Blogger Book Reviews in a Nutshell: Alexis Rose and N.F. Mirza

Blogger Book Reviews in a Nutshell on Mental Health @ Home

I’ve read and reviewed some great books written by members of our blogging community, so I wanted to share them with you again in a nutshell version.  Click the book covers to be taken to my full reviews.

This week there are 2 books by Alexis Rose of Untangled, and one by N.F. Mirza of Stoner on a Roller Coaster.


book cover: Untangled by Alexis RoseUntangled

Despite the horrific things that have happened to her, she has been able to leave behind those who have abused her and move forward with healing.  She has been able to draw on resilience and an ability to thrive, and has reached a place where she can be optimistic and thrive.  This is a truly inspiring book that tells an amazing story of survival through adversity.


Book cover: If I could tell you how it feels by Alexis RoseIf I Could Tell You How It Feels

While this book talks about the challenges of PTSD, the focus is very much on healing and learning to live your best life even with ongoing symptoms of illness, and as such readers with various other mental illnesses are likely to feel a sense of connection.  The title is very apt, and Alexis does an excellent job of capturing what her healing journey feels like and has felt like at various points along the way.  This is an inspirational book that I would highly recommend.

Swinging Sanity Poetry Collection by N.F. Mirza book coverSwinging Sanity

The book is organized according to five themes, beginning with screaming numbness and ending with random reflections.

Each poem is raw and rich with emotion.  She combines words in creative and often unexpected ways.

This was a captivating book, and hopefully this will be the first poetry collection of many from N.F. Mirza.


All of the books I’ve reviewed are listed on my book reviews page.

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