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Book Contributor Feature #3 (Candace & Casey)

book cover: Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis by Ashley L. Peterson

Over the two weeks following the release of Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis, I’ll be featuring the amazing contributors to the book and excerpts from their narratives.

For more details on the book, including info on the other contributors and where to pick up a copy, please visit the Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis page.


Candace from Revenge of Eve contributed a story on living with alcohol use disorder.  She’s a journal and stationery queen, and I was a judge in her cool P4J (photos for journals) competition last year.  Here’s an excerpt from her narrative:

“My drinking was not because I wanted to fit in or follow the crowd, but rather a form of coping.My childhood was consumed with continuous belittling and verbal assassination that went on to become my inner voice…  Weekends were consumed with finding someone old enough to purchase the drinks and the rest was spent chugging it.”

Casey Elizabeth Dennis

Casey blogs on This Bipolar Brat, and she shared her experience with ADHD.  Here’s an excerpt:

“At home, I couldn’t study.No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t concentrate.I’d open a textbook but the words I read would immediately slip out of my brain, as if I hadn’t read anything at all.I had a million other thoughts swarming around my brain, like working bees around their queen.”

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  1. Great excerpts! What I love about this book is the insight to me about mental illnesses I don’t have. I think everyone can learn something from this book!! I mean, except maybe a person who has every single mental illness. (Yikes!) 😮

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