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Emerging Blogger Series: Ashleigh (Mental Health vs You)

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This post is by Ashleigh of Mental health vs you.

one woman with a halo and another with devil's horns

The good, the bad and the person

So every person has a demon and an angel, I believe that it’s our minds that connect the two of them together. Both an angel and a demon have their bad ways, an angel not so bad but more concealed, a demon is fully bad but does things at times for the greater good. So a demon may cause you to inflict pain so that you can see the full truth of things and an angel might conceal something away to keep you from finding a sad truth. So why do I feel we each have a demon and an angel inside of us? Well I’ll explain: 

So as we know a demon has no love, nor any compassion so when our minds start having a breakdown within ourselves, the part in us where the demon is concealed takes us over and we can show anger that we never knew we had. I class this as a good and bad thing, the issue being that we could easily cause damage but the good thing being is that we learn to defend ourselves, we don’t just hide and that’s a benefit to have. Obviously angels will always be known as the better of the two but I feel that even though our angels make us happy and uplifting, I feel they can also make us rather shallow I feel is the correct word to use. Anything that is deemed as bad is wrong even if it’s an okay way of doing something. This can make our minds small and only willing to do certain things. 

1.2.3. BATTLE

So now I want to start talking about how our angels and demons come into play when our mental illnesses come out. So when our depression or whatever you are suffering with makes an entrance, both the angel and the demon are forced out by our minds to balance everything we are thinking. The angel will try and keep you sane where the demon is edging you on, so now we’ll go back to the mind. The mind plays the most important role because our mind is what is forcing the demon and the angel to “battle it out” essentially. Realistically mental illness can boil down to if our mind is in a good place or not, our mind is our spirit and if our spirit is okay then we as people should be okay, so we then get into a battle with our spirit, our spirit brings out the demon and the angel to kind of balance our mind, get them all on the same level and it ends up being like a tetris level and everything slots into place again. Sometimes we’re left feeling numb or worthless but we’ve managed to balance out our thoughts and as long as everything is balanced, nothing is out of place. 

Demon poem

I’m going to finish off by giving you a poem I wrote. Take it as you will, gosh interpret it for me and let me know what your conclusion of it is. I view it as I’m talking to the demon in my head and he’s telling me what to do, never speak of precious things and being a servant to the demon in my mind. 

Today my demon talked to me
He told me I should flee
For he said he would leave me be if i got down onto one knee
For he placed his knife in my palm and said it'll bring me life
For in this world the people have a sharp and fearsome bite
It is not from their teeth they bite but through those snaky lips
I am the demon and you are my child, I will bring you back to hell
So don't forsake me and don't betray me or I will cut your tongue.
So flee young child and don't look back or then I will have to lunge.

You can visit Ashleigh on her blog Mental health vs you.

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  1. This was very inspirational to me. It led me to have the confidence to make my first official blog post. Thank you. I hope my blog becomes a remarkable success like yours. Many blessings to you infinity times. Have an outstanding 2020!

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