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Do You Do Blog Awards?

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If you’ve spent a bit of time in the blogging world, you’ve probably come across blog awards.  You’ve probably also noticed that some people do them and others do not.  I evolved from an award-doer to an award-don’t-er, so here’s my thought process along the way.

When I first started blogging, I really enjoyed blog awards.  They were a good way to discover new blogs, and introduce others to some of the blogs I enjoyed.  They were also a great way to get to know other bloggers and share a little bit about myself.

Right from the beginning I “cheated” on the rules of blog awards.  Coming up with new questions to pass on to my nominees wasn’t something that came easily to me, so I just passed on the questions that I’d been asked.

The next step was that I stopped doing nominations.  It took a lot of effort to come up with people to nominate, and try to think of who I had already nominated for another award recently.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to recognize other blogs; it was just that pulling ideas out of my head is hard for me and the amount of effort involved was just getting to be too much.

After a while, there were enough awards circulating and I’d been blogging long enough that I’d received each one multiple times.  Rather than doing a post for each award I received, I decided to do a post each weekend in which I would answer the questions posed by anyone who’d nominated me.

Eventually, that too faded away.  Awards posts are time-consuming, and even with the cheats I’d implemented it still took considerable time away from the things that I wanted to focus my blog on. There are a number of writing projects I’m juggling, and decided that I’d rather have more time available to focus on some of those core projects.

As my blog has evolved I’ve also consciously focused on creating evergreen content, i.e. posts that will still be of interest to visitors well after they’re published.  Blog award posts, on the other hand, tend to get read by your viewers just after you publish them, then they never see the light of day again.

If you’re trying to keep a blog focused on specific topics, or if there’s a business aspect to your blog, awards posts may not fit with your primary purpose.

I didn’t want to be selective and do posts for some awards and not others, because I didn’t think that was fair to people who nominated me.  And I absolutely appreciate being nominated; that hasn’t diminished as my approach to award posts has evolved.  That’s how I came to my current system – in my weekend wrap-up posts I acknowledge any awards I’ve been nominated for and thank the person who nominated me.  The system works for me in that I’m able to thank anyone who chose to recognize my blog, but I’m not putting in the time to come up with an award post.

Overall, I think that blog awards are an awesome way for newer bloggers to become engaged in the community.  For people who enjoy answering questions, blog awards will always be a great way to do that.  They’re also a nice way to show appreciation to fellow bloggers.  At the same time, they’re not always going to be a good fit for every blog and every blogger.

As for how to know who does awards and who doesn’t, it’s not always obvious.  Some bloggers may have a notice somewhere on their blog that they don’t do blog awards, and others you may simply notice that you’ve never seen them do an award post.  My personal take on it is if you want to recognize another blogger, go ahead and nominate them, and mention with the nomination that it’s okay if they don’t do an award post.  That way there’s the recognition without any expectation attached to it, and hopefully everyone’s happy.  Similarly, you could adopt the approach used by Rory of A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip, which involves gifting awards rather than doing traditional nominations.

Do you do blog awards?  Are there any things that factor into your choice that I haven’t mentioned?

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56 thoughts on “Do You Do Blog Awards?”

  1. I have always admired your approach to awards! I am grateful for any nominations and I try to answer the questions the best I can. I don’t find it easy to think of new questions and I also find nominating others can be difficult … mainly because I haven’t come across many new bloggers recently. I am happy for people to self nominate if they would like to answer the same questions as me though.

  2. My views are pretty similar in the sense that they can be great for new bloggers, but after a while you see there are lots of awards out there… Where do you draw the line, if you keep doing them? I try to acknowledge nominations but I’m not always successful. I’ve done a combination post once to include a few different types of awards to keep things streamlined, thank those who’ve thought of me, and answer some questions that I thought were pretty insightful. I don’t play by the rules though. Waaaaay too much going through all the questions and nominating others (let alone finding people who haven’t been nominated!) x

    1. They get passed around within the blogging community. Anyone who’s nominated can then nominate other bloggers they’d like to recognize. I guess “nominate” is kind of a misnomer because there’s not a winner out of a pool of nominees; it’s just a way for bloggers to recognize fellow bloggers.

        1. Well, since nominations come from fellow bloggers, I guess the biggest thing would just be increasing the amount of time spent interacting with other bloggers.

  3. I ‘do’ award blogs. But I invoke the “Get out of nominations free” option too. Unless I really want to nominate some folks, and feel the award needs circulation. It’s an on and off cycle for me…sometimes I get several nominations (Rory has begun to call these ‘gifts’ instead) and sometimes (like right now) I have zero. Maybe it’s a participation thing on the part of the blogger or maybe it’s just fate. I don’t know. But to me? They’re proof someone is reading and likes what one is writing.

    1. Yes they’re certainly a pleasure to get. It does seem like they go in cycles through the community as a whole. I wonder if part of that is non-award bloggers getting nominated and then a particular nomination train reaches a dead end.

  4. I’ll waddle through my own hypocritical puddle in answering.

    A year into blogging, and I’d peaked my curiosity and interest in Blogging Award Nominations.

    Then, I received two in a week, and announced I was retiring upon completing the lengthy process.

    It was fun, but also a burden of time that I wasn’t prepared to commit.

    And, another award a couple weeks back from a blogger I really respect, which I’m feeling obligated to submit. I’m sure I will and repeat …

    Also, to add kerosene to the ketchup, I mumbled about the superlatives (awards) I was doing on December 28, to recognize bloggers and blogs.

