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Book Review: Find Your Glow, Feed Your Soul

book cover: Find Your Glow, Feed Your Soul by Emily Silva

Find Your Glow, Feed Your Soul by Emily Silva, a life coach, provides an A to Z of ways that you can tap into your inner glow, with quotes to accompany each entry.

The interior of the book, like the cover, has beautiful watercolour backgrounds, making it very pleasing aesthetically.

The author defines inner glow as “the part of you that shines even through hard times.  It is when your soul feels truly alive.”  She adds that real happiness “comes from finding inner peace and learning to be comfortable with ourselves and accept who we are, just the way we are.”

Topics covered included acceptance, gratitude, forgiveness, and letting go.  While most of the suggested strategies were mental, some were behavioural, like nourishment and physical exercise, journaling, and restoring sleep.

This could be a lovely bedside table book… But.

The book had a steady law of attraction undercurrent running through it.  I’m not talking just the idea that if you put positivity out there into the world you’re likely to get it back in return; I mean the really pseudoscience stuff like thoughts vibrating and anthropomorphizing the universe.  For me it really tipped into the ridiculous with this:

Most of what we eat is or once was living, and because of this, food carries its own vibrational frequency.  When we eat at a higher vibrational frequency, we raise our vibration… Even meat that is raised well and sustainably carries with it a higher vibration than meat that is overly produced, full of antibiotics and hormones, because of the conditions in which they were raised.

No.  Just no.  I say get thee to a science class, then we’ll talk.

However, I recognize that many people are pro-law of attraction.  For them, this would probably be a good book overall, and for science geeky types like me if nothing else it’s still quite lovely aesthetically.

Find Your Glow, Feed Your Soul is available on Amazon.

I received a reviewer copy of this book from NetGalley.

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4 thoughts on “Book Review: Find Your Glow, Feed Your Soul”

  1. Oh my. As a meat-eater myself, I don’t like thinking about how the meat used to be a living creature, not in any context (including how the animal was treated)! Ickers, ya know? I’m just like, I’d rather not picture the dead animal it is. I think there might be a grain (groan) of truth in there, but having more to do with processing food. I.e., it would be healthier to eat grilled chicken breast than to eat McDonald’s chicken McNuggets. But… yeah. That’s not what she’s saying.

    Great book review!!

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