Weekend wrap-up

Weekend wrap-up

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Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • Thanks so much to Rory of A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip for gifting me with the sunshine blogger award!
  • I’ve learned that WordPress stats and Google Analytics (which you can use when you have the business plan) don’t give you the same numbers.  From what I can gather, Google Analytics filters out most of the bot traffic to your website when it calculates your numbers.  WordPress filters out some bots, but not to the same extent as Google.  Long story short, my visitors and views according to Google Analytics are about 30% lower than my WP stats, like Google is sending a message “hold up, in case you thought you were the least bit special, you’re not.”  (And that’s me laughing at myself rather than taking it too seriously.)
  • It’s fascinating sometimes to see who mass likes a bunch of posts on your blog.  Yesterday I got a whole bunch of likes from someone with an innocuous blog name, so out of curiosity I decided to take a look.  It was rather enthusiastically Christian.  Maybe it was the beginning of a campaign attempting to convert me?
  • After working four days in a row at the end of last week, I was tired and dizzy and spacey and just kind of a mess.  I did one shift on Thursday this week, and that went okay, but I’m still really slow moving and it’s getting a bit frustrating.  I think it’s probably time to up my stimulant dosage.
  • As a splurge treat this week I picked up a Treatzza Pizza from Dairy Queen.  If you haven’t experienced this wonder of the world, it’s an ice cream pizza.  Cookie crumble crust, Reese’s peanut butter cup topping…  circle-shaped perfection.


I had Tshidi and MarkyBipolar as guests on my blog this week for the Emerging Blogger series.  Thanks to both of them, and go have a look at their posts if you haven’t already!

On Medium this week:

As a bit of a grumble, Medium is a bit of an odd platform in that a lot of the interaction between writers seems to occur within Facebook groups.  I don’t want to be Facebook, and even when I tried to sign up they deactivated my account because they thought I was a bot, so I’m not in the groups.  Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like there’s a bit of a popular kids thing going on, and if you’re not in the popular groups it makes it harder to grow on the platform.  I make some money, which is my primary purpose in writing there, but I’m not entirely sure that it’s worth a) the effort I put in, and b) the stabs of inadequacy that it stirs up.


How has your week been?


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33 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. I don’t give a damn what Google stats say about your blog!! You are very special to us on WP!
    That ice cream pizza sounds incredible!! I was drooling at the description of it. LOL!
    As for working, I really hope you take it easy this entire weekend and rest up.
    As far as my weekend is concerned, I’m dropping off my roommate at her sister’s house in T-Minus 45 minutes. I’m so excited over this!!! LOL! 😆

    1. Yay!
      Yeah I know the stats really aren’t that important. It was mostly just strange to see such different numbers – like how is it that two people keeping track of the same thing are so far apart? But then I guess that’s WordPress for you….

  2. Funny thing that with Google Analytics. That’s probably better how they do it but WordPress stats let you stay in a delusional bubble which sometimes it’s not as bad as it sounds either, haha.
    Mmm I’d never heard of an icecream pizza before! It sounds like bliss. 🙂
    Ah, that sucks about Medium. I always feel put off by that weird division when some people are “popular” and “cool” just because they hang out with the right people and have the right things not because of who they are and what they do. Rather childish indeed and I wouldn’t expect people there to be like that, especially that Medium is supposed to let people earn some money so everyone should have equal chances. I wouldn’t even like to be cool in this sense though still I probably would feel somewhat inadequate too. And it annoys me when people assume everyone uses Facebook as if it was a natural and obvious part of being a human. Maybe those of us who don’t use Facebook should get together and make an exclusive place online, only for the “cool” folks who don’t use/despise Facebook. 😀

  3. Hope you feel better soon after working such a long week!! Also – I had a really similar experience of getting mass-likes (in a period of time so short there was no way they actually read the posts) from a super religious blog!! I think it’s an attempt to get more people to read their blog and maybe become religious like them.

    1. Oh for sure. It just seems strange that there’s such a significant difference. All things considered, I bet it’s WordPress that’s getting it wrong.

  4. Interesting about Medium… I’ve been curious & now won’t bother. I can’t stand that so many things are FB oriented. Don’t people know that place is a snakepit? We should all be trying to get away!

    I’m also more & more inclined to simply write for my own pleasure, not worry about money at all. Why? Because I cannot make any & thinking about it is too upsetting!

  5. I was shocked the other day when a blogger who I have been in touch with for ages did a mad session of mass liking while I was sitting reading posts in WP Reader.
    I have to admit I was disappointed in them.

    Nobody is obligated to read or like any posts, I am finding it hard to understand the quick fire liking system. It’s odd odd odd. Isn’t it?

  6. I can’t see Google Analytics as I don’t pay for a premium plan, so I’ll just continue to read my generous WordPress stats and feel a little more important than I am.. Haha x

  7. A treatza pizza? I want!! I want!! I haven’t heard of ice cream pizzas, I don’t think; but one thing I love along a similar concept is cookie cake! I get one every year on my birthday!! Ice cream pizza, though, also sounds divine, and I’m glad you had one!

    I went on a similar splurge for the weekend’s writing event and bought a huge bag of mixed candy from the candy store. Instant diet death! But it was good!!

    I clicked on your swimwear hall of infamy… AAAUGH!!! Yikes!! Oh my gosh. Put some clothes on, Mr. Mankini!! 😮 😀

  8. I missed seeing your weekend wrapups but apparently I can comment through my MH website. Also discovered the power of an RSS reader this morning. Anyway, that pizza sounds delish. I agree about Medium… I’ve been mass unfollowing people and just keeping up with people who put out good content and that engage. There’s definitely a popular kids vibe on there, but I guess it’s cuz everyone is tryna get rich? Who knows!?

  9. I gets ice cream cravings all the time. It’s my weakness. I have been missing talking to my sister since she is on a trip. I just watched how to train your dragon 3. It is good and made me cry. I am addicted to the new ghost hunters show they brought back.

      1. It is a great show. It was on for many years before the people on the show decided to quit. A couple years later, one of the guys decided to bring it back with different people. It is fun and interesting even if you don’t believe in it

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