Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I was honoured to receive a Kuchee Award for a brilliant mind!  And even better: ““Kuched Is Donating $25 Per Winner To The Daily Bread Food Bank To Start My Klove 2020 Fundraising Campaign.”  Thank you Michael, both for the award and for the awesome donation!
  • Thanks so much to Maja of Lampelina and Mark of Overcoming OCD for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award!  I greatly appreciate it!
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas were hard – especially Christmas, as I woke up ridiculously early and it made for a very long day.  Oh well, at least they’re over and done with now.
  • My guinea pig Cookie has been up and down with her health this week.
  • I made a decision to be vulnerable in a situation and it bit me in the ass.
  • I’ve gotten more writing done this week than in the last few weeks, so that’s been good.
  • I don’t spend that much time on social media in general, but I’m feeling particularly unmotivated lately.  Except Pinterest; it’s always a pleasant distraction.
  • Only a few days left to go in my 2019 bullet journal and then it’ll be time to switch over to the new 2020 journal, which is kind of fun.
  • I did a guest post on Renard’s World about the dark side of psychiatry in the 20th century.  He added me as a contributor to his blog, which meant I was getting notifications from WordPress as if I was a new blogger, e.g. displaying a badge that I’d received 5 likes, and had my most likes ever in one day.  I started blogging two years ago but I still remember very clearly how exciting it was to get those first few likes, so it was a fun reminder.  It was also quite interesting researching background info for that post and an upcoming related post.  Supposedly we mentally ill folk are crazy, but the “treatment” we’ve received over the past several centuries has been far, far crazier.

How has your week been?

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42 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. It’s nice knowing I am off work for a bit. Last working day was Christmas eve and don’t go back till Monday.

    Christmas Day I chose to be on my own as I already seen my neighbour at weekend and we arranged Boxing Day which he first suggested, so there waa no way I was doing Christmas as well. I want my own time, otherwise it was going to feel too much as you know.

    Anyway, I met up with this same person yesterday. It was a long day and an extra day he suggested that I accepted, knowing I was meeting up today. I am thinking this week, this is getting a bit much and nice neighbour he is and how we get on, as I have reminded him, I do like my own time.
    Yesterday I spent a majority of the day, but insisted I was going back up before evening and having my own time. Which I did.
    Today, I had a feeling he was expecting a day and so I reminded him I wasn’t going to spend all day at his and I was having tea back at mine. I was only going to have lunch.
    Lunch went pear shape. I am supposed to be his guest, yet he had the cheak to ask if I finish off the cooking.
    I already did cooking at mine while he sat, not expecting him to help cos he’s my guest. So I don’t expect to do it at his.
    I also expected it went pear shape because I think he had a drink or two while in kitchen because a bit later his balance was much wirse than normal and he was slurring and couldn’t look at me directly. (He is not diabetic I would like to add and he does have an alcohol problem.) hence I am not going to hang that regular. Not getting into that again as I have pointed out much much earlier in our friendship, that I don’t tolerate it. So I suggested as he has an issue with his leg, even though it’s more than his leg I am aware of and he couldn’t finish doing a simple lunch I said shall we cancel it?
    Then he suggested another weekend before I left. I saud we shall see, as I would like to do other things.

      1. He is not. He has been like it for years. Befote I knew him. And it’s been his parents picking up the pieces, even up to now. I found him fitting one day some months ago before going to work. All related to that.
        He is supposedly receiving support since then. He has accepted he has an issue. But I think he lapsed today.
        I know his parents have long had enough.
        His dad has been supporting him to these meetings. But going by an earlier conversation with him this morning when we were on our own I think he’s done.
        His parents are getting on and don’t need this. His dad early 90’s and has more energy than his son and his mum is late 80’s.

            1. He has a bad leg because his ankle has plates in his. He did his ankle by falling over somewhere. I can’t remember where. This happened before I moved in where I live. His mum said to me it was down to alcohol that did that.
              I can tell when he has balance issues with his leg. But I can tell when his balance issues are much worser that its not down to his leg, its when he is tipsy,or a bit more. Like today, speech slurring and couldn’t look at me directly while sat down on settee. It doesn’t take much alcohol to affect him.

              When he finally admitted some months back that he did have a problem. A problem that everyone else knew already that he was talking to. But down to him to admitt. As I said to him then. I grew up with an alcoholic father, so I can’t be fooled and I don’t tolerate it. Saying how I have stopped having nothing to do with a friend before moving where I am because of how pissed she used to get. So be warned, I basically told him.

            2. As much as I have reminded him, I wonder if it’s really sunk in how serious I am.

              I know if he says anything more about tonight when I said I think I will go and we will cancel dinner another day on passing, or calling at mine, he is at risk of me falling out. I had to walk out, because one minute longer, I would have snapped.

  2. Sounds like a busy week. Props on the props and sorry about the vulnerability going poorly. Sorry also about the guinea pig; sick pets are heartbreaking.

