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Happy International Men’s Day!

International Men's Day

Happy International Men’s Day!  This year’s theme is “making a difference for men and boys.”

There is an International Men’s Day website, but it’s down at the moment, presumably because of too much traffic.  However, based on Google’s cached version:

“International Menโ€™s Day encourages men to teach the boys in their lives the values, character and responsibilities of being a man. Mahatma Gandhi said, โ€œWe must become the change we seek.โ€  It is only when we all, both men and women, lead by example that we will create a fair and safe society which allows everyone the opportunity to prosper.”

As a feminist, I could argue that every day is men’s day.  However, I believe that feminism makes all of us better, and we need men on board for that.  To get men on board, we need them to recognize the problems they experience as a result of traditional patriarchal power structures and beliefs around gender roles.

So on International Men’s Day, I hope that men and boys will feel empowered to be themselves and express their health and other needs, without being constrained by toxic masculinity.

We need to teach our boys that there is a better way.  Certainly when it comes to mental health, we need to teach our boys that it’s okay to express emotion and seek out help.  We need our boys to grow up to respect themselves and to respect women as equals.  That will help us all prosper.

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32 thoughts on “Happy International Men’s Day!”

      1. Had no idea there was such a thing, or that we require a special day to do what we (men) naturally do as fathers, uncles, etc. I support โ€œDonโ€™t Be A Misogynistic Bastard Dayโ€ … 365/24/7.

  1. I hate how boys are socialized to not express their emotions! That needs to change! It’s okay to cry and be sad! Here’s to the males of our society!

  2. No argument from me. This is definitely something that men have to teach young boys.
    Speak up and share when they are not feeling right, to be a macho man is not what growing up to be an adult is all about. Men’s health should be at the top of the list like breast cancer.
    Excellent information!!

  3. I really hate that itโ€™s frowned on that men canโ€™t show their emotions. Always having to put on a brave face. Men you are not alone!! Emotions are good and let them all out !!!

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