Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • It was a snowy early part of the week.  I like how peaceful my building’s courtyard works when there’s snow on the ground.
  • I continue to have severe psychomotor retardation.  When it’s milder it mostly just affects walking, but when it’s bad it affects my speech as well.  When I’m like this my otherwise invisible illness becomes very overt (although most people wouldn’t recognize what they’re seeing as depression).
  • I made it out of the house once this week to go see my GP.   He was fabulous, as always.  He came up with a few grasping at straws suggestions, and my homework was to do some hunting on Google Scholar and see if there was any research to suggest that any of these straws might work.  I’ve picked the best option, and in a couple of days I’ll see him and we can get started with it.  This is exactly the kind of doctor-patient dynamic that I want to have.
  • I got a little bit of writing done, which is an improvement over last week.
  • I did a bit of cleaning up around the house.  Guinea pigs don’t stop pooping just because I don’t feel like cleaning their cage.

As guests on my blog this week, I had two emerging bloggers:

guinea pig butternut wrapped in a blanket
Butternut plays pig in a blanket

How has your week been?

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35 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. They never stop pooping I imagine, like rabbits and hamsters.

    My week has been good. Odd days of anxiety and a little tiredness, but good otherwise. I keep looking at my Vision Board. That’s the most important side for me that keeps me focused on that board. But I have added to my Gratitude Wall, which was having a laugh with my boss where I clean in a mornings, when he came to drop off my cleaning supplies and asked how I was.
    He looked concerned at first, after I said I was good, so whether I did not look good at that point, I don’t know. I felt good, except for feeling half asleep at that point and distant inside myself.
    But as we got chatting, I joked with him at my expense, saying how I had a bruised knee because I banged my knee on my bed. I told him how my new bed frame is very heavy than I have ever had and it shouldn’t move, which I could confirm after banging my knee on it, that the bed certainly did not move, which got him laughing as I was hoping it would.

    I was moving stuff into my bedroom from the living room Thursday, ready for when I was painting the walls and ceiling on Friday. That’s when I banged my knee on my bed.
    So I have painted the living room after my shift at work cleaning yesterday morning. I had the evening off as a holiday at my evening job. So was concentrating on my living room all day, with breaks in between.
    Furniture I then rearranged once done. So have it as a different layout again.

    I am feeling the effects if yesterday, today, so as soon as I put the curtains back up in living room and my canvas picture back up, I went to local shop for a few things and have done nothing else since, than watch dvd’s. I am just getting used to my new layout.

  2. I’m so glad you have a great relationship with your GP! And that he’s looking into other options! I hear ya, though, ’cause snowy times of year are just hard. Even without the snow. The shorter days, the gloom, but I’m glad you like the view in your courtyard! We haven’t actually had any snow yet, except for maybe one instance of flurries a while back. (Louisville is anti-snow-cursed. It’ll snow all around us but not HERE. You have no idea how disappointing that is to my dad, who loves snow! I’ll tell him my aunt–his sister–is snowed in under thirty inches, and he’ll get envious.) Sorry to hear about the psychomotor retardation. It sounds dreadful and limiting and frustrating.

    My week has been odd, what I remember of it (which isn’t much). But last night at midnight, the contest assigned me to write a comedy! Woo hoo! Watch out world, Meg’s writing comedy.

  3. Collaborative doctors are the best. I bet it’s empowering to have a day in your own treatment. My week was hectic. We put an offer in on a house and will be moving in 45 days 🙊 now it’s a crunch to save up the down payment 🤮

  4. Hi Ashley, and Butternut, I recall my guinea pig Cleo would eat and poop at the same time. No offence Butternut. You are having some tough things happening. I am so proud that you got out of the house. I totally understand what a monumental step it was. Your GP sounds as if you have struck gold. You also have taught me something. I have never heard of Google scholar! Ugh the psycho motor retardation sucks.

  5. I really hope the depression lifts soon. Other than your GP, would you benefit from a psychiatrist? I hope your researched “straws” bear some fruit! <3

    1. I have a hard time trusting people, and with my GP I have the specialized knowledge base to make up for what he doesn’t have, and the research literacy to look up things that I don’t know. I also don’t do well with treatment providers who feel entitled to tell me what to do. So all things considered I think sticking with my GP is probably the best fit.

  6. Butternut is so cute … I’d like to whine that I had a work week from Shitsville, but I don’t want to spoil my Monday Eve. All good except for lousy eastern weather and feeling not the greatest after yesterday’s sushi. Happy you got out a bit and saw your GP.

      1. So close to a curtain call last night, thanks. Lactose intolerant too, so I pushed the envelope yesterday by making a bowl of Cafe au Lait at home. Was Feeling very Continental on a cold, blustery Saturday morning 😊

  7. Considering how you’re feeling I think you do ridiculously well in being productive, Ashley. On your blog alone.. I take my hat off to you. It’s brilliant you got on well with the doc, it seems so rare for that kind of dynamic to happen. Good luck with the straws- I hope one’s a good sucker! (Yeah, I couldn’t think of a good line for that metaphor 😂)
    Caz xx

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