Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • Thanks so much to Michelle of Michelle Writer Blog for nominating me for the Mystery Blogger Award and to Kristian of Life Lessons from Around the Dinner Table for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award.  You ladies are both fabulous!
  • My guinea pig Cookie died in my arms on New Year’s Day.  It was not unexpected, but it was hard.
  • Overall it’s just been a really hard week.  Not much more to say than that.



How has your week been?


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50 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. Sorry about your guinea pig, I remember losing my cat years ago, it was really tough, but try to think of all the great times with him, hopefully that will make you smile 😊 and congrats on your awards!!!

  2. Nooooo! So that leaves Peanut (hopefully I’m remembering correctly) and one other right? Sorry to hear about that. Losing a pet is very hard. I still greive my my first dog and she died over 2 years ago. My week was good. Business is booming and Rachel, the baby, and I did a spontaneous weekend getaway to another part of Virginia. I went to an aquarium for the first time today and got to touch a sting Ray!

  3. Ashleyleia, whether a death of a beloved pet is expected or not it is so painful for the person who loved that pet. Cookie was part of your family. You loved Cookie. It is the same a death is a death. Grief is real and normal feeling and of course it makes a huge impact on your life not just for the week, but it will be a while of the missing and expecting to see Cookie. Allow the feelings, cry say you are feeling angry, sad. I don’t recall if you have other Guinea pig/s or not and they may be grieving too. I was surprised when my oldest dog died last year how hard it was on my other two. Be kind and gentle with yourself. My heart aches for your loss.

    1. Thanks. The girls who were in the cage with her are pretty subdued. The boys know something’s up, but that’s probably because they notice something’s different about me.

  4. I am so sorry about Cookie. I know how hard losing a pet can be. My 2 cats past away a year a part. I have had a tough few days with being sick. It has made doing anything but sleep hard. I am still fighting the cold 5 days later

  5. Oh my god, I’m so sorry about Cookie. I’ve lost so many pets and it never gets any easier, they’re my babies and always will be. My thoughts and prayers are with you xxx

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