About Me: The Weird Stuff

The fabulous Candace from Revenge of Eve challenged me to come up with 11 weird things about myself.  Feel free to play along and add a pingback to her post.

I’m going to do a throwback to weird things from before I ever got depressed, back when I was a reasonably normal human being.  I probably won’t be able to come up with 11, but we’ll see how it goes.  And a word of warning for anyone who’s not into TMI, you’ll probably want to stop reading now.

Sometimes rejection is so bad it’s funny

One of the guys’ floors in my university dorm was having a Friday night party in their floor lounge.  I was there with some friends, and I was trying to chat up a guy I had a crush on.  I’d never actually spoken to him before, but why should that be a requirement for a crush?  Anyway, I guess he wasn’t impressed, because he told me he had to go move his laundry into the dryer.  Yeah.  He was henceforth referred to as “Laundry Boy.”

My first kiss

My first kiss happened when I was 19.  I was at a Halloween party, and a friend of a friend and I started dancing together, which quickly turned into a makeout session that involved excessively vigorous tongue action.  That was bad enough, but what I didn’t clue into right away was that his orange face makeup was not going to stay where it was supposed to on his face.  Yeah, not subtle.

Losing my virginity

I was 20.  It was a night out drinking with some of my guy friends from school.  One of them had been trying to put the moves on me.  Someone was sober and driving everyone home, and I got dropped off first.  The rest of the guys were urging me to take Randy (how appropriate, right?) upstairs with me.  So I did.  A couple of days later, I found out he had a fiancée that none of us knew about.  Yeah, not impressed.

The walk of shame… in Turkey

My friend and I were in a small town in Turkey, and the tourist office turned into kind of the happening place to be.  We started chatting with an Australian guy, and then A Swiss dude joined our party and we moved on to somewhere we could do some drinking.  I ended up going back to the Australian guy’s room and spent the night.  My friend was unimpressed, but so was the guesthouse owner, who had stayed up all night so that he could let me in the gate when I got back.  Umm, oops…

Living in a tent

After finishing pharmacy school a friend and I had gone travelling in Europe.  When I got back, I had two weeks before I started an out of town work stint.  My boyfriend also happened to be in between leaving student housing and moving into permanent accommodation.  He was outdoorsy, so we decided to camp in the forest for 2 weeks.  You know what happens when you’re too lazy to leave the tent to pee after sex?  That’s right, a urinary tract infection.  I ended up getting a room at a hostel because I really needed to be close to a bathroom.

Okay, that’s not 11, but those are some highlights of my escapades in a past life.  Feels like a very long time ago.

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      1. Everybody has those. When you go shopping, they also advice to ‘try things on’ and to expand your views. Curiosity and experience are ‘human’ 🙂 I think it’s very ‘cool’ you shared that so openly.

  1. Oh my gosh, this TMI is fabulous!! Wow, you’ve had a wicked life of seduction and sultry affairs!! I’m envious!! Thanks for sharing all those great anecdotes! LOVE IT!!

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