Weekend wrap-up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • A big thank you to the lovely Hilary at Sereneluna for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award!  One of her questions was about what luxury would mean to me, and I would have to say lying in bed with the whole bed covered in guinea pigs.  Of course that would very quickly mean that the whole bed would be covered in poop, but that little bit of time at the beginning would sure be fabulous.
  • I had noticed that my rank on Feedspot‘s list of top mental health blogs had dropped, and realized it was because they had my old URL from back when I was on the WP free plan.  So I asked them to update it, and now I’m number 34 on their list of top 75 mental health blogs!  Cool beans!  There are some cool blogs on their list, so it’s worth checking out.
  • Sometimes I miss being able to interact like a normal human being.  I worked a shift this week with someone I’d never worked with before, and she said a number of odd things that left me with no idea what she was talking about.  The normal human being thing to do would be to respond in some way, but my brain tends to stall out when faced with the unexpected and I couldn’t come up with anything more than confused silence.  While I don’t particularly care what people think of me, it would be nice if I could at least manage politeness.
  • I use the Grammarly plugin for Google Chrome, and get emails from them with various statistics.  Apparently I used more unique words than 99% of Grammarly users in the past week, with 10,426 words used.  That surprises me because I write about a fairly narrow range of topics.  It fascinates me how our brains are able to manage language.
  • I had to do first aid training on Wednesday because it’s required for work.  It was a full-day course, and it was exhausting.  It wasn’t physically tiring aside from the CPR practice, and it didn’t require much concentration because it was all a review of stuff I already knew, but being in a classroom with people around was really draining.  By the end of the day walking was really hard because I was so tired, and then the next day was a write-off both physically and mentally.
  • I’m working full-time hours the next couple of weeks.  I’m not sure how that will go, as I haven’t worked that much all at once in quite a while.  It does mean that I won’t be reading as many blogs as usual, so it’s nothing personal if I show up on your blog less often than usual.
  • I had a new record sales day for my first book, Psych Meds Made Simple.  It’s been fascinating to watch because it started out pretty slow, and then just over the last few months it’s started doing really well.  My book is now higher in Amazon’s bestseller rankings for psychopharmacology than Stahl’s Essential Psychopharmacology, which in my mind is the ultimate psychopharmacology book hands down.  Craziness.
  • I’m not thrilled with the WordPress Reader tweak that means the names of everyone who’s liked a post are flung in your face as soon as you hover over the like button.  Granted, you were already able to see the likes by viewing the person’s actual website rather than looking through the WP Reader.  It seems like something that makes it that much easier to fall into the trap of unhealthy comparisons.
  • A tweet by Mr. Dopamine Fasting appeared in my Twitter feed this morning saying fat shaming is bad, but fat and body positivity are both bad.  Once an asshat, always an asshat, I suppose.


As guests on my blog this week, I had:

You might enjoy this post of mine that was published in The Haven this week: Masturbation might just be your patriotic duty

How has your week been?


books by Ashley L,. Peterson: Managing the Depression Puzzle, Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis, and Psych Meds Made Simple


52 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. Another congrats from me! Also, I empathize with the energy drain of peopling. Some days it’s just a big fat nope. Thank god I don’t have to interact a whole lot at my job.

  2. Wishing you well as you do that high workload these next few weeks. SELF CARE!!! I used to hate CPR training too. If it makes you feel better, I was trapped in a room with 10 others for 8hrs a day 3 days this week for a training. My brain is mush too. Take care!

  3. A bedful of guineas? Sign me up!

    I know what you mean about people who say odd things, and my response is to go into overdrive of agreeing and nodding and being like, “Yeah,” while on the inside I’m thinking, “Come again?” That forced socialization sucks away social energy in two seconds flat, which is probably why you’re giving more of a nonresponse. I’d be the same way if I had to work, which is the biggest energy suck of all time.

    Oh, I know what you mean. I HATE training, especially in a group, reviewing resuscitation techniques. Just shoot me. I’m glad you survived it, and I think it’d be extra hard since you typically work the third shift. At least you’ve got it out of the way and can now work full-time with the consistency of third shift.

    My week has been great. As is typical, I don’t remember any of it, but I think it went well. Searching my memory banks… yep, nothing there. Oh well. This upcoming week is going to be wild. On Wednesday night by midnight, I’ll get contest results for the microfiction challenge. If I make it to the next round, I’ll be writing another 250-word story from Friday night until Saturday night at midnight. And then, on Sunday, I’m leaving town! Woo hoo! I’ve been rather bored this week, but I think next week is going to be wild!

  4. The same thing happened to my book last year. Aside from a first day burst in early January, the real sales were like April through June. Totally random. Curious if it will happen this time. Nice to know it’s not just me.

