Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

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Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I’m still walking extremely slowly, but overall movement is a little better.  I went up on the dose of the Parkinson’s med I started last week.
  • Booklife is a site run by Publisher’s Weekly that’s aimed at indie authors.  You can enter your book to be considered for a review by Publisher’s Weekly, which is free but not that many books get selected.  I got an email that Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis was selected to be reviewed, and that’ll happen sometime in the next couple of months.  I was quite surprised, mostly because I would have thought that the book was far too niche to be up their alley.
  • When I was at the pet supply store, I saw my very first community psychiatrist from back in 2007.  I highly doubt he recognized me.
  • I had an uncomfortable encounter in my building’s underground parking.  I was carrying my grocery bags and walking from my car to the elevator lobby.  Some kind of tradesperson came out of the elevator lobby, and he was holding the door open for me.  As slow as I am, I wasn’t going to make it there anytime soon and had no desire to have him watch me inching along, so I tried several times to tell him politely not to hold the door.  That didn’t work, so I had to be rude (rude by Canadian über-politeness standards, anyway).  Such is life.
  • Seen on Walmart.ca: a “seemless” cami.  Good old Walmart, classy all the way.


As guests on my blog this week, I had:


How has your week been?


books by Ashley L,. Peterson: Managing the Depression Puzzle, Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis, and Psych Meds Made Simple

40 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. Congratulations on the review!! 🥳🥳🥳
    I’m still sleeping badly, can’t unwind the mind and my body is tense. But some days are better and then I tend to do too much, which makes me tense again. What a circle. The 10th of February I can go to the dentist who is going to make me something against the teeth/jaw clenching that I tend to do. So hopefully I’ll be able to sleep better again.
    I’m glad the medication is helping and sometimes being ‘rude’ seems to be just honest I guess.

  2. Congrats on landing that review!!! My week has been trying. My ghetto neighbor caused a huge altercation on Sunday which led to me calling the police on her (and me having two days of panic attacks). Then my business landlord evicted me because I called her out on her tax evasion. She also said some deeply hurtful things about me and my business as well (more panic attacks). I’ll be filling a report on her with the IRS… Found a new office immediately tho. Now I nap!!!

  3. Oh wow, it’s amazing that your book got picked to be reviewed! I’ll be interested, as a contributor, for sure!! That rocks!!

    Oh my gosh, I hate awkward elevator encounters. I’m just like, “Pretend you don’t see me, and let me slow down, and you can go ahead in your elevator.” But it never works out that way! AARGH. Hate, hate, hate. I totally hear ya. What’d you wind up yelling? “Don’t hold the damn door, you cretin!” Yeah, I completely understand.

    A seemless cami? Oh my.

    My week has been good, I think. Once again, it’s shrouded in the hazy area of memory, but I think it was good. The weather here has been almost springlike, which I love but my dad hates. (He’s a snow fanatic, and we really live in the wrong city for his passion to be fulfilled.) The animals are happy, and everything’s going great!

      1. Ooooh, thanks!! I’ll definitely check out this link!! And yeah, springtime rocks!! I’m glad your weather is looking up as well!!

  4. Congratulations on your book being reviewed!!! That is very exciting and well-deserved. It took me a minute to get the “seemless” cami but LOL classic walmart!

  5. We look forward to these posts so much. It feels more intimate to imagine you “out and about” (oot and aboot). You’re just so easy to root for. Thanks for being you! 💕❤️

  6. That’s an interesting week. First off, congratulations. It must feel fantastic in your soul to have your book out there and getting recognized. Second, interesting week. Third, I feel you – I hate encountering medical professionals out in the world. I encountered my GP and his daughter at the movies once; it felt hideously awkward. Last, Lynne Truss wrote in one of her books that she wanted to carry a sharpie with her to correct hideous spelling. I concur – “seemless” makes my teeth hurt (though I’m unsure of how one sharpies online).

    1. No, I don’t have Parkinson’s. The med is pramipexole, and there’s some research showing it can be helpful for psychomotor retardation in treatment-resistant depression.

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