Blogger Book Reviews in a Nutshell: Sandy, Mathew, Janet

Blogger Book Reviews in a Nutshell on Mental Health @ Home

I’ve read and reviewed some great books written by members of our blogging community, so I wanted to share them with you again in a nutshell version.  Click the book covers to be taken to my full reviews.

This week we have Sandy of F*ck Stigma, Mathew of Blog of the Wolf Boy and Janet of Bipolar Me.


Book cover: Your Mental Health and You by Sandy PaceYour Mental Health and You

There is no pulling punches when it comes to expressing the author’s opinions.  He admits to being blunt, and some parts seemed a bit like a controlled rant, which I very much enjoyed.  I found this book very refreshing.  Stigma deserves a good strong kick in the ass, and this book does just that.



book cover: Emotions in Motion by Mathew SackriderEmotions in Motion

There are some very creative descriptions; one of my favourites was from I’ve Loved You Many Times Before: “A smile that cuts and burns.”  I really liked this line from A Man So Paranoid: “Rule number one in life, If you can’t beat ’em, Stay the hell away from them.”  I may not be paranoid, but that rule sounds pretty darn good to me.


Book cover: Bipolar Me by Janet CoburnBipolar Me

Throughout the tone is wonderfully direct.  She describes herself as a crazy cat lady.  She calls BS on the saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”  Taboo subjects like self-harm are openly addressed.  As for being open about her illness, she says “I’m not doing this because I’m brave. I’m doing it because I’m stubborn.”



All of the books I’ve reviewed are listed on my book reviews page.

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