Weekend wrap-up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • While at the grocery store last weekend I ran into someone I knew when I was well.  He’s the husband of a former co-worker, and we all used to play on a beer-league softball team.  He is the epitome of a nice guy, and part of that being nice is being interested and curious.   So when he asked how I was doing, he wasn’t accepting my “ok” and he kept poking and prodding.  He knows about my illness and I know he wasn’t intending to be a pain in the ass, but it was uncomfortable.  I just didn’t really feel like talking about my life, and certainly not in the setting of the grocery store.
  • My book was a #1 new release in psychiatry in the Amazon Kindle store for a couple of days.  Granted, that’s sufficiently narrow that there would be very little competition, but hey, that’s quite alright with me.
  • I came to the realization that when I initially came up with the idea of having a little shop on my site I didn’t adequately take into account my strong dislike of marketing/promotion.  Throw in the fact that I don’t do well with multiple pieces of information at once (like trying to prepare a social media calendar), and I was feeling dazed and totally confused.  So I decided that it’s my party and I’ll say fuck it if I want to – and there’s something tremendously freeing about saying fuck it.
  • Earlier this year my bloodwork was positive for antinuclear antibodies (ANA), which can be indicative of autoimmune disease such as lupus, but aren’t actually specific to anything and can be elevated in “normal” people.  I had routine bloodwork done this week and I’m still ANA positive.  I’m not concerned, but it is weird, and I continue to wonder (not worry, but just curiously wonder) if there may be a part of the puzzle that’s still missing.
  • A worked a shift on Thursday night.  It was the only shift I have booked this month.  Another casual nurse who has more seniority than I do has been taking more shifts lately, including ones I would otherwise have taken.  It means that I end up making a lot less than my cost of living for the month.  That’s not a problem in an immediate sense, but it does fuel ongoing concern over my ability to support myself in the longer term.
  • I’m pretty pro-Apple, but my Macbook Pro’s keyboard has been giving me problems for a while.  It turns out that they are doing free keyboard repairs for certain models, so I’ll be taking mine in to the Apple Store this week.  Hopefully any repair work that’s done won’t leave me laptop-less for too long.


If you’re not familiar with search engine optimization (SEO) you won’t know what I’m talking about, but I’m going to rant anyway.  One of my regular blog housekeeping tasks is checking that all of the links on my site are working properly.  I use a link checking tool from Internet Marketing Ninjas.  In the past I was having a hard time figuring out why I was having so many internal link redirects when the link looked right.  This morning I figured it out – it’s because with some of my internal links (mostly to pages, but sometimes to posts as well), WordPress used http rather than https for the link.  How does WordPress not know that it should be https?  And even if it doesn’t affect SEO that much, it’s a pile of messy stuff, and messy piles make for more confused head.


As a guest on my blog this week, I had Brittany do an emerging blogger post on Manic Psychosis.  The second half of her story is coming up on Monday.


How has your week been?


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  1. At least you got to see someone you liked and are healthy. I hate marketing and rarely do it because it feels like too much work.

    My 9 day vacation ended Wednesday. I have been getting back into the routine of sleep and work again. No more relax time for me. It is hard going back to work after that.

  2. Good week, thank you for asking. Just trying to build the following on the site and doing podcasts in advance of the new book coming out. Hopefully it’ll be a category best seller. I remember that for a few hours I was the best selling Kindle in sexual recovery in the UK. Not exactly NY Times, but it was something.

  3. Oh my gosh, I hear ya. Remember how I went through a 6+ year phase of total boredom due to taking Geodon? I spent the whole time doing nothing with my life. I ran into a high-school classmate in the grocery store, and she asked me what I was up to. I said, “Not much, really,” and she kept pushing me, like, “Really? Nothing? Nothing at all? Not even a little bit?” And I kept shrugging and shaking my head. It felt awful. I think she thought I was being evasive, but indeed, I wasn’t doing anything with my life. (I know that’s not exactly what happened with you, but it reminded me of that!) I hate the fake “niceness” you mentioned. Even though it’s well-intentional, it’s freakin’ awkward! You see that concern in their eyes and it makes you squirm, and there are no answers. AARGH!! Social attack!! [Facepalm.]

    My week has been pretty good! I completed two bookshelves which I’d hoped to sell outside during today’s current (as in, right now) neighborhood festival. However, as it turns out, I can’t singlehandedly haul them up from the basement. If my dad comes home from lunch, maybe. He thinks I should try to sell them on etsy as well. We’ll see. I’ve enjoyed getting back into woodworking.

    I’m supposed to go out to dinner with Mother and her boyfriend tonight. I have obvious reservations due to her poor health. I’ll try to sell her on my picking up some carryout, but she can be quite stubborn. I’ll keep you posted!

