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Another year of blogging is drawing to a close, so it’s a great time to reflect on both the accomplishments and the weird & wonderful info that WordPress offers up for us in our stats.

Total number of posts published: 547

Total number of words: 303,000 (average 554/post)

Number of countries viewed from (although WP seems to have a fairly loose definition of what constitutes a country): 164

Day with the most views: August 7, 2019

Most of my views came from the U.S., but there were some rather random countries as well, like Guernsey, Gibraltar, Bhutan, Kuwait, and Myanmar.  Sadly, my future husband in Kyrgyzstan no longer has an internet connection in the yurt after the pet yak got a little over-excited one night, so there have been no visitors from Kyrgyzstan.  However, there were a few visits from Mongolia; I’m unsure if they were from humans or yaks.  Preferably both.  I’ve also had visitors from the first four places mentioned in the chorus of Kokomo:

Aruba, Jamaica, oh I want to take ya
Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama
Key Largo, Montego, baby why don’t we go
Down to Kokomo

My most popular post by far was identifying emotions, which is actually a post from last year, but it goes to show the power of Pinterest when a pin happens to get spread far and wide.  My second most popular was mental health bloggers needed, which was a post I did when I was looking for contributors to my book Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis.  It was weird – it started getting a ton of views about 6 weeks after I posted it.  It got steady views for about 6 weeks and then abruptly stopped getting any views at all.  I still have no idea why that happened.

My blog has gotten a substantially higher proportion of visitors from search engines this year compared to last.  It seems like there was a spike in search engine traffic shortly after I upgraded to the WP business plan.  I really don’t know if that was the additional SEO work I was able to do with the Yoast plugin, or if that increase would have happened anyway as a natural byproduct of my blog growing.

The most common search term was “mental health dictionary psychiatric terms”, which would have led to a post from last year, a glossary of psychiatric terms.  Here are some of the odd and interesting search terms that led people to my blog (all are direct quotes and spelling errors included):

  • what do paramedics give a patient when they are being transpoirted to the hospital yhay makes some people react crazy
  • how would carl roger’s explain evil or murderers
  • ashley barty mental health admission nov 2019
  • lebenskompass 
  • intrinsic extrinsic “support mountain”
  • proof of thought cibration
  • is stupidity contagious
  • ashley down porn

Normally I would be most excited by “is stupidity contagious” (because it certainly does seem to be), but “ashley down porn” is awfully fascinating.  And who the heck is ashley barty?  

I upgraded to the WordPress business plan to see if I could make a bit of income from my blog.  There was quite the learning curve, both in terms of learning to use things like plugins on WordPress but also figuring out things like Google Analytics and Google AdSense.

Getting the business plan allowed me to start up the MH@H Store, which has been a fun little project.  I had to scale back from what I’d initially envisioned because sustaining that level of effort just wasn’t going to happen.  It hasn’t made much money, nor did I expect it to, but that’s fine because it fits in with the overall package and still rather nebulous future direction that I envision for the blog.

I’m happy with the direction my blog has gone in this year.  It’s been great to continue to connect with some of the people I’ve known right from the beginning, but also to meet a lot of new people.  Even though WordPress drives us all a bit batty sometimes, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.

A blogger's guide to blogging from Mental Health @ Home

The Blogger’s Guide to Blogging isn’t about what the blogging gurus say you should do; it’s about relevant tips that the regular, personal blogger can use.


29 thoughts on “Year in Review 2019 – Blogging”

  1. Very interesting some of those search terms.
    Yes, as pain as in the arse WP has been it makes it up by the lovely community we are in. Here’s to another year of blogging. 😊

  2. Those pesky yaks!! I love the planner and just downloaded it. Going to write a post(s) based on my completed planner and share the link to this resource! You get my vote for top mental health blog of 2019!

  3. Ashley Down Porn made me laugh. Those are weird search terms. I hope your blog keeps growing in the new year. I like learning new things about science and mental health on your blog

  4. Wow – so many posts! I’ve only just started blogging this year and have stopped and started as I kept thinking what’s the point?! Some people tried to talk me out of it. Have you ever experienced that?

    1. I guess the way I look at it is that there doesn’t really have to be a point. I’ve always found blogging helped me, and so that’s always kept me motivated to continue.

  5. Haha! 🙂
    One of my most popular posts is “The Emotions and Opposite Action,” which is also about identifying emotions. I wonder if maybe lots of people are looking for info on that topic!

  6. Ashley down porn? Omg Lol! What on earth do people search for hahahahahahaha! Omg laughing my ass off here at hat and is stupidity contagious? Wow! No but for these morons it seems to be! 😀 xoxoxo happy new year Ashley and happy blogging in 2019!

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