Weekend wrap-up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I caught someone in the act, so to speak – they followed me, I took a quick peek at their site and saw that they were a mental health blog, so I followed them back a couple of minutes later… after which they promptly unfollowed me.  Um, tacky much?
  • It was Canadian Thanksgiving this week.  I learned from my brother that our parents were in town spending the long weekend with him.  He invited me over for dinner, but I really had zero desire for family fun and games.  It’s hard because it’s a reminder of the contrast between my lack of connection with my family now and the good relationship I used to have with them.
  • I was without my regular laptop for a few days this week because it was getting some repairs done.  I have an older laptop that had water spilled on it, causing corrosion of some internal parts.  It still limps along as long as it’s plugged into AC power, but it sure is huffing and puffing.  I still prefer it to trying to do everything on my phone, though.  I have no idea how people manage blogging just using their phone.
  • I finally remembered to leave bad online reviews for the employer I stopped working for earlier this year. I didn’t do it right away because I didn’t want to be ranty about it, but then I just forgot about it. I think other nurses that might be considering working there deserve to know how unfair their way of calculating pay is.  This is progress for me to wait rather than let fly with immediate ranting.
  • Speaking of a review, I got a 1-star review of my new book on Amazon last weekend.  I don’t take it personally, and clearly the person was looking for something other than what my book actually is.  However, it does mean that my overall rating is now 3 1/2 stars (thanks to Johnzelle and Casey for the positive reviews).  It may just be a coincidence, but since then I’ve had a decrease in sales driven by my ad campaign on Amazon.
  • This week has felt very unproductive – not that there was anything that really needed doing, but I just didn’t get much done because I spent so much time flopping around like a stranded fish.  I think I need to be a little more selective about the blog reading I do, because it can get to be so much that I don’t have much time left for other things.  I really like reading blogs, so I spend loads of time doing it, but I also need to find balance.


As guests on my blog this week, I had:

  • Brittany for part 2 of her emerging blogger story about manic psychosis
  • Emma, who did an emerging blogger post about premenstrual dysphoric disorder


How has your week been?


books by Ashley L,. Peterson: Managing the Depression Puzzle, Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis, and Psych Meds Made Simple


34 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. Ugh the first thing annoys me so much. Glad you caught one in the act, did you say anything to them? Are you having a free promo of your new book soon? If so, I would be happy to write you a review if that might help.

  2. Wait, I don’t understand your first bullet point. You caught someone in the act of what? (I’m so horrid at understanding tech!) Oh, wait. You mean they lured you into return following and then unfollowed you? That’s horrible! 😮

    Sorry your Canadian Thanksgiving didn’t go better! 🙁 If it’s any consolation, I’ll be out of town and not with family during American Thanksgiving myself. I’ll be celebrating it with Sonya in a country that… doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving.

    I’m angered by that 1-star review, because I honestly love the real-life stories in your book!! Okay, I just now left a review that should help tip the scales. You never forget your first 1-star review. I’ve gotten a few for Forever Twelve from people who feel that it has no plot, no purpose. Too low in conflict. Like, “Oh no, I can’t decide what we should eat for dinner tonight!” “Oh no! Whatever shall we do?” “Oh, good, we can make a pizza!” Whew, tragedy averted. (Okay, I’m sort of making fun of myself now. But… yeah.) As my dad, who knows everything, would say, “Some people have no taste in good books!”

    1. Yes, the person unfollowed as soon as I followed her, and I saw it right away because the notification of her following me disappeared.

      The 1-star review only bothered me because at first there was only one 5-star to balance it out. I’m surprised the person bought the book in the first place because clearly they were looking for a different kind of book. I’m not offended in the slightest – it would be kind of like I’d written a true crime novel and someone criticized it for not being a romance novel.

  3. Ugh, the whole follow-unfollow is stupid and really shows just how phoney some people are. And the book review is rather unfair in the sense of how I think reviews should be about the product, not whether it met what you were looking for (so you could give 4 stars and say it was well written but not what I was looking for). That’s what I do with things anyway, judge by the merit of the actual product because that’s what people are interested in when reading reviews. I’m sorry about the Thanksgiving thing, I can imagine that being a stark reminder of the lack of closeness you have now.
    Ditto about the blog reading & commenting. But actually doing less of it is the tricky part as I feel guilty when I don’t keep up with everyone, even though it takes hours from every day to do it and I have no life outside of the laptop as it is. Hopefully you can, even gradually, be more selective and prioritise the other things you’d like to do for enjoyment or productivity.
    I hope you can have a restful weekend, snuggle with the furbabies xxxxx

    1. Thank you!

      I always feel a bit of guilt at first when I can’t read everyone’s posts, but then it levels off and I can get into a new groove.

      I think with the review, it’s probably easier for someone to leave a bad review than recognize they’re a bit daft for not actually reading the book description before buying it.

      Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. That was truly tacky what tht blogger did, but you’re not alone my friend. It’s happened to me a few time in the last few months.
    Good for you to finally give a review on that employer. I bet it felt liberating to get all that off your chest. 🤗
    Thanksgiving gatherings with family members that you tend not to get along with… I’d avoid it too. Then again, my family is so eff’d up these days, there is no such thing as gatherings with them anymore.

  5. I’m sorry to hear that Thanksgiving didn’t go well for you and that you feel so disconnected from your family.
    Too awful about that 1 star review you’ve got! I would also think it must have been someone who was looking for something different really, because in my opinion your book was great. But opinions vary, of course, and it’s very good you don’t take it personally.

  6. Sorry about your one star review. It’s frustrating when people leave bad reviews because the book wasn’t what they expected rather than because it did what they expected badly. The other one that annoys me is when people put comments about sellers that should be in Amazon Market Place seller feedback in the product review section.

    1. My week with hectic but very productive business wise. I decided to return the iPad and got myself the Galaxy note plus which is like a tablet and a phone all-in-one. Loving it so far

  7. I don’t like going to family events all the time because I don’t like being around many people. I have skipped many family holidays so I could have alone time or for work. I can’t remember the last time I had thanksgiving with my family.

    I don’t understand how you got a 1 star review. I enjoyed reading the stories. It made it more relatable.

    1. I think the person who wrote the review was looking for something very different from what the book actually was. Perhaps they should have actually read the book description…

      Yeah family events can be pretty tough to navigate.

  8. I never like when someone follows me, I follow back and then suddenly thet unfollowed me. It feels like a game and I don’t like that. I’m sorry you got a one star review. Maybe that person even didn’t read your book. You are amazing never forget that 💕

  9. Sorry about your bad review and the affects on your book sales. Hopefully that will pass soon.

    I hate to hear that your illness has affected your relationship with your family. I can relate 100% though… I’ve drifted away from everyone but my granny and little cousin. I use to be close to a lot more people in my family. It seems as if they just let me drift though so I’m not going to feel bad about.

    I haven’t been very productive this week either. I don’t know about you but when im not productive it really messes with me.

    I spend too much time on here and Facebook. It takes me over 30 minutes to write a post or read a post though. Going to try and step away for a little while.

    My week has been crazy.. But I feel so much better now. Not 100% but 100% better.

    1. Better is good.

      I’m more forgiving with myself if I take a long time to write, but when I take half an hour to read a post and try to think up a comment but draw a blank, that gets really frustrating.

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