    Don’t need to go this extent to say I admire and respect a fellow blogger, but it is fodder.

    Another great post, Ashley

    1. I used to spend hours on them. Probably would have had more fun mixing kerosene and ketchup. Actually, that could be the beginnings of a rockin’ New Years Eve party…

  5. Timing is everything… I just finished up one that I was nominated for.
    It’s kind that someone nominates you and I do feel grateful, but as you said… They are time consuming and at this juncture, I feel as if I’m a seasoned regular and don’t need the awards.
    Where…. If you don’t mind me asking, do you indicate that you are not accepting awards on your own blog site to indicate to others that you no longer want to receive them?

    1. I don’t have any sort of indicator anywhere on my blog. When people have nominated me, I just comment on their post thanking them and saying I don’t do award posts.

  6. Great post! I tried these when I first started blogging… Well, when I first started interacting with other bloggers. But like you, they became tedious and didn’t match the goal of evergreen content I was shooting for. If nominated now, I would probably like and comment on their post to acknowledge my gratitude. Maybe answer my favorite question for good measure.

  7. I used to do them, but as much as I appreciated the awards, after a while, it got repetitive. I was starting to find it time consuming and when at first I would nominate others, I would find not many did them. So yes, it’s good to break the rules, to make it easy on oneself, whether passing on questions, or have nominations open to those who would like to do it, than choose.

    I don’t know off the top of my head how long I don’t do awards now, but I have made it clear on my blog I don’t accept any more. I have not had offers for some time, but if I do, I ignore, because again, I have made this clear I will do that, because it got too much repeating myself.

    But at the time when I used to do them, when it was all new, it was good to answer so reader’s got to know me and vice versa.

  8. Back in the day, when the Swimming Pool was a Monday feature from WordPress, it was a great way to meet new bloggers. When they canned that, I went into the awards business for a couple of months, but part of my recovery has been to overcome the need for awards, and I was sick of answering the same questions…and I hate nominating people, too. So I stopped doing them, and wasn’t nominated for a long time and one day when I was hitting a wall on what to write about, Kacha nominated me for the sunshine blogger award, so I thought I’d have fun with it and made the rule I can do one of those once a year from now on. I think it’s good to share blogs you like with others now and then so they can be discovered, but it doesn’t have to be done under the disguise of an award. Ironically, that award post and the blog links post are both in my Top 10 most popular posts right now.

  9. I still do blog awards, at least for now. But if I start receiving them with great frequency (more than 3-4 times a year), I may take from your approach. Except with me, it would be a yearly wrap-up post as opposed to a weekend wrap-up. I would still want to acknowledge those who nominated me, but realistically, it can be hard to keep up with it all. You actually provided me some inspiration for how I may want to handle blog awards in the future!

  10. I still remember being incredibly touched the first couple of times I was nominated for an award, when I was a new blogger.
    Of course, I quickly realized that they are always around, and they seem to come in cycles. However, I still try to give them 100% whenever I receive a nomination.
    What tends to happen though, is that I don’t receive any awards for a couple of months, and then I have five in the same week. It takes me ages to complete an award post. So, I do it little by little, as I have the energy for it. When an award post is ready, I will usually schedule it to be published on a Saturday. I don’t know why Saturdays – I just decided that would be my award post day.

    1. Yes the first few are very special. It’s interesting how they go in cycles through the community, and it can certainly get overwhelming when there are several all at once.

  11. Nope, I don’t think I’d ever do awards. Mostly because my blog is journal style, and while I love getting to know other bloggers, I also think I’d lack the energy to spend hours on WordPress.crafting award posts.

    I prefer to read and comment on other people’s blogs, but it’s getting harder to do that these days because I’m SO tired. I really admire how you deliver a steady dose of evergreen information! I know you schedule posts, but coming up with content is so difficult for me, really.

      1. That’s fascinating to me because I struggle with informative posts 😀 I learn a lot from yours, but my mind hits a blank when I try writing those! ❤

        1. I think it’s because I spent so many years in school that looking stuff up and then putting the pieces together comes so easily that I can manage it even when my brain isn’t all that keen on cooperating.

  12. I still do them. It helps me fill in content when I am taking a break and helps me engage with the community. It might change once I get a larger following.

  13. I did awards the first 6 months or so, but once repeat nominations started, I just offered my appreciation. I think awards are a great way to boost support and confidence of new bloggers.

      1. I agree. As blogging journeys continue, I think that they are fun but not necessarily for me. I still always read others though. 😊

  14. I did, but decided that I will no longer post them on my blog, if I am to be nominated however, then I will thank the Blogger in my monthly round-ups and I’ll answer their questions in their comment section. I really appreciate each nomination I have received but when theres a backlog of them, it becomes too overwhelming 💚

  15. I’ve seen them, but I’ve never understood how that stuff worked😕 Even if I wanted to win one myself, I don’t think it’d win😔 But regardless, I just write just for fun 🙂

    1. The terms award and nomination are kind of misleading, because it’s not a competition. It’s more along the lines of tagging people as a way to recognize their blogs.

  16. Interesting post, Ashley!
    Those awards were always a mystery to me.
    And, after 3 years and 230 posts, I’ve never gotten one.
    Now I worry this means I’m just rubbish, as a blogger, LOL!🙁

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