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Time Management As A Blogger

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The blogging world and all things blogging-related can be a huge time sink.  Given that most of us don’t have unlimited amounts of time, some form of time management is called for.  So, let’s take a look at some of the different tasks we may want to allocate time to.

Reading Other Blogs

There are a seemingly endless number of blogs out there.  You could spend forever scrolling through the WordPress Reader looking at certain tags.  If your blog has been around for a while, you may have accumulated a long list of blogs you’re following; for me, that’s over 1600 (although some of those are no longer active).  That can mean that scrolling through the blogs you’re following in the WP Reader can be quite time-consuming.

For me, this is the area that is most likely to throw off my time management.  I like to read other people’s blogs, but sometimes that ends up coming at the expense of other areas that I want to devote time to.

Writing Posts

Most of us have a certain posting frequency that we’re aiming for.  Consider whether the frequency you’ve chosen is actually feasible and sustainable for you.  There’s nothing “wrong” about decreasing your posting frequency to find more balance.  You can also cut back in the amount of time spent in other areas if writing is something you want to prioritize.

For me, the amount of time it takes to write a post can vary widely.  Sometimes I can bang out a post in 15 minutes, while other times I’ll spend a week plugging away at it.  Whether it’s writer’s block, the effects of illness, or just life getting in the way, this is an area where the amount of time needed to produce a certain output isn’t necessarily going to be consistent.

Finding Images and Creating Graphics

Sometimes you can pop over to Pixabay and find an image right away and be done within a minute or two.  Other times, it might take a while to find the right image.  Or you may want to take an image and create a graphic on Canva that’s specific to your blog post.

It’s easy to get caught up in this particular area and spend a ton of time on it, but try to keep in perspective how important it is in the overall scheme of things,

Promotion on Social Media

You can set your blog posts to auto-share on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and if you’ve already created custom graphics for your post then it’s pretty quick to pin that to Pinterest or post it on Instagram.  However, to really gain any traction on social media, you have to devote a fair bit of time to it.  Personally, I’ve found that Pinterest gives me the most bang for my buck in the sense of creating traffic without spending a ton of time on the platform.

Twitter comment threads are one way of promoting a blog, but from what I’ve seen, the people who benefit the most from that have some serious hustle going on and are consistently among the first few people to respond to these threads.  I will never be that on the ball.

Since social media isn’t really my thing to begin with, it stays pretty low on my priority list.  The vast majority of my blog traffic comes from WordPress, so reading and engaging with other blogs on WP seems like a better use of my time, especially since I like WP far more than social media.  The right balance is going to be different for everyone depending on the priorities for you and your blog.

Matching Priorities to Time Spent

There is no magic ratio that’s going to be best for every blogger when it comes to the amount of time and energy that gets devoted to these different areas.  For some people, images and social media promotion aren’t going to enter into the equation at all.  The key is making sure the way you’re allocating your time is consistent with what’s most important to you.  No matter how much you might want to do everything, that’s just not going to be possible.  Blogging shouldn’t feel like pressure, and if it does, then it’s time for a strategy overhaul.

Is time management something you struggle with when it comes to blogging?

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26 thoughts on “Time Management As A Blogger”

  1. It’s really impressive that you follow over 1600 blogs! I follow WAY fewer, yet still find that keeping up with other blogs is the most time-consuming part of blogging. Like you, the time that I spend on a single post can vary greatly (sometimes it takes one day, other times I’ll edit it for days before publishing).

  2. I actually do have unlimited time, and I’m trying to be more disciplined with it (i.e., more productive). But wow, goodness gracious, you really do follow a lot of blogs! You should win an award for that! 😮 Yeah, I always strive to read each post if it’s written by a friend of mine, and to comment! The only exception is Emilia’s music posts, because I’m just not interested in music. But I love her questions of the day and coffee hours!

    1. A sizeable chunk of the blogs I follow are no longer active, but there’s not really any incentive to go through and weed them out.

      I’m not much of a music person either.

  3. Interesting things in your post!
    1. The picture hunt. Guilty! I could scroll endlessly to find that one perfect picture that would fit the sphere of my post. Now I’ve found some of them and I pin them neatly so I can find them again. But it was very time consuming.
    2. The writing takes the most time, to research, to write it down. Sometimes it can take 20′ but sometimes a lot more hours are dedicated to it.
    3. I find myself too tired to come up with a fancy title, to think about tags and categories. I really don’t like that part.
    4. Wauw you follow a lot of blogs! I follow I guess 240 or something like that. What I find surprising is that on days when I have the time to read sometimes not much get posted and vice versa. I try to leave a nice comment when I like the post. It takes a lot of time. So I’ve made a ‘guide rule’ of 5 comments per day at least. For me that seems like a good start.
    I think you can surely manage the time you reserve for blogging but inspiration isn’t always that easy to schedule!

    1. Yes inspiratio will always do its own thing.

      Tags and categories I tend to use the same ones over and over, so I no longer put much thought into that.

  4. I am struggling lately because i am both writing and reading more. I can’t devote so much time to reading blogs and writing posts. I’ve quit answering all those endless question posts about blogging and awards and favorite this n that. I still want to write flash fiction and poetry, but I find the days just slip away. Seems like all i can manage is to schedule the music posts right now.

  5. We follow like 5 blogs and regularly visit another few. It’s too overwhelming for us knowing how much is out there. Commitment aversion to trashing or paying on a schedule. We wish it could just be “whelming”. 😂

  6. I loved blogging the last 6 years. I have very little time for it but do manage to read and post almost every day. I don’t have the issue with photos because I use my own all the time. Usually they inspire some train of thought for me to ramble on about. I struggle greatly to squeeze in some time each day for it. Some I do half asleep and I’m sure it shows. Sometimes I dream about having the time in retirement to do something with much more substance.

  7. I did have a balanced routine but lately it’s just gone to shit. I go through the list of blogs I follow every few months to see if they’re still active, i was following over 400 at one point, now I’m just under 200 i think and it’s much easier 💚

  8. I feel bad when I don’t read ALL the posts from fellow bloggers or even when I want to post a blog that I wrote (because most of the time I send out pics and infographs during the week), because I’m either busy working and preparing for my test or myself I’m dealing with my mental illness episodes. I always feel guilty😔

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