Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis

Book Contributor Feature #9 (Phyllis and Wonderful Creature)

Book Contributor Feature: Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis

This is the last one of the contributor features for Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis.  Thanks to all of them for sharing their stories!

For more details on the book, please visit the Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis page.

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Phyllis Engle

Phyllis blogs at Color Me Bipolar, and shared her experience with bipolar II disorder:

“The mood swings are very difficult to deal with. They often leave me feeling like I am going crazy.  One moment I am fine, then at the drop of a hat, I am depressed or hypomanic or even both!  I think the thing that is most difficult for me to live with is the horrible depths of depression that I go through.”


Wonderfull Creature

Wonderfull Creature, who blogs at Mental Illness Warrior, shared her experience with borderline personality disorder:

“I’m either all the way having a crisis or all the way to the other side pretending and acting like everything is fine…  I struggle with feeling like I’m not real and don’t know who I am, and sometimes I feel like I finally found who I am just to lose that again, so I constantly don’t know where I fit into this world.”



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