Weekend wrap-up

Weekend wrap-up

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Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • Thanks so much to Eilidh from Eilidh Horder for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger award.  (And if you haven’t already, check out her  emerging blogger post)
  • My guinea pig Oreo has finally gotten over her UTI.  Poor little munchkin has had a lot of minor health problems over time, but she’s a total trooper, and she can tolerate just about anything if she gets cookies as a reward.
  • The friend from a previous life that had followed me on Instagram a few weeks ago liked one of my Insta posts the other day. I know she doesn’t have negative intentions, but it still feels a bit big brother is watching.
  • I have been getting a ton of presumably spam phone calls this week.  I don’t answer if I don’t know who’s calling, but these have all been the weird numbers you know right away are spam calls.  Canada has a “do not call” registry, and supposedly if your number is on that list telemarketers aren’t supposed to call you.  As if that would actually work.  Spammers used to leave voice mails if you didn’t answer, so you could at least report the to the do-not-call people.  They seem to have wised up and stopped doing that, so without answering the phone I have nothing to report.
  • I’m so grateful to have a doctor who’s very reasonable.  I saw him today, and suggested maybe we should try increasing my stimulant (Dexedrine) dose.  Not a moment’s hesitation, and it was done.  He knows that if anything I tend to use less Dexedrine than prescribed, so he didn’t make a stink about it the way some doctors would.  I like that.
  • After being stumped for the last 6 weeks about how to get my blog store to not ask for unnecessary personal info, I’ve finally managed to find a plugin that takes care of that.  Always nice to be able to check off something that’s been lingering on the to-do list for far too long.
  • I found out that my strata is doing a special assessment for next year, of which my share will be $2100, and there will be even larger assessments over the three subsequent years.  Oh, the joys of homeownership.

As guests on my blog this week, I had:

How has your week been?


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30 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. Poor Oreo, I hope now that she’s over the UTI she’ll be finally free from all those health issues. It’s nice that at least she gets lots of cookies from you and that it helps her to cope with it. 🙂

  2. I’m glad your guinea pig is feeling better! 2019 has been a relentless year of spam calls. I block spammers’ numbers, but they just call back from different number 🙁
    It’s awesome that you have a doctor who listens to you and takes you seriously!!

  3. I’m glad your guinea pig is healthy again. I have been getting a lot of spam calls lately too. Most are normal numbers now. Some leave voicemails with a robot voice and others leave blank voicemails. I have so many blocked numbers on my phone but they always call from a new number. It bugs me

  4. I’m really happy to learn that little Oreo is feeling much better… HOw could you tell she had a UTI?
    Listen, I get a minumum of over 30+ spam calls a day. I block them, they just go into a new loop of numbers to call back on. It’s annoying as all hell, but there is nothing that can be done about them.
    I always Google the numbers to make sure their spam and 9 times out of 10, they are.
    I don’t mean to sound niave, but what is a strata assessment?

    1. It’s for building expenses that aren’t covered by our monthly strata fees and go beyond what’s in our building contingency fund. We had a big one a few years ago when we needed to get a new roof.

      1. Wow, that is a heafty fee to come up with. Do they just raise your payment per month, or is that all up front? How much notice do they give a person?
        (I’m sorry I’m asking so many questions) I was just thrown off when you stated how much.

        1. For this they’re planning ahead of time, so it’s extra payments every month for the next 4 years coming to about $10000 altogether. It’s better when they did the roof and it was $12000 spread out over less than a year.

  5. Here in America, they collected the Do Not Call registry under false pretenses: they said, “No spammers will call you,” but then they turned around and sold the list of phone numbers to pseudo-charities–the kind that claim to raise money for a good cause, give 5% of it to said cause, and pad their president’s bank account with the rest. And thus a new governmental scam was born.

    On the other hand, and I’m not making this up, I recently received money in the mail (and it cleared the bank!) from a class-action lawsuit regarding phone calls I received many years ago. Apparently, I’ll eventually get a second check based on how many times I answered the phone when they called. Like, for seriousness? I looked it up online, and it’s all freakin’ legit! They offered a free cruise for answering survey questions (and I’d never fall for that, but I WOULD answer the phone, ’cause I had no caller ID at the time…) and now they’re in major legal trouble. I’m praying that younger-Meg answered the phone all the time!! The universe is blessing me!!

    So I went to the class-action website and entered my old phone number, and it said, “Yep, you’re in our records.” I tried my dad’s phone number, and they said, “Nope, you didn’t receive calls, to our knowledge,” because, back in the day, my dad DIDN’T WANT TO BE PUT ON THE DO NOT CALL REGISTRY!!! Oh, the tragedy of being him!!

    I’m so glad Oreo is on the mend! What a furry little trooper!! YAY!!

      1. There’s nothing quite so wonderful as getting money in the mail! Since you’ve been stiffed with some sort of strata fees, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that money shows up in your mailbox too! Who knows?

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