Being (& Becoming) a Self-Published Blogger-Author

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It was just over 10 months ago that I self-published my first book, Psych Meds Made Simple, in February this year.  Then book #2, Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis, followed in September.  It’s been a lot crammed into 10 months!

In a way, it feels like it’s been longer than that.  There’s been a lot to learn, and it’s gotten to the point where I feel pretty comfortable that I know what I’m doing, and that I can fumble along not too badly, even when it comes to things where I don’t know what I’m doing.  I’ve come a long way from feeling totally overwhelmed by Amazon’s publishing process when I first started out.

I’m really impressed by how many bloggers have taken that leap and decided to release their books out into the world.  Some people have self-published, while others have been published by a mental health publisher like Trigger Publishing.  From my perspective, the publishing route is far less important than the fact that people are choosing to be brave and share their work.

It sounds like there are quite a number of people in the blogging community who are at some stage of considering writing a book, which I think is really amazing.  While not everyone will be able to get published by an established publisher, anyone can be self-published.  There may be a lot to learn and some fear to overcome, but you can do it.

Don’t expect to make a lot of money, because most of us won’t, but there’s something very satisfying about finishing a book and getting it up for sale, particularly the first one.  And yes, you’re allowed to call yourself an author even if the only person who ends up buying a copy is your grandma.

So if you’re thinking about writing a book, I say go for it.  Let go of the doubt, let go of the insecurity, and just do it.

A Beginner's Guide to Self-Publishing from Mental Health @ Home

A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Publishing is a mini e-book containing all the knowledge and tricks that I’ve picked up from self-publishing two books.  It’s available from the MH@H Store.

17 thoughts on “Being (& Becoming) a Self-Published Blogger-Author”

  1. Some more advice I would give: It’s ok, not to rush things. I started writing my manuscript in February 2018 and during the next one and a half years I had months in which I had not written a single word. But this period of “procrastination” was helpful to reflect upon a lot of things, to acquire new inspiration and alter some out-dated views. It took me quite a while to realize that and not beat myself up over it.
    We often underestimate how long projects are going to take because so many unpredictable events can occur during that time.

  2. I agree – I helped my father self-publish two books and I’m considering doing one for myself. There are many options available for writers who want to get their work out there. Congratulations on both your books!

  3. Self publishing and getting published by a big name publishers are both hard. They both require the same amount of work. Thank you for writing this

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