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Book Contributor Feature #8 (Noha Nova & Paula)

book cover: Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis by Ashley L. Peterson

Over the two weeks following the release of Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis, I’ve been featuring the contributors to the book and excerpts from their narratives.  I’ll share the final two contributors with you tomorrow!

For more details on the book, including info on the other contributors and where to pick up a copy, please visit the Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis page.

Noha Nova 

Noha Nova of Schizoaffective Disorder and My Life shared about living with schizoaffective disorder, depressive subtype:

“The main word I would use to try capture living with schizoaffective disorder is uncertainty.  I have mentioned in my blog how I feel that I am straddling the fence separating sanity and insanity, sometimes leaning more towards one side than the other.  It is hard to explain the experience of your mind telling you something is real but a part of you questions the validity of that belief.”

Paula Light

Paula blogs at Light Motifs II.  She has published multiple books in the genres of poetry and romance.  I recently reviewed her new novel Fiona’s Fling.  She shared her experience with anorexia nervosa:

“I wasn’t sure exactly how many calories I needed to maintain 95 pounds, so I erred on the side of caution and chose 1150 per day and kept track religiously, writing down every bite in a notebook.If my pen slipped, I began a new notebook… I jumped rope obsessively, and if I missed a step, I made myself start again.Soon, my weight dropped to the low 90s.”

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