Weekend wrap-up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I had a WordPress glitch last weekend that affected my comment notifications.  It turned out it was because it was a glitch in a new update of one of my plugins (WooCommere Admin, for anyone who’s interested in that kind of thing).  It’s at times like that, that I’m very glad I’m not self-hosted.  I have no desire to have things be my problem to sort out.
  • I’m usually pretty good about not giving in to the occasional urges that come up to Google a former colleague or classmate and find out what they’re doing.  This week not so much.  I don’t even recall what triggered it, but I ended up looking up one of my former nursing classmates who’s highly successful on a global scale.  I think it was less her success in particular and more a reminder of how much I’ve lost careerwise, both actual and potential.  That loss is very much due to illness and not my “fault”, but it continues to be hard to be reminded of it, even though I’ve accepted that it is my new reality.
  • My thinking hasn’t been as slow as last week, although I’m still not writing much.  I’ve been more motivated to shower.  I even bothered to brush my teeth, because it had been so long that they were starting to feel a bit furry.  My energy is better, but I’m still very slow-moving, so I decided to put off dealing with my car that won’t start until next week.
  • Had my first rum and eggnog of the season.  I don’t like either one on its own, but put them together and somehow they morph into something good.
  • Normally I have a couple of minutes of worry about my future right before bedtime.   This week it’s been pushing into the daytime.  There’s really nothing I can do about it aside from distraction, though, since they are legitimate concerns that I can’t really do anything to alleviate.
  • My poor little Cookie monster has a UTI.  But being sick does not in any way lessen her love of treats.
  • I’ve had a recent surge in the number of spam emails I get to my Hotmail account, which is basically a junk account to begin with.  The other day I got an email from “Jesus Christ.”  Would there really be anyone so dumb that they wouldn’t realize right away that if Jesus was going to communicate with you it sure as heck wouldn’t be by email?

How has your week been?


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51 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. An email from Jesus… wow! 😮

    And pass the nog! 😮

    Ohh, poor cookie monster!! Please give him a pat from me.

    Well, I’m peeved because I set the DVR to tape Jeopardy, and I missed my friend’s first four appearances due to travel. Well, they aren’t on the DVR. Darn it all! My dad and I were going to have a watch party (although he watched the episodes already) and make Christmas cookies, and I was so excited, but oh well! Very disappointing. Otherwise, it was a great week! 🙂

  2. I also try not to google people, but I gave in this week and discovered someone super-successful plus with wife and kids. It doesn’t bother me so much these days, though, because I’m so far behind all my peers that it’s like I’m living in a parallel universe. I have been thinking about university peers a lot lately, because I’m drawing on a lot of those experiences for the novel I’m writing.

  3. I think some people will believe that Jesus sends messages through a screen, maybe for a good afterlife! I hope your worrying doesn’t become to excessive and things will clear up.
    My week and brain are very slow and tired. Blah!

  4. So, let’s go with your “first rum and eggnog of the season.” I can’t swallow either one on it’s on. Brutal flashbacks to a Labour Day weekend libation in college involving exclusively Bacardi Rum. Poison. I can smell it a mile away. Eggnog is basically creamed snot to me. Repulsive. Sorry. Together though, maybe. Otherwise, the couple weeks before Christmas at work is painfully quiet. Some hiccups on WP, like everyone. We put up a Festivus Pole in the office and still had haters.

  5. I remember during my drinking days I never liked Red Bull or Tequila on their own, but when you put them together, it was like magic. You could blackout, but the stories people filled you in on the next day involved you having a lot of energy. I know, I know, an alcoholic isn’t supposed to make jokes about their drinking, but if you can’t remember what brought you to it, you’ll never remember why you left it.

    I’ve sometimes wondered if Jesus came back, how would he be able to convince us it was really him, and how long would it take. I think he’d need one of those Men in Black mind-wiping devices to convert people these days.

    1. It seems like there’s a certain segment of the population that are willing to believe anything, as long as the nutbar delivering the message is someone they like.

