Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • A big thank you to Sadie of Blushy Ginger for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award!
  • I think one or both of my guinea pig girls was in heat this week.  Guinea pigs don’t bleed when they’re in heat, so I can’t be sure, but every so often they get quite excitable and try to mount each other.  I think the boys could smell the pheromones, since they’ve been pretty excitable too.
  • My favourite comment I saw on someone’s blog this week: “Interfaith and leftist thinking is not of Jesus Christ but is of the devil.”  Funny how some people feel like if they have an opinion, Jesus must have had it first.
  • I also had a fun spam email this week informing me that Trump has a special Biblical weapon that he’s using to bring down Big Pharma.  It baffles me that there are people who link the pussy grabber in chief to anything God-related.
  • I was contacted via my blog by a psychiatrist asking if I would review his new book.  It was a fairly generic message, so presumably the same message was being sent out to multiple people.  I looked the book up and it’s published by an academic publisher at a textbook-level price, so it seemed rather strange to be looking for a book review from a blogger.  Curious, I typed mental health book reviewer into Google, and I show up on the first page of results.  I guess that’s how he found me.
  • I left the house once this week to go see my doctor.  My fluency of speech has improved, and walking is slightly better, so we’ve bumped up the dose of pramipexole again.
  • I bought some clothes online – just some basics that needed replenishing that I found for a really low sale price.  But it took me 2 days and a great deal of time spent pondering before I finally decided to put the order through.  Depression brain isn’t very good at decision-making, and my lack of work income makes me reluctant to spend money, so decision paralysis is the result.
  • Because I’ve been taking a higher dose of my stimulant (dextroamphetamine) for some of the time since my last refill from the pharmacy, I’m going to run out what will appear to them to be a week early.  But they get their knickers in a knot over it because it’s stimulant and that must make me a drug addict, so they won’t refill it even a day early (whereas a week early for any other of my meds would be no big deal).  That means that instead of calling to request a refill and then spending 5 minutes in the pharmacy to pick it up, I’ll have to get a new prescription and wait around at the pharmacy for them to fill it.  And I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they get judgy that my dose has gone up.


As guests on my blog this week, I had:


How has your week been?


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54 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. How awesome that you show up on the first page of Google results for mental health book reviewer!! That’s annoying about the pharmacy staff though – it’s unfortunate that some people use their authority to make others feel uncomfortable, rather than to be helpful.

  2. I like your post and I hope next week is a corker of a week for you and your chemist is comapssionate man/woman/person. Your blogs always keep me going 🙂

  3. Oh yeah, I hear ya about the pharmacy. So frustrating! I’m glad you bought some new clothes!! 🙂

    My week has been good, I think? No, wait, it was bad. Ah, yes, I just recalled last Wednesday! 😀 Oh well. The rest of it was good.

    I got mad at a dog walker this morning who was across the street going the opposite way. Big Woof had a meltdown and wanted to lunge off the leash and play with her dog, and she frowned in consternation and just stood there instead of pulling her well-behaved dog up the street, past us. AARGH.

    Congrats on the Sunshine Blogger Award! YAY!

  4. Quite the Dance Card of activity this week, Ashley. Couple of funnies in there: 1) Usurping Divinity – whether Left or Right – Political Blowharder’s never cease to amuse me how anyone can claim to know what in Hades the Son of God was thinking, left alone the Red Hot One Below. 2) Also, Prez Tangelo feigning like he isn’t actually getting dry-humped by Big Pharma. Delusion is a growth industry. Think I’ll dump all my life savings into the Dupe. Sorry, I’m ranting (politely) … 🙂

    1. One thing I do feel confident telling the bloharders is that the world is going to hell in a handbasket, so that’s where the party is going to be anyway, at least for now!

  5. This sounds like a quite interesting week 🙂 I have one personal question, if you don’t mind. What is your stimulant doing about depression, does it help as well or do you need antidepressant too? I’m on atomoxetine and wondering about switching to stimulants. How do you cope with crashes (if you get them)?

    1. I’m on a couple of antidepressants. I take dextroamphetamine. I haven’t tried atomoxetine before. I don’t get stimulant-related crashes. I don’t even notice if I forget to take it for a few days. I think I’m rather weird that way. I definitely do notice a benefit from it, but only when comparing week to week rather than day to day.

  6. A good week work wise. As for neighbour opposite, another bag of rubbish outside their door when i came home from work at night.
    Found out yesterday in an email that council can’t do anything about it. So with the frustration of that and seeing it was still there this morning, which was mid morning by that point, I put a note on it saying you have no respect, before going out and about in town.
    With the frustration of that and this living where I am for another 3 years, I was tempted to break the rule of not moving. While out, I went to a street where I knrw a house was for rent, to see what the area was like. Not a street that felt right for me in the end. As for the house I was able to see through the living and it was a shit hole. There was no mention of it going to be done up on the advert, so if they are trying to let it out what I just sern there, then no person will take it.

      1. I have lost hope with them. But that’s my first and last note where I did not put my name and flat number on because I couldn’t be arsed.
        Last year when I left a note it was polite with a please and a thank you and it had my name and flat number, so they knew who wrote it, asking them to be considerate and leave it in their flat otherwise to take it straight to the bin.
        Warden has been on two occasions since I complained about it. But as I found recently, they can’t do anything more, like a fine for example.

        1. I can’t even imagine being so entitled as to think that’s an acceptable thing to do. But I guess some people are just indifferent to how others are affected.