    I too survived the holidays but since then I’ve been in a big well of do-nothing apathy. I’ve decided to let it run for a few days; I rarely let myself take any kind of break so its been nice albeit a little guilt-inducing.

  3. Wow, you’ve had a great week! Congrats on all the awards and the publication of your article–that article was freaky good, by the way. And a $25 donation to a food bank is great! YAY!

    I hope Cookie is okay!! Poor little guinea. Please give him a pat from me.

    Vulnerability is a curse…. AARGH! Sorry it didn’t work out for you!!

    My week? Hmm….. I spent more time with my brother than usual due to two different circumstances (Christmas, and then his needing to borrow one of our cars ’cause his is in the shop). That’s been nice. He also said he got me a gift card to the local pet shop, which is great–maybe I can buy some of the expensive glofish! My new fishies, though, are being mean to each other, which makes me sad. I think I might change out some of their water. That seems to help. (It’s taken forever for me to learn this stuff.)

  4. “Supposedly we mentally ill folk are crazy, but the “treatment” we’ve received over the past several centuries has been far, far crazier.” ZING! 😀

    Bitten in the ass eh? Bites are always fun to scratch! Congrats on the award!

  5. I hope cookie is doing okay. It is never fun having a sick pet. It freaks me out when my puppy gets sick. Christmas Day was hard for me. By the end of work shift, I was so stressed about going to the Christmas party that my memory got bad. I had forgotten most of what happened before I left work. It is hard to know how any situation will go if it’s from someone you trust.

  6. I hope Cookie is going to be fine! Yeey for writing more and for Pinterest. I myself survived the Christmas – Birthday – Family Reunion days. I even made chocomousse for the party 🙂 My new medication seem to work a little, I can do more things. Writing is still difficult and I need lots of rest but but but there is a noticible change going on! I hope 2020 will be my year if I may be so selfish. I’ve been on Pinterest too but I don’t really get the game over there. I just pin, pin, pin 🙂

    1. Hi Kachaiweb, I began new medication and was almost going to give up on it, side effect to much sleeping and lethargy, after 3 months, on it, I am very glad I stuck this one. My brain is back. and I have been doing little things a huge improvement. I still have side affects I am not so keen on but the positive for me out weighs the negative. I do hope your does the same for you, with less of the blah side effects.

      1. I hope so to, thank you so much for your encouraging words! I feel a small change and I hope I can hold on to it. The positive changes are everything for me but I can’t get my hopes up because this isn’t the first time and the downfall is getting harder and harder.

        1. I hear you I had been off medication for about a year and for a while all was good, but I was not well, I just was not able to see it. I had tried so many medications, and the blah flat, dull living in an grey world with no real joy was horrible. Also none of the other meds had given me my brain back.
          I understand your fears Kachaiweb,. Perfetcly normal with what you have experiences.

  7. “I made a decision to be vulnerable in a situation and it bit me in the ass.” Good for you for putting yourself out there! That’s inspiring.

    My week was hectic with the baby depriving my sleep and seeing clients before and after the holiday. I shall spend the rest of the weekend sleeping!

  8. Hi Ahleyliea, How is Cookie? I can not imagine how having your dear companion sick is not helping. It is so empowering when we really do what we know is right for us. I had a delightful Christmas day. On my own until I went to a get together at a neighnours. I had met two others present before and knew faces(small community) but we on the whole were all new to each other including the neighbours (only met the people a few times liked us and invited us),it was very nice. I felt a bit on the back foot from the beginning all attending were big foodie types. (I used to be, but my mental health and finances I am a budget person these days) and had all bought amazing food to share and I mean AMAZING. I looked at my small bowl of homemade potato salad, and started to go down the rabbit hole of self flagellation. I managed to sort of not fixate on it. The other problem for me is a bit similar to you and your neighbour, I am not a big drinker(alcoholism on both sides of family) so I had one glass of champagne and stuck to water oh I also had a strawberry bailey(tastes like strawberry quick with a kick not my cup of tea) over ice. Everyone else was to me drinking a bit as there was talk of oh have to drive home lucky we live just down the road. All seemed lovely and I laughed and interacted, but was exhausted the next day. So I can hear what you are saying about needing space from your negihbour. You sound strong with setting your boundaries, and leaving when You need to . Congratulations on your awards. very deserved..

  9. Your article was very interesting, but it’s creepy what mentally ill people had to go through in the past centuries! You may wonder who was sicker there seriously – the poor patients or the doctors. –
    I’m sorry Christmas was shitty, and that Cookie is unwell, I really hope she’ll get better very soon. Healing Mishpurrs from Misha.
    Brave of you to be vulnerable, but I’d say it usually ends up bitting us in the ass.
    You’ve gotta have a break from social media at times. If you don’t feel it now, you probably just need one, I wouldn’t force myself to anything.
    I am not particularly attached to life but I also feel it’s fun whenever I start a new year folder in my diary, and think what I will write in it in the months to come.

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