  6. I understand the temptation to check up on old acquaintances. When I gave IG another go this week (before changing my mind again and deleting it) I found myself coming across an IG account of a peer from high school who has pretty much become famous. “Comparison is the thief of joy” I try to remind myself. Give cookie monster a treat for me!

  7. This sounds like a full and stressful and difficult week. Credit to getting through it; it’s odd how things sometimes come in waves, isn’t it? I use my hotmail for junk too, I’ll have to check and see if I’ve also been contacted from on high. The last interesting one was from a Nigerian prince; I’m sure it was legit.

  8. I too look at people from college who seem to be so successful and here’s me still unsure exactly what I want to do 🙁

    I hope Cookie Monster feels better soon xxx

  9. On not worrying about future things that you can’t currently influence, i think the best thing is to keep practising focusing on the now, and on the good things, and on the feeling of sending out love in whatever you do :).

  10. I have classmates I went to high school with on my Facebook. I see all the time how much better their life is compared to mine. I hate it. You still have your blog where you can share your knowledge and grow.

    Poor Cookie. Get better. My mind thinks too much at night. When I’m laying there doing nothing to fall asleep, all of my worries start racing through my mind. There isn’t anything I can do about because I want to attempt to fall asleep.

    That is funny that Jesus would send an email. That made me think of Bruce Almighty.

  11. Sorry to hear that one of your fur babies has a UTI. Do you give them medications or change their diet when that happens?
    Good to hear that you have felt a little more motivated this past week… What I lost, you gained. LOL!
    The future is something I think is rather hard to avoid thinking about. I’ve been ruminating over it myself for several weeks prior to what happened with my mom.
    Only time will tell what happens. Hang in there, dear friend. 💓

  12. WordPress Self Hosted: I found a blogger who seems to be thriving. Some pretty intimidating tech skills that make me wish I’m that good 😀 A fellow woman in tech too! *excited*
    Here: https://bughuntersam.com/contact/

    Google: I try not to look up former friends, former boss bullies, former bully colleagues, ex colleagues, ex classmates on LinkedIn or Google because it’s a surefire way to ruin my mood. I still get urges though! It triggers a lot of shame and grief because of how trauma and mental illness has impacted my life.

    I hope you regain your cognitive abilities soon. I hate it when I’ve brain fog and think slowly.

    Also, poor Cookie, I hope she recovers soon!

    On Worry: Have you heard of “the worry tree”? I’ve GAD and sometimes that flowchart helps a bit. It’s tough to have worries that are rooted in circumstances you can’t change. Hugs if wanted! <3

    My week: My week's been…hmm…mixed. I'll probably write a bit about it. 🙂

    1. That blogger’s wearable poo app sounds both interesting and gross at the same time.

      I’ve gotten a lot better about the Googling, but ever now and then the urges jump up and slap me in the face.

      I hadn’t heard of the worry tree before. I’ll have to check that out.

      Thanks for the hugs. ❤️

  13. I hope your Cookie Monster feels better soon. And I hope you do, too. Every little thing we can do each day is something. I try not to Google old acquaintances or look them up on social media but once in a blue moon I do and then almost immediately wonder why I felt so compelled to do so. You know? Hope things get better for you soon, dearie.

  14. “I’ve had a recent surge in the number of spam emails I get to my Hotmail account, which is basically a junk account to begin with. The other day I got an email from “Jesus Christ.” Would there really be anyone so dumb that they wouldn’t realize right away that if Jesus was going to communicate with you it sure as heck wouldn’t be by email?” Ha excellent!

    Sorry to hear about Cookie, but that was a few days ago, all okay now?

      1. I am pleased, l saw after commenting, your comment above saying that she was better – but good to know – any idea why she got it in the first place? Or just one of those things?

          1. I think you are right, l know when l bred GP’s l had to have the vet in a few times because of it, and l always asked ‘Do you know why?’ They could never pin point anything with definition except ‘sadly it happens’. It was expensive back then if out of a few hundred ten randoms would get it at once, so if l could have done anything to have prevented it l would, alas a mystery l feel.

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