Blogger Book Reviews in a Nutshell: Victoria, Patricia, TheInBetweenQueen

Blogger Book Reviews in a Nutshell on Mental Health @ Home

I’ve read and reviewed some great books written by members of our blogging community, so I wanted to share them with you again in a nutshell version.  Click the book covers to be taken to my full reviews.

This week we have Victoria Johnston, Patricia J. Grace, and TheInBetweenQueen.


book cover: Living with Vaginismus by Victoria JohnstonLiving with Vaginismus

The book includes contributions from a number of women who live with pelvic pain.  A common theme running through their stories was how alone they felt in their experience.  The book also includes the stories of men whose partners have vaginismus.  I was surprised by how many partner stories Victoria was able to gather, and how openly these men spoke.  It really illustrated how this disorder isn’t just an individual problem.


Book cover: Shattered by Patricia J GraceShattered

Patricia eloquently describes the psychological torment that resulted from the childhood sexual abuse she experienced. I found it so gut-wrenching to hear how even non-abusing parents can be complicit in covering up abuse and allowing it to happen.  The difficulties she faced in getting effective therapy will sound sadly familiar to many.  This really is an amazing story of healing.



Book cover: Royally Incomplete by TheInBetweenQueenRoyally Incomplete

I liked that Theinbetweenqueen brings a strong voice to this book.  There’s nothing glossed over and prettified, and she doesn’t hesitate to call BS on societal ideas of fatness and what that represents.

This book is a great choice for anyone interested in eating disorders, body positivity, or the problems inherent in diet culture.


All of the books I’ve reviewed are listed on my book reviews page.

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