Random Guinea Pig Post

My guinea pigs rock my world, and I love to take pictures of them.

guinea pig snack
Casper and Cookie munching on radicchio, one of their favourite veggies.


guinea pig Peanut sitting on mama's shoulder
Snouty McSnouterson (aka Peanut) hanging out on my shoulder


This is Cookie venturing out of the octopus snuggly toy to get a cookie.


33 thoughts on “Random Guinea Pig Post”

  1. Squeaky-pigs, I used to call them! They trained themselves to squeak in a high pitched frenzy when I rustled a bag near them, so much so that if they were loose in the garden theyโ€™d come running and squealing towards me as I crinkled their treats bag near the hutch. They were like little dogs!

  2. I had an albino guinea pig many years ago. Yours are so sweet and I love Peanuts snug. So quick for that treat. Your guinea pigs are to you Ashley what my dogs are to me.

  3. I love guinea pigs! I looked after my friend’s guinea pig recently when she was on holiday, he looked a lot like the light coloured guinea pig in your first picture (who I’m guessing is Casper?). I would love to have guinea pigs of my own!

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