the hell out of my inbox”

  5. I had never thought about the origin of the phrase “commit suicide” before, and I do use that phrase. I think using the phrase is okay, but actually placing blame on people for committing suicide is not okay. Congrats on your awards and nominations!!

    1. Thank you! Yeah there are so many phrases that we never stop and thinking about the individual words, and I agree, as long as the intentions behind it are good, then it shouldn’t be a problem

  6. I have been sick last week so I’m happy I’m better again 💖. Congrats on the nominations! I also get sometimes strange followers such as a vitamin shop 😂

  7. Stella barked at two coyotes this week, and the coyotes didn’t care at all. My ketamine appointments have been postponed with no new date, so I’ve been doing extra “hard stuff”- exercising, socializing, being awake for most of the day- to try to hold back the depression. I’m trying to be really disciplined about it. We shall see.

  8. I need to do my will. I keep procrastinating because it’s part of my “this is how I stay away from suicide” plan, even if it doesn’t make much sense. I tell myself that if I don’t have a will, my life savings and assets will go to my parents and my PerpBro (whom my parents and him expect me to provide for) if I die before them. So I cannot die by suicide, especially when I haven’t yet done my will.

    But once I am safely with my partner, I really need to do my will, so that in case of a freak accident, everything I have goes to my chosen family, not to my family of origin

  9. “He said he was emailing a 2nd time to “make it to the top of your inbox.” Maybe it’s just me, but I think that’s seriously obnoxious. Get the hell out of my inbox, thank you very much.”

    Ohhhhh godddddd. Hugs <3

    As for weird followers, what do you do? I manually remove them as followers, but some of them re-follow!

    1. I used to manually remove them, but got frustrated with them really persistent ones, so now I just let it be, and blacklist them if they start bringing their weird to my comments section.

  10. I am looking forward to reading your next book. I have your last two books. They are so interesting and I love your style.
    I found the personal accounts of other contributors in your last book very moving.

  11. I haven’t got the Israeli lesbian spam yet, but I got a comment that was clearly from a spam address that just said, “Good shit, dammit!!!” I almost allowed it because it made me laugh.

  12. I’m not sure but suicide was a crime in our courts (as I said I don’t know if it is today). Technically it is a murder of the ‘self’ so when doing this, you commit a murder.

    I like that Oreo found a fruitful hobby but I like Caspers hair so much that I find it a little sad. Caspers hair makes me smile every time you post a photo, it’s so punky!

    I’ve got the good news Friday that my mouth guard has arrived, against all odds still this month, so later today I’m going to pick it up.

    As for the painting duties, we managed to finish the living and dining room and the first coat of the kitchen. I was so proud and then I was depleted of all energy and all I could do was to lie down and be in an angry and whiny mood. It’s so difficult to manage the energy source!

    1. Great progress on the painting! The last time I did any painting was 10 years ago and it was exhausting then. I think if I tried now I’d just keel over and die.

      I’m glad the mouth guard has arrived! I hope it works well.

  13. I love the randomness over you updates!

    Finding soft, eco-friendly toilet paper was near impossible yesterday. The two $4 toilet rolls I bought feels like glorified sandpaper 🙁

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