Blogger Book Reviews in a Nutshell: Meg & Paula

Blogger Book Reviews in a Nutshell on Mental Health @ Home

I’ve read and reviewed some great books written by members of our blogging community, so I wanted to share them with you again in a nutshell version.  Click the book covers to be taken to my full reviews.

This week we have books from Meg Kimball and Paula Light (aka Anna Fondant).


Behold Her Majestic FogBehold Her Majestic Fog

In this campy horror YA novel, an alien makes an appearance, along with a ghost who has Munchausen’s by proxy and a horde of bazombies (short for Baptist zombies).  Even Wilford Brimley and his diabeetus join the party.

The book is fast-paced, with plenty of surprise twists.  And most of all, it’s a whole lot of fun.


Unraveledbook cover: Unraveled by Meg Kimball

This YA fantasy fiction takes place mostly on an inpatient psychiatric ward.  The book is very visually descriptive, which helps to really bring the character to life.  The lead character can be delightfully awkward.

While this is a work of fiction, there are elements of real life slipped into the story.  Parts of the book are more comical, while deeper issues like parent-child abuse are also tackled.  The lead character is quirky in a likeable way, and the book makes for an interesting read.


book cover: Fiona's Fling by Anna FondantFiona’s Fling

I found this book to be a refreshing change compared to many of the other books I’ve read in the same genre.  The characters were likeable, the dialogue was more realistic, and humour was woven in effectively.  There wasn’t the level of cheesiness that can often be found in romance novels, and I appreciated that there was the use of normal terminology to describe the sex scenes rather than weird romance novel lingo.  If you’re looking for a good romance novel, this is it!


All of the books I’ve reviewed are listed on my book reviews page.

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  1. Michael A. Kuch says:

    Though out of my favoured genre – oddly, Fiona’s Fling has some curious appeal – I appreciate your unselfishness to support and feature other bloggers and their work. Thanks for sharing, Ashley

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