Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I get some odd messages sometimes via my blog’s contact form.  I got one this week and the person said they were a psychiatrist, and then described a vague but odd scenario, and then asked for my appraisal of whether the person was drug-seeking.  According to Google, the name and email provided did match up with an actual psychiatrist, but there was no chance that this message was actually written by a psychiatrist.  So why was someone pretending to be this person and asking a weird question?  I haven’t the slightest clue.
  • Then there was the nutbar who left a comment on a post mentioning vaginismus saying that vaginismus was essentially the sexual version of God saying “no soup for you!”  Um, yeah, thanks but no thanks; delete, block.
  • My doctor wasn’t in at his usual time the day I went in to see him this week.  I ended up seeing a different doctor who was a condescending cunt.  So yeah, not fun.
  • Since the weather is getting warmer and mating season is drawing nearer, the woodpecker living on my balcony feels the need to mark his territory.  He does so by pecking on my barbeque.

Otherwise not much going on.  Still very slow.  Left the house once this week.  Showered twice.

As guests on my blog this week, I had 2 emerging bloggers:


And might as well throw in a guinea pig video as well.  Turn up the volume to hear some playful noises.


How has your week been?



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46 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. That was fun to watch, both the woodpecker and your guinea pig. Your guinea pig seemed very happy and excited.

    An average week for me. Just work, with exception of a cold I started with Tuesday. I am over the worst, but plan to continue relaxing and doing nothing.

  2. The “psychiatrist” contact could have been a psych patient trying to determine if their plan to get more meds would work.

    Thanks for woodpecker drumming! And squeals of delight.

    Condescension. Blech.

    You. ❤️💕

  3. I’ve never heard the term “drug-seeking.” It sounds like a concept that would make for a great blog post!!

    No soup for you? Oh, geez. Why? 😀

    Oh! I accidentally scrolled past the guineas video! Awww, how cute is that?! What adorable little squeaks!! Oh, it’s love.

    My week has been largely uneventful and rather mundane, to be honest. 😛

  4. Tired this week and ran out of energy by the weekend. Weather awful outside and I’m glad I’m inside and tucked up in bed early. Rain getting heavier and heavier 😕

  5. My week had its ups and downs. Overloaded in general but seems to have landed on a good note. One good thing I enjoyed was our parlance in the comments section of my Tuesday Tuneup. Another good thing is that I bought your book on the DSM-5 on the Kindle. Your writing is very clear. I’m going to recommend it to my daughter as well.

      1. Yay ☺️ I used to have pet rats as a kid. We lived in the middle of nowhere — human neighbours on one side and cow neighbours on the others. Plus forest. Anyway my dad let me have a small room entirely for my pet rats.

        … they chewed into the walls.

        Anyway guinea pigs sound adorable even though I’ve never had one or really interacted with one!

      1. I worked with birds at a wildlife rehab center a while back and woodpecker babies always reminded me that birds are basically dinosaurs. Freaky but somehow cute!

  6. Oh wauw I never heard the noises of the piggies in my life! It was so fun. They sound a little like a video game 😂😂😂 with their small peep peeps. So cute!!!
    Also: stupid doctor!
    I went to the dentist to make me the mouth guard and normally it would be in the 24th and now I got mail that I need to wait till March! The prices are going up in March to have it made. It was 100 euros and now I don’t know. But the painting went very good and we’ve decided on which dog were going to chose. Meaning, I decided and Pierre likes my choice. I’m going to apply this week with a long and heartfelt email. ❤

    1. How annoying about having to wait for the mouth guard!

      The guinea pigs have quite a broad vocal range. They have a “wheek” noise they make when they’re hungry, but there’s not much of that now. Cookie was the champion wheeker, so the other girls never had to. And Peanut doesn’t seem to know how to wheek, so he chews on the cage bars, and Butternut thinks that’s suffiicent to get my attention. Oh the fascination!

  7. It really does boggle my mind why spammers leave comments on stuff like vaginismus. So, so bizarre. Sorry you missed out on seeing your regular doc. A good proportion of the time an ad-hoc appointment with someone else leads you to the door of an utter tosspotting asshole. I hope this week treats you more kindly.xx

  8. Seems like you’ve had an interesting time. This week has been rough for me. I have had a lot of school work, actual work, and ‘emotional’ work I guess you could say. I am drained

  9. Huh, you definitely had a couple of weirdos there. Sorry for your luck, especially with the shitty doctor. For all the schooling doctors attend you’d think being an ass would count some strikes against them. Ugh…

    Here’s to a great or at least good new week! Thanks for sharing.

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