  4. I hadn’t realised there were free repairs for some models, that’s great that yours is covered considering it’s been playing up. As for the ANA, I had that too but then the next 3 times it was tested it was negative (which then threw the connective tissue disease diagnosis into question). Seems quite an odd one as it can flip flop but two positive in a row seems a likely indicator of something going on. I spotted on Amazon when your book was listed as the #1 new release in psychiatry, so very cool – huge congrats! xxxx

  5. I’m sorry to here about your blood work. I’m not sure if that can affect your illness or not. Hopefully it isn’t making everything worse for you.

    I think your books will end up blowing up big in the mental health community. I still need to buy my copy. I will do so. Probably this Friday. Hopefully that’s what you call it ‘mental health community?’ I’m talking about everyone who is interested in mental health.

    I’m not sure I understand you correctly about work. One day I don’t think that will matter as much because I think your book sales will sky rocket. I just try to believe in the positive things in life. Especially for other people. Maybe not so much for me.

    Yeah that grocery store convo would be awkward for that environment. I tend to talk loud so everyone around me would know my business. That part would be the hardest for me.

    Totally love the fuck it attitude. I try to say that about everything that’s bugging me. I also like it that you said it in your blog. I try to stay away from cuss words but that’s who I am. Sometimes you need to throw a good fuck it into the mix.

    And you already know how my weeks been. I don’t think my doctor knows what he is talking about sometimes. I think I am depressed most days but can’t really tell bc it’s not like it was yesterday. Didn’t want to get up today. But I plan on my pushing my way through this day.

    Where are you from?

    I hope I comprehended your post. Lol… I already warned everyone about my reading skills.

    Do you have any more advice for me? I love it when you advise me.

    1. I’m in Canada. 🇨🇦

      As a casual at work I get shifts to cover for people’s sick calls and vacation and things like that. Shifts get called out in order of seniority that each of the casual employees has. Basically the amount of work I get is very much influenced by what other people are doing. Maybe at some point I’ll make enough from writing to support myself, but I’m nowhere near that yet.

      And yes, I tallk about the mental health community all the time. 😊 I’m pretty isolated in real life, so the online community are my people.

      That’s great that you’re pushing ahead with day despite wanting to stay in bed. My plan for today is to bake some cookies.

      1. I’m isolated myself. I probably should spend more time on here than I do. It nice reading about other people’s lives. It’s like you have friends.

        I really believe that one day you will make enough to make a living off your books. Don’t give up. You seem to find things to do to entertain your mind when you’re not working. What’s your favorite thing to do besides getting on here?

        Baking cookies!? Are you making them from scratch? Yumm

  6. You nailed it right on the head, Ashley. WHYYYYY is WordPress such a mess when it comes to https??

    It has given us nothing but nightmares. Congrats on the book! Sorry about the bloodwork, try not to worry.

  7. Ashley, ranking #1 is awesome news, even if it’s a few days! I’m so proud of you and your acomplishments!
    I can relate to bumping into people I don’t want to bump into while shopping. It’s funny, there is a supermarket closer to my home, but I avoid that one because I know of people I do know that shop there. I’ll go another 10 minutes out of my way to avoid them.
    I hope the shifts don’t continue to keep decreasing, that to me would be a very scary thing to face.
    For the (ANA), are you prescribed anything to prevent the onset of further issues? I think I’ve shared with you, that my mom has Sjogren’s Syndrome, her liver was affected badly, (This happening to a woman who never drinks), and she is reliant on meds to keep up her liver function.
    I hope you are not without your laptop for too long either. I look forward to your posts daily.
    As far as your venting about the sites issues, nope… I’m an idiot and have no idea what you were talking about. Sorry.
    You already know how my week was being that I posted that yesterday. LOL!

  8. Promotion is tricky, and marketing is something I generally dislike as well, so I think my brain wouldn’t deal too well with that either.
    Nice that your acquaintance was so interested in how you are really doing, but I can definitely see why it would be rather uncomfortable, and especially in a place such as a grocery shop.
    Congratulations on your book being #1 release in psychiatry! This is great! I’ve actually just finished reading your book earlier today and it was a very interesting read! Fabulous job! 😍 I hope it reaches as many people as possible, including those who don’t have a mental illness themselves, as I’m sure it could be very much eye-opening for many.

  9. I think it’s really awesome that you’ve written a book! I’m glad that your health isn’t anything immediately serious and that it continues to stay that way! I completely understand what you mean about people that you know, but not well, poking and prodding. It can be so frustrating… I hope that you have a lovely upcoming week!

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