Who Likes You and Your Blog?

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We all have our own ways of managing the comparisons and assorted other icky feelings that inevitably come up as part of being in an online community.

WordPress has now taken away one of my ways.

Normally I avoid looking at stats, and at things like who’s liking who.  I get into a pattern of not looking, and so I can avoid having it cross my mind.  That’s a good thing.

But now you can’t click “like” without WordPress shoving the person’s other likes in your face.  Even if you wanted to avoid it, you can’t.  It becomes very easy to fall into the so-and-so-likes-their post-but-not-mine trap because it’s right there slapping you in the face.  It makes me feel like I’m 13 again, and I don’t like it.

So thanks a lot, WordPress, for ripping away one of my crazy-reducing tactics.  There was already more than enough crazy to go around.

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31 thoughts on “Who Likes You and Your Blog?”

  1. Ick. The reader doesn’t do that. But again, it signs me out every time in Safari, which some posts seem to “need” to open in… and I did notice yesterday after signing back in that a post had a “like block” pop up. I wondered what the heck that was!

  2. Oh my! See, this is why I’m glad I get my posts via email! I’ve never stumbled upon the WP reader you keep referencing! But don’t worry–if I ever fail to like your post, you can assume I missed it and didn’t know of it on accident! 🙂

  3. I am forever looking at my stats. I wish I didn’t care. Maybe I should just write and refrain from that. It probably would make me feel a lot better about my blog.

  4. My Reader has started doing that blatant, in your face, LIKE bull shit too. I hate it. WordPress, despite its apparent goal, is NOT Facebook. If it becomes a clone of FB, I’m moving. I don’t like that feature and how they have it set up is annoying because I keep inadvertently clicking on someone’s gravatar and getting sent to their site. It’s just one more example of WordPress’s glitches… I’m sorry for your increased angst over it too. Maybe you should avoid the reader — after sending WordPress a strongly worded complaint..

  5. It doesn’t bother me as such as worrying about how many likes, or who is liking etc.. I just find it bloody irritating. It’s not needed.

  6. I do hate it when I am reading at work. I see every person that liked that post too. When I am at home, I use my phone. The mobile app doesn’t show that thankfully. This is an update that doesn’t make sense.

  7. Is this all to do with the ‘Reader?’ Ashley?

    I don’t look at stats anymore, a quick glance in the morning is me .

    Don’t use the Reader as l actually hate it, l think it cripples creativity. I am tardy when it comes to reading posts – l tend to read 5 – 10 bloggers a day, and sometimes l can’t always do that. It’s like now, here l am reading your posts – the first time in just over a week, but l spend 20-25 minutes here at least once a week, and l ONLY LIKE what l have read – l don’t like for the sake of it, l only like what l have read and what l read – but l can’t like what l haven’t seen.

    You shouldn’t let these things bother you Ashley – l don’t know if this will help you at all. I have been blogging since September 2017, just over two years. I put a lot of time into my blog, l try to make it look brand appealing. I try to offer a lot of diversity and an eclectic range – l have followers, but l only really read religiously from my friends [like you] and l rarely take on new ‘readers into my dedicated reader lists. I tend to take one new reader on every four weeks – l currently have 69 followers l try to read from every two weeks.

    I am busy with other things most of the day, but l have greatly reduced down what l write daily, l now write 4 posts a day with one flexi slot, so this means on average l write 4-5 posts a day and in recent times it is only 4. By 2020, l only wish to be producing 4 posts a day or rather 3 main slots and 1 flexi slot [usually prompts or a reblog] But very greatly reduced content publishing…

    Something l have noticed is that l am not a WordPress Player – so despite all the work l put into my content, l am getting only a few ‘likes – but l get more comments and more interaction.

    The reason l say this to you is this ….and l hope it helps.

    You write quality blog, with some mighty fine content to it, your blog has lasting duration – meaning people come back to your blog and they read your archives [l have the same] and they stay and they chat and they comment and they discuss – you put a lot of powerful work into your blog content – my point is this – ignore the likes or lack of them and focus on what you really get from all of this and that is prime interaction. The BEST statistic there is.

    You are NOT a WP Player – as in shallow content – you produce deep content. It’s what l have always liked about your blog and other content driven blogs – quality.

    Ps: If this is NOT what you are referring to , then oops my bad … 🙂

    1. Most of the time I’m really happy with my blog, engagement, etc. I just find the nagging little things that used to pop up every couple months are more active.

      I actually really like the Reader in general. I spend a lot of time reading blogs and wouldn’t be able to organize it all without the Reader. But unfortunately WP seems to like making a mess of things!

      1. Well WP sadly seems to be going through that phase of nerfing things – to nerf was a term l became used to hearing and reading with regards World of Warcraft – it means to fix things that were not broken to begin with on the sake of so called improvements – l think WP is nerfing things.

          1. Yes ha ha it is an excellent word, l had never head of it prior to gaming, and it took me a long time to grasp what it meant – why would anyone want to fix something that wasn’t broken’ was my logic, the problem with that is that ‘logic’ isn’t being applied – that’s wy l struggled – because many a time it isn’t about fixing damage but improving what others believe to be broken when it’s not ‘ l mean FFS how are you suuposed to make sense of that??’

            The new editor is an example of this l feel. It is newer therefore it must be better ‘lets nerf our old editor…’

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