Weekend wrap-up

Weekend wrap-up

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Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • It’s raining sunshine!  Thanks so much to One Regular Dad for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award!
  • I’m contemplating using a new theme for my blog.  I’m actually quite content with my current theme (Sela), but it has been “retired” and is no longer being updated.  That’s fine for now, but I’m sure at some point I’ll have to switch.  I don’t like change, especially since change doesn’t always make things better.  Speaking of which, I hate the recent revamp of the browser version of Twitter.  It was already a lot of things to process all at once, and now it’s just gotten more jarring, so I just avoid it.
  • As a guest on my blog this week, I had Noose Girl, who did an emerging blogger post about an ambulance joy ride while manic.  And check out her latest post Be Thankful, which talks about how much she’s lost because of her illness and how she’s been able to start moving forward again.

It’s been a difficult week.  I couldn’t sleep at all before my work shift Sunday night.  Then on Monday morning day staff were really openly hostile because I’d called them out for being late last week.  During my shift Monday night I was so stressed out I was shaking the whole night.  As soon as my shift was done Tuesday morning I called in sick for Tuesday and Wednesday night, and went home and slept for 15 hours.  It didn’t help that my best friend, who I used to work with when he was a health care worker at the same facility, was doing a nursing orientation shift there on Tuesday during the day, but he didn’t bother to tell me.  Normally we talk every day and tell each other everything, so I was upset with him.  Then he was mad that I was mad…  Now it feels like there’s a wall between us – the same kind of wall my head puts up to keep unsafe people (aka almost everybody) away.

Anyway, I’ve been extra slow, low energy, I got smelly enough that I was grossing myself out, and my concentration has been worse than usual, but slowly things are getting easier.


How has your week been?


And with December starting tomorrow, I thought I’d share Action for Happiness’s kindness calendar for the month:

Action for Happiness Kindness Calendar December 2019 #DoGoodDecember


books by Ashley L,. Peterson: Managing the Depression Puzzle, Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis, and Psych Meds Made Simple


37 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. I had a great trip up north to visit my daughter and her husband. It’s actually stressful being home and dealing with moving stuff again. One more week!

    I’ve had the same theme on my blog since I started. How boring! 😂

  2. Oh no! what a week! Good you called in sick and could sleep, it was clearly necassary. The thing about your friend, give it some time maybe after a while you could take a peek over the wall? It seems also good to have someone to tell your troubles and good things too. I understand the protictivity though.
    Thank you for the kindness calendar, I pinned it immeadiately 🙂
    My week was very boring and stressful. I’m still going to the union and to doctors and therapists but the situation is so stuck at the moment and I’m stuck in the stress from it. I think I maybe make a post on it, to write it off but I’m also so sick of myself whining all the time .🥴💩💩.. pffff. So I decided that tomorrow we’ll go for a hike in the woods. 🍁🍂Ha!

  3. I hope that you and your friend are able to mend the indifference. Listem, my roommate and I don’t see eye to eye on most things, but we always talk things out.
    It took three years but now we really do understand one another better than ever.
    I also hope that your sleeping pattern gets better. I know that when my insomnia is in full gear, I am so sluggish I feel like death.
    Today, just happens to be one of those days. I fact, I’m feeling a nap in my soon future. LOL!
    Feel better, Ashley. 😍😘

  4. It’s awful to feel like that at work. I hope things improve for you. I can understand that shaky feeling and it’s horrible. I had that with my anxiety and feeling sick with the stress when I did the reporting that time when I reported my neighbours that time (one who pointed that gun that night to the neighbours who were a load if hassle and the other who kept throwing his lit cigarettes out the window, into the garden when weather was enough to make the garden dryer.) I had that shaky feeling for some time, with my anxiety on top. X

    1. Sorry to hear is been a rough week, it definitely sounds like those couple of days off were needed. Hope you’re feeling better now and you have a better week this week 😊

  5. I finally gave in and changed my WP theme last week after not touching it in months. Change can definitely be tough, but sometimes it also helps me feel renewed! Sorry you’re feeling rotten. I had a tough week too. I’m out here cheering for you as you push through it!

  6. I’m sorry to hear things have been so very stressful for you at work, it sounds horrible! I hope you and your best friend will be able to get along again soon and this wall will not become a permanent thing.
    Oh, you made me realise I’ve been going with the same theme on my blog since the beginning. Perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad idea if I changed it too but on the other hand you’re right that not all changes turn out good, so I’m not really sure I’m up to all the hassle involved.
    Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday. 🙂

  7. My week was okay until Friday. Things went way downhill. When I got new tires on my car a few weeks ago, they could only fix the driver side control arms. On Friday morning, I noticed the passenger side tire had troubles turning. I could hear it wasn’t really rolling like it should. After work that day, I called to make an appointment to get it fixed. While I was on the highway that evening, the passenger side collapsed and I couldn’t move. I freaked out and called insurance and my mom. The police also showed up when I didn’t call them and the cop got a tow truck out there quicker. I cried on the way to the car place and luckily the tow driver was willing to drive me home since I lived a minute drive away from where we took my car. I am still stressed out because it is more debt I owe until I get my taxes back to pay it all off and I have to wait a couple weeks to get the refund for the tow truck

  8. I love the idea of a kindness calendar. Workplace bullying is the worst… Hope next week is better. As for me, my anxiety has been in full force for the greater part of a month now, which crashes in bouts of depression. I’ve had a similar experience with putting up walls (due to the aforementioned anxiety) and people taking it the wrong way. Hang in there!

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