    As a writer, do you find your vocabulary is so much better when you’re putting this down on paper? There are a million words I don’t use in real life but feel normal coming out of my fingers. Maybe it’s just me. I also often think the word “comma” when I’m having internal dialogue.

          1. I agree. My bod is not at all perfect. I’ve got great parts and not so great parts that I spend hours and hours on how to cleverly conceal them…heh heh. When I was young (and quite thin) I was convinced I had an unattractive butt. I was a big fan of the long shirt/leggings combo. It’s crazy because now, I love my butt and I’m horrified by my middle aged gut. Try as I might, there’s no good way to conceal that! Most days I just say “f*ck it” and let my gut protrude the way it wants to. I guess I’ve gotten to an age where I don’t care anymore! 😀

            1. I’ve got quite a gut now too. I’ve put on a lot of weight from my meds, and I’ve gotten to the point where I just accept that’s the way my body is going to be.

            2. Yeah that healthy, IMO. I can stand naked in the mirror, briefly scanning over my trouble zones and then focus on my “A game” which are my long legs and arms. And my feet. Theyre like heaven! You gotta love yourself inside and out. Remember, God made you in His image and He is perfect!!!

            3. Call me a narcissist (no actually don’t. I’m quite insecure about many things) but when I look in the mirror at my face, I think I’m pretty darn beautiful! So what if my face is rather asymmetrical. When I turn to the side, you can’t tell! Lol. I think…how come other people besides my mom don’t tell me how gorgeous I am? I know that sounds conceited but I promise I’m not. Btw, I usually reserve my self adoration for after I have makeup on 😀😀😀

            4. Wanted to add, when I’m having an especially bad gut day, due to troublesome wardrobe choices, I will literally not look at my gut, in the mirror or by looking down, all day. I block it out. Works for me!

  5. I just looked at the feedspot list and…..I WANT TO BE ON THAT LIST! As you may have concluded, I can be very competitive regarding certain things. Do you have any tips for me? Thanks for your support!

    1. At the top of the list there’s a button where you can submit your blog. I submitted my blog when it was pretty new and it was accepted, so you should definitely submit yours.

  6. I am and at interacting too. People will wait for me to respond but I can’t find the words l. Because I can stutter when I talk, the person I’m talking to has to finish my sentence for me. Thinking and talking doesn’t always work for me.

    You will make through your work week. You can do it. Congratulations on your book rising. I understand the feeling drained when around people. I get this at my job. I interact fine with one person I help but the next person I can’t get myself too. My body gets stiff and shaky and I can’t think. It’s take a while before I can really interact again.

    1. Yeah it’s weird when the thinking and talking just stop working, and there’s really nothing you can do about it but wait for the switch to eventually flick back on again.

  7. Congratulations on your ranking! That is a well deserved spot. I recognise the interaction ‘troubles’, I have them as well. Sometimes other peoples worlds seems so far away, I wonder what they are going on about and I freeze. Better to stay silent than to come off as very rude, in my case that is. I think it is just a difference in people, birds of a feather flock together and others, well they don’t flock with me. But I am also not the person to take advice from looking where my attitude has brought me.
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the work goes smoothly as possible and you manage to cope with the hours. And when you come home your piggies will be there to comfort and cuddle you!

  8. That new feature with the likes is causing me some difficulties. My screen jumps around frequently. Often I will press the star to like the post…and because of my jumping screen, the cursor has selected pone of the bloggers on the list of other likers. So I end up on their profile with a list of all their posts. It is making the trek through all the posts in my WP Reader each day more time consuming.

  9. Congrats! It sounds like you had an overall pretty killer week! Its super cool that you had a new best sales day, and that you are number #34 on top Mental Health Blogs. Get it, friend!

  10. Congrats on the blog award, and on being no.34 on the Feedspot list! Good job you ‘spotted’ the link error. Third congrats goes to the book sales, very coolio indeed.

    Lying in bed covered in guinea pigs as the ultimate luxury.. Swap the guinea pigs for golden retrievers and that’s my similar answer! 😂

    Ugh yes, the WP reader and those bloody likes! Argggghh, driving me insane because it’s glitchy enough already with the page moving up when you’re trying to move down. I use the reader to like some but most I click to read on the actual site. Makes me want to give up on the reader altogether, I don’t understand why WP thought this was necessary or a good idea. Just as Insta are trying to take away ‘likes’, WordPress are shoving them in our faces.

    Caz xx

  11. Congratulations on the book sales, and blog listings! I enjoy your content and the amount of engagement your posts receive. Always cool to find new blogs through you!

    As for CPR training, I did really badly on mine. My country is testing out a little card that gives the responder instant feedback on depth and rate of CPR. I kept fucking up and not using my body weight to do compressions. Wrote about it, feel free to search my blog if interested 🙂 (don’t want to self-promote here!)

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