Blogger Book Reviews in a Nutshell: Marie

Blogger Book Reviews in a Nutshell on Mental Health @ Home

I’ve read and reviewed some great books written by members of our blogging community, so I wanted to share them with you again in a nutshell version.  Click the book covers to be taken to my full reviews.

This week we have 3 books by Marie Abanga.


Book cover: Battered, Tattered, but Not Shattered by Marie AbangaBattered, Tattered, But Not Shattered

I always enjoy Marie’s unique way with words, like this gem: “I know I have the guts to write about this, especially as an African brought up in the culture of ‘learning to wash dirty linen in your bowels’.”

What was perhaps most interesting for me with this book was the insight it gave into Cameroonian culture and attitudes towards marriage and family.


Book cover: My brother's journey From Genius to Simpleton by Marie AbangaMy Brother’s Journey: From Genius to Simpleton

What really stood out for me was the prevailing attitudes in Cameroon regarding mental illness.  I’ve heard that ideas such as black magic exist, but this book really brought it to life.  It’s also interesting that he seemed to do the best when he was in Cameroon, and worse when he was in countries with supposedly more advanced health care systems.  This is a sad story of a very promising young man who fell through the cracks – the very wide cracks – in the health care system.


Book cover: What is the worse case scenario? by Marie AbangaWhat Is the Worst Case Scenario?

This memoir covers the birth of her sons, her marriage that turned out to be a sham, and her own mental health challenges.  Marie shows her own evolution from FEAR as in Fold Everything And Run to instead Face Everything And Rise.

This story captures Marie’s spirit and ability to persevere through adversity.  She has chosen to be vulnerable in sharing her story, and in doing so demonstrates how much strength there is in vulnerability.


All of the books I’ve reviewed are listed on my book reviews page.

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2 thoughts on “Blogger Book Reviews in a Nutshell: Marie

  1. NooseGirl says:

    These are great! Before I started blogging about my challenges with mental illness, I considered writing a book about my story.

    To get a feel for how others represented their experience with psychosis, I check out every autobiography that I could find that detailed the ordeal of living with acute psychosis.

    I should have been reviewing them on paper as I read them. (There were about 9 or 10) They would have made great entries into my new blog. Oh well! 🙂

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