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Working On Us week 17 – S.A.D.

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It’s week 17 of the Working On Us mental health prompt series from Beckie at Beckie’s Mental Mess.  Please see her post for guidelines on participating.  Feel free to join in and link back to her post.


Prompt #1 Questions:

  1. Do you suffer from SAD?  I don’t have a strong seasonal component to my depression.  The seasonal worsening I do have is around late August to mid September, and that’s been pretty consistent for years.  This year wasn’t as bad as usual.
  2. Other than the few examples I listed above, do you suffer from any additional symptoms of depression during seasonal changes, whether it be in the Winter or Summer?  While I wouldn’t say my illness is necessarily any worse overall in the winter, the weather can influence my day-to-day mood.  Where I live there’s a lot of rain in the winter, and I do notice my mood dips when it’s dark and dreary all day, but other symptoms of my depression don’t seem to be affected.
  3. What sort of treatment plan, if any, do you seek in order to cope from SAD?  A couple of times I’ve been hospitalized following my September low period.  I’ve tried a lightbox to try to manage my daily mood fluctuations during in the winter, but I don’t think it’s had much benefit
  4. Medications, are they altered in any way during SAD?  I guess I’ve probably had temporary dose increases at some points, but I’m pretty heavily medicated to begin with so there’s not all that much room to move.
  5. Do you seek additional therapy during SAD?  I’m not in therapy in the first place, and that doesn’t change seasonally.


Prompt #2 Picture Prompts: Write the first thing that pops into your mind the moment you look at the following picture?

Beauty of Fallen snow with sunsets


I think this version of winter would have less of an effect on my mood than the winter where I live.  I’m on the wet west coast of Canada, and we get rain for weeks on end.  It makes it very unpleasant to go outside.  I like walking in the snow, though, so I’d get out of the house more in a snowy winter than a rainy winter.










I’ve done a post before on this topic: What is… seasonal affective disorder.




12 thoughts on “Working On Us week 17 – S.A.D.”

  1. Although I can be very depressed in the summer, most of my episodes of depression have started in autumn or winter. Rain does lower my mood, but I think the short days are the main culprit. When I’ve been working (or when my depression was REALLY bad and I spent much of the day in bed), I could go days without any real sunlight, going to work before sunrise and not leaving until after sunset. That brings me down.

  2. Hello, Ashley! Thank you once again for joining in on “Working on Us”. I’m really pleased to hear that the depressive cycle didn’t get a strong hold on you this past August through September period. It’s probably for all the work that has going into so many of you projects, which was a great diversion.
    I never realized it rained that much out there where you reside. I always (for some reason) thought you got more snow. See, you taught me something new.
    I’m like you in the regards of why add more medication to the grand mix of pills I already take. If SAD hits me again, I’ll deal with it the best way I can.
    Thank you again, Ashley!! 💚

  3. Oh yeah, I get awful SAD, but it’s not depression so much as obsessiveness and irrationality, which quite frankly I dread, ’cause it’s scary to lose control of my behavior and thoughts. Yikes!! Yes, I go up on the Prozac, and God bless it! January, February, March, and some of April are the offenders. I love the holidays–no issues there.

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