          1. My neighbours who live above and below them have worse. They are affected by noise from the flat; shouting, tapping noises, banging.
            I have heard them when they shout outside their flat to one another;one bottom if stairwell while other at top. This I have been aware in day and a couple of times at evening. And I have heard a few ocassions loud voices coming from flat when back home at night from work, letting myself in my own flat. But as I said to neighbour above when he has asked me if I have heard them. I don’t hear often like they would with me having a hearing loss and not living above or below the flat, which I am so glad of.

            1. Leaving that note did no good as I expected. Another bag of rubbish outside their door, when I came home tonight from work.

  7. Glad you’re seeing some improvements with the meds. My week was busy! I’m almost at capacity with clients and I didn’t miss a beat despite moving my office last weekend. Take care!

  8. I took levodopa for about 15 years but I had the nagging suspicion that over the long haul levodopa would destroy my substantia nigra so i stopped the levodopa. i thought Ritalin was the worst drug ever. I do crash on stimulants. Personally, I am doing extremely well except I can not convince anyone that I have a new simple treatment which is also, given basic tests are done, for a range of mental illnesses which is very discouraging. The treatment is quick too. Try it for a week and if it does not work I will purchase $100 of your books.
    33 mg. of iron from iron sulfate 4 times a day with 500 mg of vitamin C with each dosage and 4 mg of copper from copper sebecate 2 times a day. Copper sebecate can be ordered on Amazon. Take supplements on an empty stomach and do not drink coffee or tea though caffeine pills can be taken. Quit after a week if there is not dramatic improvement. If there is dramatic improvement get an anemia panel to make sure the treatment is safe.

  9. Hi Ashley! I’m having issues with my comments going to spam everywhere I comment. Just want to see if this goes through. If it does then yay! I will post my actual comment on your post 😊 if it doesn’t, then sadness 😭

  10. Oh the first result on mental health blogger book reviewer, that is so nice! Are you going to review the book?

    I’m happy for you that the meds are kicking in a little and I hope you’ll get your prescription. I also sometimes have to wait ’till they deliver as some of the medications get out of stock. Normally my doctor prescribes them well in advance but this time he didn’t so I’ll have just enough ’till the next appointment. I wonder if he doesn’t trust me with it.

    The piggies were already in Valentine mood <3 <3 <3, how do they know all of that?

    My week was so busy that I'm exhausted, filling up boxes for the big move, looking for a dog, dealing with assurance and then the authorities not being clear on what counselling (job wise) I am entitled too (needed to clear that out with the union again) so I can call back and inform the proper authority to what program they need to put me in. Calling, waiting, explaining … Practically they say I need to find work on my own through the website but the website is so bad that I need to follow a crash course on how to figure the website out and 2nd I need help in finding the proper job for me. Fingers crossed for all these tasks! I'm glad I have your blog to relax a bit 🙂

    1. No, I’m not going to review the book. It’s almost 60 Euro a copy, so people who read my blog probably aren’t the target audience,,,

      The pharmacy I used to go to never had enough of my meds in stock. The one I go to now is much busier so they usually have enough.

      The piggies are always in a Valentine mood. Kisses all around!

      1. That is quite expensive indeed. Must be more of a collectors item 😃 Some books are really pricey, I don’t know why that is.
        Yeey for the piggies being always romantic. They must be so funny to watch. I can’t imagine watching television when you have that kind of live entertainment!

  11. Wish your pharmacy isn’t shit about the meds which help you. I hope you get your prescription filled soon. I’m glad the meds are helping a bit, and I’m thinking of you <3

    Congrats on being on the first page for mental health book reviewing! Also you have cute guinea pigs! I know it's hard to spend money on necessities (clothes), but I am so glad you did so. <3

    1. Luckily my doctor’s awesome and will just roll his eyes in disgust at the pharmacy having a stick up their butt.

      The guinea pigs are pretty adorable, even when they’re humping each other 😉

      1. I’m really glad you’ve a good doctor. A friend in NYC told me in the USA, you all have to refill prescriptions every month? That’s expensive.

        Here, we prefer bulk refills (eg 5 months) though it’s slightly lesser for benzos or stimulants. Still a couple of months unless the clinician suspects abuse.

        When I was a kid, a tutor had hamsters! I can’t care for pets, so I don’t have any, but I like seeing friends’ pets haha.

        1. In Canada it depends on the province, but where I am you can get most medications filled for a year if you’re going to pay for it yourself, but the provincial pharmacare plan and extended health insurance plans will only cover 3 months at a time.

          Hamsters are cute, but guinea pigs are more cuddly. 😍

  12. Is there a way to make pharmacies part of our care team? Allies? (We googled your credentials and apparently you know pharmacies, too 😂) ❤️💕

    1. I think some pharmacies are more conducive to that than others. The one I go to now is too big and too busy for that, but they work well for me in other ways. Although I’ve had the same experience with the same controlled drug at another pharmacy too. It’s annoying, but it is what is is. 💕

  13. Now that I don’t visit WordPress with the obsessive regularity I was doing late last year, I really appreciate these round-up pieces you do. I’d feel totally lost not being able to track your guinea pig’s menstrual cycle. 🙂

  14. You’re a top find in a Google search, that’s cool! Do you think you’ll review the book for him?
    The thing with your prescription is bloody annoying. I’ve had similar stuff happen, getting snotty if I try to do something early and get judging if it’s the amount of tablets has gone up, giving me a spiel about drug safety and blah blah. It’s such a long-winded way around getting meds sometimes, utterly stupid. xx

    1. Yeah, it gets annoying.

      And no, I’m not going to review the book. It’s at a price point way higher than any of my blog’s readers would ever pay.

  15. But won’t they pay you to review the book? If not, then I’d forget it too. Sorry to hear that you were having trouble walking & relieved to hear it’s better. I had 2 sibling doggies, boy & girl, who’d hump each other lol

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