Weekend wrap-up

Weekend wrap-up

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Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • A big thank you to Anxiouschristiangirl97 for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award!  Kim of Kim’s Blog also nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award – thank you!!!  Makes sure to check out both of these lovely bloggers if you haven’t already.
  • I worked 5 nights this week.  There was definitely a corresponding drop in my mood.  There have been several crying episodes, but that’s been going on all month.  The guinea pigs are highly unimpressed with this change in their routine.
  • What with all the working I’ve haven’t had as much time for blogging and other writing, and what I have done has been in a haze of even worse than usual concentration.

I need to rant a bit about work.  I only work night shifts, which end at 7am.  Day shift starts at 6:35, and change of shift report is supposed to happen at 6:45.  Except the day staff don’t come to work on time.  They’ve gotten more and more entitled about it, and the lateness is getting worse, and showing up at 7:00 isn’t uncommon.  The new full-time night staff that I work with has only been doing the job for 2 weeks, and has frequently had to stay late because of people coming in late.

So far no one has wanted to be the bad guy and rat people out, but finally this week I decided fuck it, I’m prepared to be that person everyone hates, because it’s just gotten ridiculous. And better for me to be public enemy #1 than the regular staff person.  Unsurprisingly, people are not happy with me, because being on time for work is some massive imposition.  The other day someone was lecturing me on how I shouldn’t have reported her being late.  Um, fairly obvious remedy here – get your ass to work on time like most normal responsible adults in this world do!  So now you could cut the tension in the room with a knife when I’m giving change of shift report

I’m back again for another 4 shifts next week.  Maybe I should make a late shift police badge and start waving it in people’s faces when they act like I’m the devil incarnate.  No more free pass, bitches!


As a guest on my blog this week, I had Natasha of Mental Health & Me, who did an emerging blogger post Saying Goodbye to My Toxic ‘Friend’ – An Anorexia Nervosa Recovery Story.


How has your week been?


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42 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. Oh wow, your coworkers sound entitled and eager to take advantage. That’s horrible! I’m impressed that you ratted them out, but it’s just awful that you should even be put in that position. Boy, I’m glad I don’t have to function in the workplace! This is exactly why! People can and will walk all over you, so you put your foot down, but then they target you with a vengeance. Watch your back! I’ve got your back, and all of us here do, but the whole situation bites. AARGH!!

    As usual, I don’t remember much about my week, so I guess it went okay! [Shrugs.] I was upset to not make it to the next round of the microfiction contest, but life goes on, and there are really no guarantees these days with NYC Midnight.

    The weather has been dreary and all too autumnal.

    1. I guess the good thing is that this is going to end up being a huge favour to everyone who works nights, so at least the people I’m actually working with will have my back. And I think management likes that someone is willing to be the rat.

      That’s too bad about the microfiction. NYC Midnight does sound rather unpredictable though.

  2. I absolutely love the work story. Good ol’ entitlement… glad you asserted yourself. Hope you get some rest this weekend before heading back in for those long shifts

  3. I’m usually a couple minutes late these days because I stop for coffee downstairs and I need to leave earlier. When I move I’ll get in a better routine. But unlike in a hospital, it doesn’t actually matter if I start at 8:58 or 9:03. I just pride myself in being on time. I can’t imagine not apologizing for it if someone said something!

    My week was fine, but I have anxiety about the changes coming up due to moving even though the new place is so beautiful. I can’t focus on reading books or writing the ongoing fiction.

  4. Oh no, what an awful situation, it’s a shame there are such problems with your coworkers and they don’t even bother enough and don’t have enough respect to try to be punctual. It certainly must have been unpleasant but it’s good you talked to them. Workplace dynamics are so stressful, and I’m happy just like Meg that I don’t have to deal with that and with entitled people. Hope you can unwind and recharge your brain a bit during the weekend. 🙂

  5. We had a badgesystem and you needed to registrate when you began and when you left. So there was no confusion possible. I know when someone was late, because of traffic or a valid reason, the other would stay later but when it’s like a ‘common practice’ I think people would leave when their shift ended and say ‘you can read it all in the computer’.
    The problem was that the early shift would sometimes end at 15 o’clock and the evening shift would begin at 15 o’clock and sometimes I came in early, sometimes the other one stayed longer. But it is not fair when you’re ‘forced’ to do overtime.
    I think it’s better to tell when it bothers you than to let it all slide. Because they would also speak up (I hope) if it was their time. When you don’t adress those things, it will make people unhappy. It is not egocentric to care for your workenvironment and the rules that were set.

    1. I think people are annoyed because they got away with it for so long. The former regular staff health care worker didn’t want to make an issue out of it, so I kept my mouth shut. But now it’s been going on for so long that coming in on time is abnormal and people just feel entitled to show up whenever they feel like it.

      1. I feel for you. You can lead a horse to water …
        Good you spoke up and for more managing of the team, they have their salary and function to do that. People can be so complicated, pff, piggies are way better sometimes!

  6. Ah, Ashley… I’m so sorry it’s been so rough on you thi last few weeks.
    I hear you when it comes to people being terribly inconsiderate with showig up on their jobs on time. “Work Ethic” – goes straight out the window for some people.
    When I used to work, I always showed up at least a half hour ahead of schedule in order to acclimate to my surroundings.
    Other’s would casually walk in as if they owned the place. Pissed me off!!!
    I don’t blame you in the very least for being angry with these idiots that you work with.
    😠 🤬

  7. People can be so rude. If they don’t want to work, they should quit their job. That is good for you for standing up to them and doing the right thing.

    I can understand your guinea pigs being stressed with the schedule change. I recently dealt with this with my puppy. They switched my schedule to all mornings for a while and puppy started going potty in his crate because he didn’t know when I was going to return home anymore to take him outside.

  8. Much better that you take the bullet for the team since you’re not always there. I’m sure the others on your shift were happy you stepped up. It’s like after an ugly girl catches the bouquet and nobody wants to be the guy to get the garter. I usually volunteer myself as tribute.

  9. Sounds like a rough week. It always surprises me when people are willing to do things they’d be enraged about if the tables were turned. An awful lot of people don’t seem to be willing to look at different perspectives. Glad you spoke up, sorry it’s in a “take one for the team” kind of way.

    Animals are funny, aren’t they, the way they connect to our moods and schedules and get distressed when things aren’t right? It’s nice, really. I joke about my cat being extra-attentive when I’m sick, but actually it kind of warms my heart.

  10. Such a shame that playing by the rules, getting to work on time, and sharing the truth … may get one ostracized. Then, again, losing the faith of entitled, asshole workmates is kind of endearing. Good for you. Nice one, Ashley. 🙂

  11. That’s terrible when staff don’t turn up on time…I know what that feels like because I do shift work and it pee’s you off when they can’t be bothered to get to work the time they should.. it’s a nightmare….♥️✌🏼

  12. I can understand you so well. You can’t leave if the day workers don’t arrive, right? It’s so good that you said something. Very brave! ❤️ I hope it gets better.

  13. Hoping things are better now. I’ve had so many horrible bosses — when one complains, it’s easy for the others to act as if they didn’t mind…

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