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Book Review: Wildly Beautiful

Book cover: Wildly Beautiful by Maranda Russell

Wildly Beautiful: Playful Art & Poetry for Kids by Maranda Russell is dedicated to fellow unicorn lovers (and really, who isn’t a unicorn lover?).

In the intro, Maranda writes: “I’ve included lots of silliness and even a bit of gross humor for those who like that kind of thing, but also feature some fantastical, beautiful creatures as well. I hope this little book will inspire kids and adults alike to explore their own creative side.”

The rainbow unicorn you see on the cover?  Turns out it farts sparkles!

There’s an acrostic poem involving the word poop, because really, what children’s book would be complete without talking about poop?

The book is filled with gorgeous multimedia art with plenty of sparkle.  Here’s one example:

artwork with two giraffes, from Wildly Beautiful by Maranda Russell
From the book preview on Amazon

From cats to polar bears to penguins, there are plenty of other lovely creatures as well.

The book ends with encouragement to try working your own art and poetry magic.  This would make a fabulous book to share with the little one(s) in your lives this holiday season – and maybe do a little creative adventuring of your own with them!

Wildly Beautiful is available on Amazon.

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