Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

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Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • One of the things that happened when I got my laptop repaired earlier this week was that they had to erase the hard drive to update the firmware.  I thought I had backed everything up, but clearly my scattered head wasn’t quite as on the ball as I hoped it was.  I also had three different major backup systems, but there was less rhyme and reason than I thought as to where things were backed up.  I didn’t lose anything too important, but it does mean having to start over on a few things I was working on.
  • Most of the shifts I do at work up until now have been with my best friend (and only in-real-life friend).  He’s now graduated from nursing school and is going to be starting a new job elsewhere.  I’m very happy for him, but it does leave me feeling less safe at work.  I’m mostly away from the BS only working night shifts, but that place has a culture about people complaining about each other to management, and no one gives a crap about how others are affected by their behaviour.
  • I got a fascinating scam email.  It started off by saying “I know your password is” [password].”  It went on to say various things designed to scare people, including that they hacked your webcam and recorded you engaged in a little autoerotic activity.  It then demanded $900 in Bitcoin.  Initially it freaked me out, because it’s a password that I use for a lot of things where easy to remember is the priority and security not so much.  But this particular scam relies on the hope that your email password is the same password you use elsewhere.  In my case, the password they mentioned was not the password for my email account.  So basically they hacked one of the thousand assorted websites where I’ve signed up with that email address and the particular password over the years.  Anyway, I can see how that kind of scam could have some success.
  • Some of my neighbours have a dog that barks a lot and has recently started whining plaintively.  The noise is annoying, but mostly I’m annoyed that these people clearly don’t have a clue about how to train a dog, and the poor dog is messed up as a result.
  • I went and voted earlier this week in the Canadian federal election.  I’d been mulling that over because I feel like it’s my responsibility as a citizen to vote, but I hate being around people.  It ended up being really fast and I was early enough in the morning that there was hardly anyone there.
  • I had my last massage with my amazing massage therapist before she starts her maternity leave.  I’m seeing someone else at the same clinic next week so we’ll see how it goes.  I’d rather not get massages than see someone I don’t feel comfortable with.  And if she tries to talk during the massage, that will be the end of that.
  • I am incompetent when it comes to around the house jobs, but sometimes I’ll decide to give things a go anyway.  My latest try-it-anyway project was dealing with a door that likes to swing open of its own accord.  I googled it, and it looked like a pretty easy fix – bang the middle of one of the hinge pins a few times with a hammer and you’re good to go.  Alas, the only hammer I have is a dinky little thing I made myself in grade 8 practical arts class, and it wasn’t quite up to the job.  Luckily, though, I was able to put the pin back where it belong without any difficulties.  Accept the small victories!
  • I usually try to at least take a quick look at any blogger that follows me.  The other day I went to look at a new follower’s blog, and each post included a picture of their cutting.  Ok, their blog their choice, but not something I want to look at.  The next day they unfollowed and refollowed me (there was no post-liking involved in any of this).  I don’t like that kind of attention-getting crap in the first place, but particularly in this case, because it’s stuff like that that gives cutting the “attention-seeking” bad rap.
  • I’ve been trying hard to generate sales of my new book by advertising on Amazon, but I was only getting sales when I was spending a lot on ads.  I added up some numbers, and I’m spending substantially more on ads than I’m getting in royalties.  I think it’s probably best if I just accept that the book just isn’t going to do very well, because there’s no point throwing money at ads that are minimally effective no matter how many adjustments I make.  It’s not that I’m giving up on the book altogether; I’ll keep running some ads, but on a budget that’s going to get me very few sales, if any.  Such is the life of a writer, I suppose.


My blog was featured this week on Our DID Journey’s Heroes in the Mist series.  Thanks so much to Mike and the gang!


How has your week been?


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35 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. My friend who spends a lot on ads gets a lot of sales, but at the end of the year doesn’t profit much. He’s okay with that because he’s happy people are reading his books. I may cautiously try ads at some point too.

    My week was happy but stressful. A friend and I are looking for an apartment together. Since we have different priorities, it seemed we wouldn’t find anything we both loved, but suddenly we did and applied. Now, I’m a bit freaked out about the possibility of getting accepted, moving, and basically disrupting everything.

    It’ll be worth it though. I hope!

  2. Oh, yeah, I was a recipient of that scam. They get you to sign up somewhere online, where you use a basic password that’s an easy word to remember because capitalization and characters aren’t required. Then they send you the meanest, most hostile email ever. Those people are scumbags, total scumbags.

    I hear ya about voting. When I voted in the last presidential election, I had pneumonia and I took out my voting booth in a horrific, slow-mo crash as each panel caved in and ultimately hit the floor.

    The cutting thing is upsetting! 😮 Geez.

    Great job fixing the swinging door!! YAY!!

