Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

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Some of you may have noticed this post appeared yesterday.  When I wrote it yesterday morning and scheduled it I set the time  but forgot to change the date.  Strangely, when I took the post down about 20 minutes after publishing, it didn’t disappear from the WP Reader.  When I tried to republish it today, it was a no show in the Reader.  I’m not sure if that’s how it’s intended to happen that way or if it was a WP glitch, but it’s kind of annoying.  Anyway, here’s a new version of it.

Anyway, here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • After much frustration, including annoyance with WP, I finally figured out why my WP and Google Analytics stats had such a huge difference.  Views in the WP app don’t get counted by Analytics.  Of course WP doesn’t bother saying this anywhere. When I’ve contact the happiness engineers other times they were pretty good but I was not impressed when it came to this issue.
  • I went to restorative yoga, which I haven’t done for a while.  I also got my weekly massage.  It’s less than two months until my massage therapist goes off on maternity leave…
  • I worked one night shift this week.  It went very slow and I was very very sleepy.
  • One of my guinea pigs, Oreo, hasn’t been feeling well this week, although she seems to be doing better now.  One of my boys, Butternut, continues to bit his friend Peanut.  They mostly get along well, but usually once a day they’ll go flying around the cage in a big tangle of fur, and the end result is bite marks around Peanut’s rear end.  Earlier in the week Butternut managed to jump out of his cage because I had one of the girls nearby as I was giving her a haircut.  I was concerned this would become a habit and I’d have to close the cage door, but he scared himself enough that there hasn’t been a repeat performance.  Life is never dull with guinea pigs around.

As guests on my blog this week, I had emerging blogger posts from Digging the Dirt on OCD and Lost In My Head.  Thanks so much to both of them!

My posts over on Medium.com:

It’s only two days until the release of my new book Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis, with contributions from members of the mental health blogging community, and the opening of the Mental Health @ Home Store!  I’ve been busy getting ready for this and it’s cool that it’s going to finally be happening.

How has your week been?


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23 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. Perhaps there is some delay between the Reader and the actual blog websites. Would be annoying to me too. That’s why I’m always instinctively careful with scheduling – my brain sucks at numbers and dates big time and if I scheduled my posts regularly I’d probably have a lot of such technical errors with not setting it right. 😀 –

  2. It’s been a good week, mostly. I started a new morning cleaning job middle of the week and it’s a brilliant company to work for. The hours are 15 per week, Monday to Friday. So with this and my 16 hour one means it eases my money worries now. What a weight lifted off my shoulder.

    Now I am in this new job and knowing that I like it , I have done what I said I would do. I have a syrian hamster. This one is from the adoption corner they have. I have had her since just yesterday and I have named her Daisy. Daisy is 12 weeks old and is a very nervous hamster. Where I bought her from, they said she doesn’t like to be handled and squeals. I wanted to give her go, because hamsters should not be disturbed until the evening, where as in the day, hamsters sleep, but the pet shop being only open in the day means they clean cages out in the day.

    I have had a hamster before from the same place. But she wasn’t nervous as this one and wasn’t from the adoption part. I will have different ways to handle Daisy, should it be required to make it easier for her. I may not get to handle her in the same way as the other one I used to have. But as long as she is happy. I don’t care. I will enjoy watching her in her cage.

    Daisy was called Narista on the adoption details in the shop, but I knew I was going to give her a different one.

  3. YAY, your post returned! Whatever I said when I commented on it yesterday is probably still true!! Also, I went to ballet class this morning!! But then I came home and was tired, so I turned to junk food!! Ohhh, rats.

    Please keep us posted about your nice little guinea piggie!!

  4. I haven’t been on WP as much lately so it’s great to read your catch up post and see you’re doing brilliantly in progressing your writing xx

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