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Book Review: Just Another Day at Your Local Public Library

Book cover: Just Another Day at Your Local Public Library by Roz Warren

If you thought libraries were dull, Just Another Day at Your Local Public Library: An Insider’s Tale of Library Life by Roz Warren will prove that you’re dead wrong.  I’m taking a quick break this week from mental health books because I know Roz from over at and she’s hilarious.

The book is based on Roz’s own experience as a librarian and responses from other librarians to questions she posed on Facebook.

Here are some highlights:

  • One librarian was accused of “making children turn gay” because there were LGBT books in the library’s junior section.
  • “A patron whose internet I blocked lodged a formal complaint against me for interfering with his ‘basic human right to watch pornography.’”
  • What’s the best excuse for not returning a library book?  “Destroyed in a prison riot” and “I lost it in a tornado” were my favourites.
  • One patron “brought in a mounted wildebeest head and asked if we could store it in the archives for the summer.”

Apparently, pooping in random places is a regular occurrence in libraries.  You can also find quite the odd hodgepodge of items in the book drop, including a dead rabbit, a live lobster, and a live chicken.

Want to make your favourite librarian happy?  Roz suggests that you “don’t use risqué photos, strips of bacon, cigarette butts or unused condoms as bookmarks.”  And while you’re at it, please be at least “kind of sober” when you visit the library.

This book is laugh out loud hilarious.  The guinea pigs probably wondered what I was choking on.  If you’re a library patron this will open your eyes to a whole new world of library adventures.  And be careful the next time you’re dropping off a book – those lobster claws can hurt!

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13 thoughts on “Book Review: Just Another Day at Your Local Public Library”

  1. Shut the front door. (Or the library’s drop-off lid!) I may never return a book in the drop-off bin ever again!! I hate the thought of hurting a poor lobster with a heavy hardcover! 😮

  2. Great review, but I read everything online these days. No need to go to the library unless its to chat to someone about my day.

    Can you write about some of the emotional struggles that personal trainers, hairdressers and people that serve clientiele face each day? I read in an article about those that have to hear people’s problems whilst working on them.

    Would love your perspective on this

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