    My week was fraught with drama and manipulation. I blame Mother. But I’m close to completing my desktop bookshelves, and I want to list them for sale on etsy. Keep your fingers crossed that I sell… well, at least one of them!! 🙂

  3. You scared me with the cutting blog, I felt so safe here. I don’t really want to look at some thing like that. At work I always pretended that I will faint when I see cutting and I actually had far less cutting on my shift. 1. I did send them away with some bandages or 2. when it was really bad I wrapped and cleaned it so perfectly even they had enough of my attention 🙂 But I don’t feel as this is something I would like to come across without warning in my free time while carelessly blogging.
    That door of yours; I would have saged it because it is almost Halloween and it must have been an entity that wanted to celebrate with you!
    My week was crap because every day I went to the union, I saw my therapist and my doctor. I made phonecalls and was exhausted. Monday I need to see yet another doctor, which is stressful to me because I need to tell the same old story again and I don’t feel good.
    Fridaynight me and Pierre went to see a lightshow which was ok but we spend some much needed quality time together! And today I ruined it again by lashing out due to exhaustion. It was a week to forget!

  4. “And if she tries to talk during the massage, that will be the end of that.” Lmao! Sorry to hear the sales aren’t going well. You’re smart to make sure you’re not spending more than you’re making. I’ll ask my colleague who bought the book to write an Amazon review.

    1. Don’t worry about asking the colleague for a review. I think that part is sorted out. The biggest issue is that there are a lot of other people in the way of the target audience, and there doesn’t really seem to be a way around that.

  5. DIY isn’t in my skill set either, so definitely a win if you fixed the door hinge!
    I have no answers regards generating book sales, I’m not seeing much in the way of royalties either.

  6. Wow, you had one heck of a week with several changes. The one with your best friend leaving I can see being the hardest. I’m sorry to learn of that. As far as the BS from others, that’s just it… It’s BS Ignore them best you can.
    I can’t wait for our election. I want to get old pumpkin out of there as fast as humanly possibe. If he wins again, I’m moving up by you. LOL!

  7. You’re doing a lot! Read every word and I hope the new massage therapist works out. That poor dog. Also, wow, I cover my webcam with a post-it out of habit, haha. I’m sad your best friend is leaving. Making friends offline can be so difficult.

    Holy yikes at the blogger with photos of their cutting. I admit I used to frequented a now banned subreddit some time ago where people would share such photos. Only stopped when it was banned and I was able to work on the underlying issues with professional help.

  8. Aaah, backing up, that’s always a great trouble for me. Even this year I had a drive replacement and quite a similar situation where I thought I’d backed up things but I lost a lot of stuff anyway. Not extremely crucial but, yeah, such things are annoying.
    Creepy thing with that scam email, and the cutting blog would probably be rather unsettling to me, so in this instance I’m very happy I can’t see, I’m sorry for all the people who self-harm and saw that, awful!
    I understand that you feel less safe with the perspective of your best friend leaving. This does sound like quite an unfriendly place, but I hope there won’t be any unpleasant situations for you.
    We’d had election in Poland two weeks ago as well and I missed applying for voting by post or by proxy, which is how I usually do it, so I had to go in there and didn’t like the idea either as the last time I did it some years ago there were loads of people, me and my Mum had to do a lot of explaining that I am blind and all that, and I had to wait for ages for them to get a tactile voting device for me, which I was told they would have prepared. But this year it wasn’t quite as stressful and went very smoothly for me as well, and there were very few people around.

  9. I’m sorry you lost some stuff from your laptop. Mine is also not working that well because of limited space. I also can understand how it’s better to work with a friend. I hope all goes well for you. Thay scam sounds scary 😱 I’m glad nothing happened.

    I’m packing my suitcase this week as I’m going to Spain next week. I was happy to see my best friend this week, have fun and be with family. I’m also not that okay in life but we will keep going I guess.

  10. I’ll never understand why people feel the need to try to scam others; it’s such a lazy way to get money. Although I suppose that’s the point, but my perfectionist “I-can-never-hurt-anyone-or-even-lie-a-little-bit” conscience would never let me live a choice like that down.

    I love your comment about small victories. My one therapist is huge about small gains and I guess it is super important. Take the wins where they come!

  11. Oh my word. Scams! My poor mum was scammed recently and now she’s terrified to use her laptop in case she presses on another one. You appear to have had so much going on for you this week and it’s a shame about your best friend. The BS just ignore, if you can.I don’t get the cutting pic thing either. I’m sorry to hear about the lack of sales for your book and hope things take a turn for the best soon. Caz x

  12. I’m sorry about your friend. Hopefully you can still keep in touch with him at his new job.

    It sounds like they might be neglecting some of their dogs needs if he’s that loud. I have an English toy spaniel and live in a condo. My dog is far from trained but he doesn’t bark or whine for no reason. It only happens when he wants something or is alerting me of people outside our door or window. He also barks when he is thirsty, wants attention or is excited.

    I’m sorry about your book not selling as well as you hoped. People are missing out on a good and informative book. I would scared to if I received an email like that.

    Nothing much has happened over my week. I have had the same success and then failures with job interviews. I have an interview for the grave shift supervisor at my job. My boyfriend does me to take it because of the hours and because he depends on me to take him to work. If I got the job, he make getting to work more difficult for him. He tells me not worry about money because once he moves in with me and finishes his degree, he will making most of the money and taking care of us

    1. Hmm, that sounds like it would be a tough decision abougt the graveyard shift supervisor job. It’s awesome that your boyfriend is reassuring, but at the same time hard to let go of wanting to be indepedent to some extent.

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