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Guest Post: Self-Publishing: It Gets Easier – Happiness Between Tails by da-AL

What’s your experience with publishing and building a platform?

via Guest Blog Post: Self-Publishing: It Gets Easier by Ashley L. Peterson — Happiness Between Tails by da-AL

Peanut the guinea pig did the typing while I dictated a guest post for Happiness Between tales!

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  1. I just realised what the picture to this article reminds me of! Years ago, in the early days of the internet (I think before blogging), there was a famous cartoon called “On the internet, no one knows you’re a dog” with a picture of dog using a computer. Apparently the cartoon has its own Wikipedia page.

    On the internet no one knows you’re a guinea pig!

  2. Many many thanks again, Ashley, for the guest post to my site!!! You mentioned your list-making, in particular for your book launches — would love if you’d share, even if only partially…

    1. The key points:
      -update my profile on all my social media to include the new book, and share promo posts on all my social channels
      -add the book to Goodreads
      -add it to author sites like and my portfokio on Contently, and link to the book page on my blog to get backlinks
      -add it on and submit it to be considered for a Publisher’s Weekly review
      -mention the book at the bottom of upcoming posts, and add it to old posts as well to build internal links pointing at my book page to help it do better in search engine rankings

      1. Thanks so very much — great advice — do you do anything to get reviews? Also, if you’ve already got this in a post, let me know & if you like, I can reblog it to my site

        1. I don’t put a lot of effort into into getting reviews other than asking some fellow bloggers. I just recently discoverd that lets youl offer free copies to people who will do a review. has a review program that charges $30 but it sounds like that’s quite reasonable for what you get.

        1. I like that the Goodreads author dashboard gives you a really clear overview of your stats, with the number of ratings and reviews, and the number of people who have your books on their to-read least and currently-reading list.

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